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Rage Against the Machine: Neil Blomkamp Releases 'Rakka'

Through his recently-formed Oats Studios, director Neil Blomkamp ("District 9," "Chappie") produced the short "Rakka.""Oats Studios is Blomkamp's response to the traditional Hollywood model," explains Charles Dean at The Playlist. "Through his own studio, he will help produce short films that will be released to audiences, with the hopes that some will catch on and become viral hits, leading......

Video Explores the Color Palette for 'Twin Peaks'

I know the world of Twin Peaks," explains David Lynch in a recent interview with David Marchese. "You get Douglas firs in that part of the Pacific Northwest rather than ponderosa pine. I love vertical-grain Douglas-fir plywood. I love that world and all the characters from the original series. It feels like only a moment ago we were working on the original and then, a moment later, we’re......

Does David Lynch Dream of Cherry Pie?

When asked if he dreams about the characters in Twin Peaks, both the series he originally created and his new one, David Lynch fondly tells Hanh Nguyen, "Not every night, but quite often. I love them so much and I love the world. It's a great world to go into, as far as I'm concerned."In re-introducing audiences to Twin Peaks, Lynch explains, "First you try to please yourself, and you try to......

Tracing the Life and Work of an Artist in 'Burden'

Interpreting the life and work of an artist as a young man (and as a mid-aged man, and then as an older man facing his own illness) is a complicated effort — made even more challenging by the fact that artist Chris Burden resisted timelines and linearity in his own artistic endeavors. Yet the directors of the film Burden manage to highlight the provocative, attention-grabbing, creative process......

David Lynch on 'Twin Peaks' and the Movies in His Head

Director David Lynch muses on his original and new Twin Peaks series, and the how his develops his signature visuals: "I don't really think about style," Lynch tells Brandon R. Reynolds. "It's like a movie screen in your head: You see a thing and you hear a thing and you feel the mood. You just try to get every element as good as you can."A feature film has a beginning, a middle, and an end,......


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