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TrailerMoon launches at gamescom 2013

2013-08-13 12:49:04

New video creation service helps game developers, app developers and others create professional video trailers at extremely low costs
Cologne, Germany – August 13, 2013 –
Frank Wagner and his team of video production experts announced today that they are launching TrailerMoon, a video production service that gives game developers, app developers and others an extremely cost-effective way to create high-quality video trailers to market their products and services. TrailerMoon can be seen at gamescom 2013 in Cologne (August 21-23), Hall 4.2, A018h.
Video trailers are becoming an increasingly popular medium for game developers, app developers and other companies to market their products and services. However, the production of professional-quality video trailers remains out of reach for smaller companies with limited budgets. That is where TrailerMoon comes in. Within two (2) business days, TrailerMoon can create high-quality clips at an affordable price, which can then be used to market products across a range of popular channels, such as the studio’s website, YouTube, Vimeo, KickStarter, and more.
“Since the mid-1990’s, my team and I have created hundreds of video trailers and TV commercials for the entertainment business. Recently, we’ve experienced a growing demand for low-budget, high-quality trailer production, especially for start-ups and indie studios,” said Frank Wagner, general manager for TrailerMoon. “Our TrailerMoon service is the solution for this trend.”
TrailerMoon provides a number of advantages for studios, such as: - Pre-defined trailers & 3D animated handheld versions supporting different game genres - Rapid turn-around through innovative online service - Emotional customer-facing videos for all kinds of products or services
There are two different packages available to developers: “TrailerMoon Basic” at 299 USD and “TrailerMoon Premium” at 599 USD. Editing, text and logo animations, music and sound effects are pre-defined, but can be customized upon request. With the “Basic” package, the customer provides all needed scenes and graphic assets according to a pre-defined storyboard. With the “Premium“ package, the customer sends pre-selected game or product footage of approximately ten minutes in length. It is then TrailerMoon’s job to edit the videos and create the best-looking trailer possible.
For more information about TrailerMoon, visit www.trailermoon.com. To meet with Frank Wagner and his team at gamescom, email info@trailermoon.com.
About TrailerMoon: TrailerMoon is a small start-up company founded in the summer of 2013. Frank Wagner, audio and video engineer, Anna Broich, marketing and social media expert and Kemane Ba and Bastian Goetz, visual effect artists, make up the TrailerMoon team. Since the mid-1990’s, Frank Wagner has produced hundreds of TV commercials and video trailers for leading companies in the entertainment industry. To learn more, please visit www.trailermoon.com.
Follow TrailerMoon: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trailermooncom LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/trailermoon
  CONTACT: Frank Wagner Tucholskystr. 2 63303 Dreieich Germany frank@trailermoon.com www.trailermoon.com Phone: +49.6103.82110