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Sound Lounge Music Scores Subkoff's Fame Fatale For BEBE

2008-09-30 12:09:34

Composer Tim Kvasnosky of Sound Lounge Music & Sound Design (SLMSD) provides an intriguing score to the short film for BEBE directed by American fashion designer Tara Subkoff, co-founder of the fashion line, "Imitation of Christ." The short film will be revealed at a star-studded screening during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week to introduce Subkoff's Fame Fatal Collection at BeBe. The voiceover was written by famed actress Carrie Fisher, while the film, Fame Fatale, stars media mogul heir, Lydia Hearst, with the voice of indie darling Jane Adams. The film is both in celebration of and satire of the film noir genre at the same time. A short version of the film will be available for viewing on www.bebe.com while the longer version will be viewed at private screenings throughout fashion week.

The film begins with starlet Jane Adams awakened abruptly by something she cannot see nor hear. After looking out her bedroom window, she starts to see women (dressed as if they were pulled directly from the film noir genre) walking about her estate. Here begins her adventure and confusion between imagination and reality as they pursue her and she pursues them.

Score provider Tim Kvasnosky comments about working on the project, "Tara (Subkoff) was deeply inspired by the nostalgic tone and palette of Bernard Hermann's mid-career work, especially with Alfred Hitchcock. She also was drawn to idiosyncratic 70's Italian horror, specifically the work of Dario Argento. I built a score inspired by those influences, while trying to highlight the feeling from the grainy 16mm picture. The incredibly talented cellist Dave Eggar (who tours with Evanescence, The Who and others) helped lend his talents to the effort, with his intensely emotional performance. I tried to capture the traditional 50's horror film tonality with vintage microphones, and old fashioned recording techniques. It was a great collaboration, and we were all very happy with the results."

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Visit SLMSD The Creds:

Director: Tara Subkoff
Voice Over: Jane Adams
Actor: Lydia Hearst
Script: Carrie Fisher

Score/Sound Design: Sound Lounge Music & Sound Design
Composer/Sound Designer: Tim Kvasnosky

About Sound Lounge Music & Sound Design:

Established in the Spring of 2006, Sound Lounge Music & Sound Design (SLMSD) is part of Sound Lounge, New York's premier audio post production studio. SLMSD builds upon the long term success of veteran Sound Designer Marshall Grupp and is headed by Executive Producer Marcus Smith. The recent partnership with artist management and licensing company Stray Dog Music, founded by Partners/Producers Erik Steinert and Axel Niehaus gives SLMSD a newly formed Music Supervision unit which in combination with Sound Lounge's renowned mixing capabilities now offers not only state of the art original music, re-records, re-mixes and sound design but also music searches, clearances and a cutting edge pre-cleared licensing catalog with hundreds of international buzz bands.

For more info, ping TRUST: 646.452.3388 (NY) | 310.451.5153 (LA) | trustcollective.com