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2007-07-31 16:12:35

Demonstrations from Reel FX, The Mill, Rhythm & Hues and Method to Engage Convention Attendees August 7-9

Auckland, NZ (July 31, 2007) -- Massive Software, developer of the Artificial Intelligence-driven animation system Massive, will be hosting an exciting group of guest presenters at SIGGRAPH 2007. Massive will be exhibiting at SIGGRAPH 2007 in booth #1428, August 7-9, at the San Diego Convention Center and will feature demonstrations from Reel FX, The Mill, Method, Rhythm & Hues and more.

Guest demo artists will include:

• Phil Hartmann, Independent Massive Specialist
Hybrid Stunt Agents
Tuesday, August 7, 12:30 PM
• Mark Thielen, Massive Specialist, Reel FX
Behind the Scenes: Gatorade and The Ant Bully
Tuesday, August 7, 2:00 PM
• Gil Baron, CG Supervisor, Method
Massive Use for Commercial VFX
Wednesday, August 8, 11:30 AM
• Mark Welser, Massive Supervisor, Rhythm & Hues
Two-by-Two: Helping an Ark-Load of Animals to Behave in Evan Almighty
Wednesday, August 8, 2:00 PM
• Jordi Bares, Joint-Head of CG, The Mill
Massive in Advertising
Wednesday, August 8, 3:30 PM

In addition to guest artists, Massive Software‘s own application specialists will also be demonstrating the latest developments in the software throughout the conference.

“Our customer base has been growing by leaps and bounds, and we‘re delighted to present some of the VFX industry‘s best and brightest talent in our booth this year,” commented Massive CEO Diane Holland. “With so many facilities bringing Massive into their pipelines, it‘s very gratifying to see the wide range of projects and facilities tapping into the power of Massive.”

About Massive
Academy Award®-winning Massive is the revolutionary 3D animation system that incorporates procedural animation and artificial intelligence. Massive is used by animation and visual effects artists to explore the new world of creative opportunities that AI-enabled characters make possible.

Agents are 3D characters that have a fuzzy logic AI “brain” and the natural senses of sight, sound and touch which enables them to interpret and react autonomously to the world around them. Agents can be just about any character you can imagine from humanoids, birds, animals and insects to inanimate objects such as cars.

The intuitive interface of Massive allows artists to interactively control and direct agents providing highly realistic, directable and emotive performances.

About Massive Software
Massive Software is the leading creator of artificial intelligence-based 3D animation systems. Massive was founded when Stephen Regelous programmed a unique piece of software for director Peter Jackson to make creation of complicated visual effects scenes involving hundreds of thousands of digital characters a practical reality. Regelous garnered a Scientific and Engineering Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 2004. For more information, please contact Massive North America (+1 310-837-7878), New Zealand (+64 9-3030-030), Europe (+44 20 7096 1605) or visit www.massivesoftware.com.