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GeoBroadcast Solutions Names Jampro Antennas as Exclusive Supplier for MaxxCasting, ZoneCasting Networks

2013-05-16 14:44:18

CHICAGO — Terrestrial radio innovators GeoBroadcast Solutions (GBS) announce Jampro Antennas as a technology partner to advance its vision of helping radio broadcasters maximize over-the-air signals and grow revenues. Jampro joins Harris Broadcast as exclusive technology suppliers for GBS MaxxCasting and ZoneCasting networks. MaxxCasting expands FM signal coverage areas, allowing broadcasters to take full advantage of their FCC-allotted spectrum. ZoneCasting, pending FCC approval, brings hyper-localization to radio through targeted over-the-air content delivery. Jampro will supply all antennas, combiners and support equipment related to installation of these components. The custom antennas are specially designed for these networks, providing the advanced directivity required to ensure both maximized market coverage and highly-specific regional targeting. Peter Handy, CEO of GeoBroadcast Systems, notes that Jampro brought a flexible approach to its antenna designs that uniquely fit requirements for MaxxCasting and ZoneCasting deployments. That flexibility extends to custom designs that meet the needs of each broadcaster — highly important as coverage patterns and targeting requirements will differ for each market. “One critical concern is to minimize conflicts created between transmitting multiple signals across the same market,” said Handy. “Jampro clearly addresses these challenges with custom designs that can increase or decrease directionality. This is perfect for ZoneCasting, where we are geographically targeting content across multiple zones in a single market. Furthermore, it is ideal for spreading coverage into areas of a broadcast market that is lacking a clear over-the-air signal.” The business benefit of integrating Jampro antennas therefore becomes very clear: A larger audience receives the signal due to their exceptional directionality, which means advertisers reach more listeners. This potentially translates to more advertising dollars for the broadcaster by opening new revenue streams. Handy adds that GBS representatives had a number of conversations with broadcasters at the 2013 NAB Show that recognize the game-changing capability of ZoneCasting, but in the meantime are very interested in the opportunity to increase the distribution of their over-the-air programming through MaxxCasting. This is a perception that Jampro Antennas President Alex Perchevitch echoes. “As an industry we have always accepted the fact that the legal signal coverage of a radio station is one model, while the actual signal coverage often falls considerably short of what a broadcasters is allowed to service,” said Perchevitch. “A solution like MaxxCasting that allows you to bridge that gap is not only unique, but very compelling.” Harris Broadcast and Jampro often collaborate on radio and television transmission projects, bringing proven compatibility to GBS for out-of-the-box reliability. Harris Broadcast will integrate Jampro antennas and combiners across its single-frequency FM transmission networks, which incorporate multiple Flexiva™ transmitters and Intraplex® synchronizers as well as special GBS control software. About Jampro Jampro Antennas Inc., established to answer the need for quality broadcast systems at a reasonable price, is a leading supplier of antennas, combiners & filters and RF components for every application in the broadcast industry. Reputed for innovation and customization, Jampro builds each system to the specifications of the individual broadcaster. From the first system delivered in 1954 to those installed today, the Company is committed to consistent performance and quality founded on solid engineering. Today, over 25,000 broadcasters worldwide benefit from the quality and performance provided by Jampro systems. Additional information on JAMPRO can be obtained at www.jampro.com About GeoBroadcast Solutions GeoBroadcast Solutions, LLC ("GBS") was formed in 2009 by founders who collectively have hundreds of years in the radio business. Peter Handy of GBS, Rich Redmond of Harris Broadcast and Alex Perchevitch of Jampro Antenna are amongst the architects and helped develop and test the GBS ZoneCasting technology, currently filed as a petition for rulemaking with the Federal Communications Commission. In 2012, GBS identified and launched MaxxCasting, the technology that helps broadcasters cover more of their signal coverage area. Both technologies are innovative, exciting and revenue generating. Visit http://www.geobroadcastsolutions.com for more information. # # # Contact Information: Brian Galante Dimension PR brian@dimensionpronline.com 570-425-2315 Jampro contact: Sonia Del Castillo mailto:Sonia@jampro.com 916-383-1177 Jampro Press Contact: Harriet Diener Desert Moon Communications harriet@desertmooncomm.com 845-512-8283