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DigitalTech Today

2013-06-18 13:52:44

New Company’s First Product Release Targets DITs and Field Engineers with ‘Plug and Play’ Portable Monitor/Case Combo Los Angeles, CA – DigitalTech Today®, a new company comprised of veteran industry professionals made its official debut at CineGear Expo 2013 in Los Angeles, CA earlier this month. CineGear provided the ideal venue for the LA-based organization to introduce two ‘plug & play” portable monitor/case combos; the first products in a series of practical, sensibly priced equipment solutions aimed at DITs and field engineers. “The Monitor/Case Combo was developed with significant customer input and reflects their requests,” explained Anthony Magliocco, co-founder and CEO of DigitalTech Today. “Our CTO Perry Drogo has designed a product that addresses the needs of professionals who make their living in the field, whether on a roof installing a satellite receiver, or in the Video Village monitoring video sources and preparing content for the next phase of production. This rugged, yet compact and transportable monitor/case combo provides everything they need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.” DigitalTech Today’s first two models, the DIT-110E and DIT-110P, received a warm and positive response at CineGear. “The audience was perfect for the maiden voyage of these units,” added Magliocco. “It seems they were just waiting for someone to come up with a high-brightness, high-resolution monitor in a roomy, transportable housing with space for tools and gadgets. We’re happy to deliver!” Four models of varying specifications comprise the series to address every individual requirement. All the units’ monitors have a native resolution of 1920x1080P, high-brightness and impact resistant glass. It is all housed in a water resistant flight case that can fit into an overhead airline compartment, or be checked as luggage without the worry that it will arrive in one piece. All units in the monitor/case combo series are shipping now. # # # About DigitalTech Today LLC. – DigitalTech Today is a California based company formed by Anthony Magliocco of Entertainment and Media Technology Marketing, Inc. and Perry Drogo of TECADS, Inc. to address the fast changing requirements of field engineers and Digital Imaging Technicians. For further information: www.digitaltechtoday.com DigitalTech Today Contact: Anthony Magliocco: sales@digitaltechtoday.com Press contact: Desert Moon/Harriet Diener 845-512-8283 / mailto:harriet@desertmoon.tv