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BIGSMACKtv Opens New Promo Boutique

2007-08-30 13:54:33

Industry veterans, Head of Production, Miles Dinsmoor, Head of Creative, Andy Hann, and Head of Business Development, Bob Lowery, have launched BIGSMACKtv, a new creative design/production boutique specializing in the creation of broadcast promos, motion graphics, and entertainment branding. Dinsmoor and Hann have been responsible for design and promo work for television networks such as, CBS, ESPN, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, as well as many others.

While the company still has that new-car-smell, the creative team has driven around the block more than a few times. Prior to launching BIGSMACKtv, the company heads held the same posts at Concrete Pictures, a creative services agency specializing in broadcast branding, on-air promotion and strategy.

“We wanted to do our own thing,” said Lowery “So, we banded together and started to focus more on promo campaigns. It is our passion, it‘s what we‘re good at and it‘s a good time to be experimenting in this field.”

Since its launch, BIGSMACKtv has completed a comprehensive project for the recent X Games on ESPN; the pinnacle of action sports. The team produced 11 fifteen-second promo spots which featured highly stylized Tarot cards outlining the stakes (Pain or Glory) for 11 individual athletes in 11 events.

When asked why he started BIGSMACKtv Hann said, “The market place is changing and companies are having to try new things and ideas. Agencies have historically had a tough time servicing the broadcast industry because broadcast has very specific needs. You‘re selling an experience, not a product - an experience that‘s constantly evolving, minute by minute. With our many years of experience on both the client side and the vendor side, we know what it takes to make effective promotional campaigns.”

About Big Smack
Launched June 1, 2007 and based in Philadelphia, PA, BIGSMACKtv is to promo what hot-sauce is to chili - that little bit of spice that makes all the difference. This new boutique-style studio focuses on delivering promotion campaigns in innovative ways for traditional clients in the network and cable television field.

About Miles Dinsmoor
Prior to launching BIGSMACKtv, Miles launched Concrete Pictures where he oversaw all production and led a strong production and executive production team, growing the company seven-fold over the course of his five year tenure, making inroads with high-profile broadcast and cable industry clients like Discovery Communications, DIRECTV, ESPN, Comcast, HBO and USA Network. Dinsmoor began his career at Warner Bros. Television where he managed post-production assets on a variety of series, including the launch of both Friends and E.R. Later, he brought his talents to branding powerhouse Pittard Sullivan and Click 3X.

About Andy Hann
BIGSMACKtv‘s creative focus is driven by Andy Hann, head creative, who just vacated the position at Concrete Pictures. Hann is a recent transplant to the East Coast, having grown up in the broadcast industry as a creative director with such L.A.-based luminaries as Pittard/Sullivan and V12 Studios. Hann‘s most recent work includes a promo campaign for CBS Sports, NFL Today, a campaign for March Madness that aired during last year‘s Super Bowl on CBS, and a just completed promo series for ESPN‘s X-Games. He has worked with virtually every network and cable channel at one time or another, and has been asked to solve as many different marketing challenges as there are trucker caps at a Nascar rally.

About Bob Lowery
As a founding member of BIGSMACKtv, Bob Lowery brings more than 12 years of business development experience to the team. As head of business development, Bob‘s in charge of managing existing clients consisting of broadcast and cable networks, advertising agencies and multi-system operators (MSOs), as well as developing and seeking out new relationships. With his history in the music biz, it‘s a role he‘s especially good at. Bob makes sure we‘re all reading off the same sheet of music. He loves a good harmony. Lowery is also responsible for assisting in guiding the company‘s strategic direction. Lowery was previously vice president business development at Concrete Pictures.