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NAB 2014 NEWS: MTI Film to New 64-bit Restoration Software DRS™Nova

Successor to MTI Film’s industry standard Correct DRS™ software, the new product represents the next step forward in digital restoration.

HOLLYWOOD—At NAB 2014, MTI Film will introduce DRS™Nova, a new digital restoration software that is the successor to Correct DRS™, which has served as the industry’s standard for digital film restoration for more than 20 years. DRS™Nova represents a new milestone in digital film restoration, combining native 64-bit processing, resolution independence and a file-based architecture to deliver a leap forward in performance, flexibility and power.

DRS™Nova provides all of the features of Correct DRS™, including its tools for noise and grain removal, paint, flicker correction and general defect repairs. It also offers improved tools for scratch removal, de-warping, image stabilization and 3 layer registration. New features include tools for managing projects more efficiently and for sharing and tracking comments. more…

iZotope and Beatport® Play Launch BT Producer Challenge

Catch BT’s Ear with BreakTweaker™ and Win a Release on Armada Music

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Genelec NAB 2014 Press Kit

Please click here or image below to view Genelec NAB 2014 Press Kit

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Waves Audio NAB 2014 Press Kit

Please click here or image below to view Waves Audio NAB 2014 Press Kit

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Audio-Technica NAB 2014 Press Kit

Please click here or image below to view Audio-Technica NAB 2014 Press Kit

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Auralex® Supports Vintage King Audio Nashville and Carl Tatz Design™ at TEC Award Toast

— Auralex® President and Co-Founder Eric Smith was on hand along with other Auralex personnel to toast Vintage King’s recent TEC Award win for their innovative MixRoom™ —

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, April 3, 2014 – On Thursday, March 20, 2014, Vintage King Audio Nashville hosted an event to celebrate its recent TEC Award win with a champagne toast and keynote event. The award was initially presented in January at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, California, recognizing the Vintage King Audio Nashville MixRoom™ for outstanding creative achievement in the Studio Design Project category. The room employs the Carl Tatz Design™ (CTD™) MixRoom concept, which pairs a CTD PhantomFocus™ System with the Carl Tatz Signature Series™ acoustical treatment from Auralex® Acoustics, Inc.

On hand for the March 20th toast and keynote event were Eric Smith, President and Co-Founder of Auralex, accompanied by other members of Auralex’s management and sales team. Also in attendance were the following individuals: Mike Nehra, Vintage King Co-Founder; Chad Evans, Vintage King National Sales Rep; CTD Founder Carl Tatz; Todd Beeten, Sound Construction and Supply CEO; Mike Rhodes, SkinnyFish Studio Services owner; and a standing-room only crowd of some of Nashville’s top audio professionals.

Chad Evans addressed all assembled, recalling in detail the development of the Vintage King Nashville MixRoom and its significance as part of the larger Vintage King story. This room is the only facility of its kind in the world – a combination of a sales floor, an equipment demo room, and a working control/mixing room.

Eric Smith stated, “We are honored to be a part of the Vintage King MixRoom and this great celebration. Our ongoing relationship with Carl Tatz Design and Vintage King have fostered a spirit of teamwork and innovation, and thanks to the hard work of all involved, the result has been recognized by our peers at the TEC Awards. And we always love assembling with Nashville’s top engineers and audio minds and bonding over a drink to a job well done! A great experience from start to finish.”

“This was definitely a team effort among Auralex, Carl Tatz, Sound Construction and Vintage King,” stated Vintage King Audio’s Founder, Mike Nehra. “Everyone’s collaborative vision is what makes the Vintage King Nashville Control Room so special and sound so good. We took great care in properly tuning the room to accommodate a wide range of monitors and gear. When you walk into the room you sometimes forget that you are actually standing in a retail location.”

For more information, please visit

Photo Caption 1: Personnel from Auralex Acoustics, Vintage King Audio Nashville, Carl Tatz Design, Sound Construction and Supply, SkinnyFish Studio Services and others gather at Vintage King Nashville for a champagne toast and keynote event celebrating Vintage King Nashville’s recent TEC Award win.

Photo Caption 2: Pictured L-R: Mike Rhodes, SkinnyFish Studio Services owner; Eric Smith, President and Co-Founder of Auralex; Mike Nehra, Vintage King Audio Founder; Carl Tatz, Founder of Carl Tatz Design; Todd Beeten, Sound Construction and Supply CEO; and Chad Evans, Vintage King National Sales Rep.

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PROOF Visualization House Provides Extensive Previs and Postvis Services for “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

Los Angeles, CA, April 9, 2014 — Proof Inc., one of the film industry’s leading visualization houses, provided extensive previs and postvis services to the new Marvel Entertainment motion picture “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” it was announced today by Proof’s Creative Director/Founder Ron Frankel. The film was released by Walt Disney Studios on April 4th and is currently #1 at the international boxoffice.
NOTE: Accompanying Photo: “Courtesy Marvel Entertainment”
Proof’s work on “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” has just been profiled in the Los Angeles Times:,0,1902398.story#axzz2yOoir3fr
“This new film was an extremely important project for Proof,” Frankel said. “In fact, this was the biggest previs and postvis assignment in the history of our company. Previs has clearly become a critical element today as a story tool in the planning of action sequences within a 3D environment. We spent 14 months planning the previs for this new ‘Captain America’ film, and then another eight months during the postvis process. We are especially proud of how we helped craft the finale of the film as well.”
Proof’s PreVis Supervisor, Monty Granito, said “We were thrilled to have had the opportunity to be involved with every major action and VFX scene in ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier.’ We began animating the previs for the film six month prior to the start of production. Working directly from the script, we created a number of exciting sequences, such as when Cap squares off again the Quinjet, jumping onto it and destroying it, and when the Helicarriers take off and shoot each other and fall into buildings. We also designed the flying sequences for the superhero Falcon. Additionally, we also visualized a solid chunk of the finale, which translated into about 35 minutes of animation.”
Dan DeLeeuw, VFX Supervisor on “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” said, “There has been a real paradigm shift during the past few years when planning a feature film. We used to rely on storyboards, then on animatics, and now today on previs. Previs has secured a place for itself as an extremely valuable tool in helping to visualize an entire movie before physical production even starts. In the case of this new film, a huge third act fell onto the shoulders of Proof’s previs team to help structure. We had to first construct the third act in previs, making our way through all of that data to help determine how the sequences would look. This was the first time I was able to see the entire third act of a movie before a film even began shooting.”
He adds, “The Proof team and I were involved very early on in the planning of this film. We had to figure out how to fulfill our director’s vision to help best tell this story. Previs has become a really great tool these days for everyone to plan, design and ultimately shoot action sequences. Proof also delivered a good deal of postvis on this movie. In the past, it required a lot of imagination to envision, during screenings, what the movie would actually look like. You’d see green screens where future VFX shots would appear, so there would be ‘holes’ in the story. Now, by integrating postvis, you can watch the entire film and really get a solid feel for what it will eventually look like.”
“It was great working with Monty Granito and the Proof team. They are a very collaborative company, and deliver a lot of style when creating shots. Anytime I suggested an idea, they’d show me several variations on that idea in just a mere few hours. They are terrific at delivering fine fantastic images,” DeLeeuw concludes.
Adds Gunnar Hansen, Post Vis Supervisor for “Captain America: The Winter Solider,” “The Proof team provided very valuable and extremely rapid responses to editorial’s workflow. We worked very closely with the editor Jeff Ford and the VFX editor George McCarthy for six months to provide postvis temps for over 1400 shots. We basically created very detailed 3D composites to fill in the pending vendor visual effects shots, as well as precise shots to send to the VFX vendors for timing, animation and design.”
“Aside from touching on all the major action scenes, the Proof team and I also created many of the animated screen graphics. For the huge battle finale, several hundred shots were tracked, lit, rendered and composited to a very high level of detail. In the end, these contributions gave VFX, editorial and the studio a seamless, decisive and exciting cut for both final visual effects and for screenings,” Hansen concludes.
Released by Walt Disney Studios on April 4, 2014, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” a Marvel Entertainment production, stars Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Redford, Samuel L. Jackson, Emily VanCamp, Garry Shandling and Cobie Smulders under the direction of Anthony Russo and Joe Russo. The storyline of the film: After the cataclysmic events in New York with The Avengers, Steve Rogers, aka Captain America (Chris Evans,) is living quietly in Washington, D.C. and trying to adjust to the modern world. But when a S.H.I.E.L.D. colleague comes under attack, Steve becomes embroiled in a web of intrigue that threatens to put the world at risk.
Joining forces with the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson,) Captain America struggles to expose the ever-widening conspiracy while fighting off professional assassins sent to silence him at every turn. When the full scope of the villainous plot is revealed, Captain America and the Black Widow enlist the help of a new ally, the Falcon (Anthony Mackie.) However, they soon find themselves up against an unexpected and formidable enemy-the Winter Soldier.
Founded in 2002 in Los Angeles by Ron Frankel, Proof Inc. is one Hollywood’s leading providers of high-quality visualization services for the feature film and live entertainment industries. In addition to “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” the company’s other recent projects have included “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” “Riddick,” “Fast & Furious 6,” “Man of Steel,” “The Hangover, Part 3,” “42,” “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters,” “The Amazing Spider-Man,” and “The Hunger Games,” to name just a few. Upcoming projects include “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “A Night at the Museum 3,” “Pan,” “Tarzan 3D,” “San Andreas: 3D,” “Gods of Egypt,” and “Fast & Furious 7.”
From the start of development through to delivery, the talented digital artists of Proof help filmmakers tell their stories and realize their visions. Whether a major studio feature film, a large-scale architectural installation, a TV commercial, or a live concert, Proof’s unique blend of visual artistry and technical expertise ensures that the company’s work on any project is as accurate as it is evocative.
Proof specializes in four areas of creative services:
Previs: A collaborative process using 3D animation software and real-time computer graphics to generate preliminary versions of shots or sequences;
Virtual Production: Proof provides on-set visualization, the synchronization and compositing of live photography with 2D or 3D virtual elements, for immediate visual feedback;
Postvis: This is a creative process whereby filmmakers can direct the parts of their film that weren’t captured during photography because they were either impractical or impossible to get in camera;
Event Visualization: Proof’s artists have the ability to create accurate visualizations to test designs for any kind of event, ranging from a theme park ride to a fashion show, and from a concert to an urban scale multi-media projection.
Proof’s Headquarters Office is located at 5150 Wilshire Blvd., Suite # 300, LA, CA, 90036. The phone is 323/465-6930 and the website is:

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TSL Products Previews PAM PiCo Matrix Software at NAB 2014

New Software Delivers Online Management and Configuration Capabilities

LAS VEGAS, APRIL 9, 2014TSL Products, manufacturer of audio monitoring solutions, surround sound microphones and processors, broadcast control systems and power management tools, is pleased to announce the unveiling of the new PAM PiCo PC Matrix Configuration software application at NAB 2014 (Booth N1123). In combination with the loudness logging, screen grab and system update software application, the matrix configuration program completes a suite of tools designed to make the PAM PiCo the most comprehensive compact, all-in-one loudness measurement and level metering solution on the market.

Offered as free download available to all PAM PiCo users, the matrix application enables complete online management and configuration of meter setups, full audio signal routing capability for simple to complex monitoring modes and the ability to save and recall user presets to a central database.

“We are very pleased to debut the powerful PAM PiCo PC Matrix software package for the popular PAM PiCo line of handheld loudness and level meters,” says Martin Dyster, Head of Audio for TSL Products. “TSL Products is dedicated to bringing the very best tools to the broadcast industry and the new Matrix software looks to help our users streamline the management of their PAM PiCo meters, further helping them to attain consistency throughout their audio chain.”

The new software will be available for download after the 2014 NAB Show.

About PAM PiCo:

The PAM PiCo Series is available in three versions:
PAM PiCo Five Master 5.1 Surround Meter features a 16-channel bargraph display, 3G HD-SDI (auto-sensing with loop through), 16 channel audio de-embedder, three AES inputs (six audio channels) plus one analog pair and USB power (PSU and universal mounting bracket supplied).

PAM PiCo Two Master 5.1 Surround Meter offers an 8-channel bargraph display, three AES inputs (six audio channels) plus one analog pair and USB power (PSU and universal mounting bracket supplied).

PAM PiCo One Master Stereo Meter offers 4-channel bargraph display, two AES inputs (four audio channels) plus one analog pair and USB power (PSU and universal mounting bracket supplied).

All three feature landscape mode, FFT spectrum analyzer, SMPTE Timecode, Screen Grabber and Loudness Logging, with PAM PiCo Five additionally offering Video Preview.

Please visit us @ NAB Booth N1123 or visit for more information.

About TSL Products
TSL Products designs, manufactures and markets a range of hardware and software solutions that serve to simplify operations within the television broadcast, cable, satellite, IPTV and IT industries. Specializing in audio monitoring, surround microphones and processors, broadcast control systems and power management tools, TSL Products’ solutions satisfy and exceed the commercial, technical and operational requirements that exist in IT-based and traditional workflows, helping its customers to lower costs, generate revenue and streamline operations. For more information, please visit

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Archive Sciences, Optical Storage Archival Services Firm, Launches with Hitachi-LG Data Storage, Optical Archiving System

Archive Sciences to Sell and Integrate Hitachi-LG Data Storage, Inc. (HLDS)
Enterprise-Class HL100 Blu-ray Disc Optical Archiving Systems Worldwide


BOULDER, CO – Archive Sciences, an optical storage archival services firm, today announced its market launch. The company, which provides world-class technical and consulting services for large-scale enterprise BD libraries, has entered into a joint sales and marketing agreement with Hitachi-LG Data Storage, Inc. (HLDS) in which it will sell, integrate, and service the enterprise-class HLDS Blu-ray Disc (BD) Optical Archiving System.

Archive Sciences will demonstrate the HLDS (HL100) Optical Disc Archive Library at the NAB conference in Las Vegas, from April 7-10, in Booth #N7123 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Under terms of the joint sales and marketing agreement, HLDS and Archive Sciences will collaborate on sales and marketing opportunities worldwide, particularly in the media and entertainment industry. HLDS is the world’s largest manufacturer of optical disc drives, and has maintained the industry’s leading market share position for 14 consecutive years. HLDS maintains firm relationships with media manufacturers and has collaborated with them to develop a new BD technology specifically developed for long-term enterprise level archiving. The HL100 is the most advanced photonics-based archive library in the world, delivering a bit-error rate of greater than 10^ -21, which is far superior to that of tape-based systems. Power consumption for the HL100 is only 90 watts, which represents a significant advancement in energy reduction for archival customers.

“The value of a trusted partner in the world’s largest media market for our Blu-ray archival system is significant, and we have a collaboration with Archive Sciences that will help accelerate the sales and marketing of what we feel is an ideal long-life, secure system for media archives,” said Yasuki Hiraoka, vice president of enterprise data storage sales for HLDS. “We believe that the archival market will grow rapidly in the next years, and we are well-positioned to take significant share.”

HLDS and Archive Sciences are addressing a market in which approximately 250 new archives are created each year, with an average capacity per archive of 1 petabyte (1000 terabytes). The total worldwide capacity of the digital archive market is expected to grow almost 250% between 2013 and 2015, according to the Enterprise Strategy Group. According to the Information Storage Industry Consortium, annual archival storage revenues are growing at a 20% average, with the media & entertainment sector growing even more rapidly.

“There are tremendous opportunities for optical storage in long-term archiving. This new technology offers advantages in security, performance, and cost over hard drive and datatape storage options. The media and entertainment market has been waiting for a cost-effective and easy-to-implement technology for long-term archiving of their valuable content,” said Bland McCartha, vice president of sales and marketing for Archive Sciences. “The HLDS system represents a step forward in how archives will address long-life storage, with scalability, and we believe the timing is right for our joint effort in this market.”

Hitachi-LG Data Storage, Inc. is a joint company of Hitachi, Ltd. and LG Electronics, Inc. that began business in January 2001. Hitachi-LG Data Storage, Inc. develops and sells optical disc drives for PCs and is the top OEM in the world. The main product lineup includes Blu-ray drives, DVD writable drives and DVD-ROM drives. Development sites are located in Tokyo (Japan) and in Seoul (Korea). For more information, visit the company web site at

Archive Sciences is a leader in optical data storage solutions, working with best-in-class technology companies to deliver innovative systems for customers with large archival storage requirements. For more information, visit the company web site at

# # #

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you would like a color photograph of Yasuki Hiraoka, vice president of enterprise data sales for HLDS; Bland McCartha, vice president of sales and marketing for Archive Sciences, or product shots of the HLDS Optical Archiving System, please contact Chris Pfaff on
+1-201-218-0262 or

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Miller Camera Support, LLC Announces Winner of Charitable Raffle at the 2014 NAB Show

Leading Camera Support Company Celebrates 60th Anniversary with Giveaway

LAS VEGAS, APRIL 9, 2014 – Miller Camera Support, LLC, a leader in the production of innovating camera support solutions, hosted a charitable raffle event for the NAB Education Foundation (NABEF) at the 2014 NAB Show (Booth C9520) as part of the company’s 60th anniversary celebrations. The Australian-owned camera support equipment company toasted its success with champagne, and esteemed British filmmaker Philip Bloom announced Mighty Chuchaisri as the winner of its exclusive giveaway!

Chuchaisri is now the proud owner of a limited edition Miller LP ’54 Classic tripod, built by hand as they were when first introduced, from remaining components left after the last production run of the Light Professional (LP), in celebration of its company’s 60th anniversary. All proceeds from the raffle were donated to the NABEF.

“It’s an honor to present the winner of Miller’s exclusive giveaway. The prized Miller LP ’54 Classic tripod isn’t just a rare collector’s item; it’s truly beautiful,” says Bloom. “I have been in the business for more than 25 years now, and, even though the invention of the tripod was before my time, I happen to know someone who first started working in the field with Miller’s original 1954 classic tripod! Education is essential in our business, especially now with the huge changes that we have seen, in which traditional paths are drying up. Companies like Miller help to ensure that our next generation of filmmakers continues to push and create in ways that we once could have never dreamed of.”

A smashing success, attended by well-respected journalists and members of the film and television industries, Miller’s NAB Show celebratory event provided the company with the perfect opportunity to ring in its 60th anniversary. Since its inception in 1954, Miller has been a pioneer in camera technology, revolutionizing film and television by granting operators the freedom to shoot creatively and obtain shots once deemed unattainable. As a company at the forefront of camera technology and committed in its efforts to fortify the future of broadcasting through education, Miller was happy to choose the NABEF as its associated charity and help raise money for the cause.

“We are appreciative to have been chosen as the associated charity for Miller Camera Support, LLC’s special 60th anniversary celebration,” says NABEF President Marcellus Alexander. “This donation assists our efforts in encouraging the future of broadcasting through education. Thank you to all who participated in the raffle and for all who attended today’s festivities.”

Known to be the brand with “the right feel,” Miller will be hosting a series of 60th anniversary celebrations worldwide throughout the year in major markets, including China, France, North America, the U.K. and Australia.

The National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to reinforcing the future of broadcasting through a commitment to education and to advancing excellence in the diversity and community service efforts of our industry. Learn more at NABEF offers a number of professional development programs and initiatives to achieve this mission, including the Broadcast Leadership Training program, Media Sales Institute, Leadership Development Program, and many more. In 2013, NABEF provided training, career counseling, scholarships and leadership development to over 2,000 individuals.

About Miller Camera Support Equipment
Founded in 1954, Miller Camera Support Equipment designs and delivers professional fluid heads and tripods to the film and television industry, providing support for the world’s leading camera operators. Celebrating sixty years in the industry, Miller is a longtime, global leader in the field of contemporary camera support and holds the first patent for fluid head design for film cameras, which it obtained in 1946. Today, Miller’s tripod and camera support systems are frequently used during electronic news gatherings (ENG), electronic field production (EFP), and digital video applications by the world’s leading networks, production houses, corporate, educational and government institutions in more than 65 countries. For more information, call +61 2 9439 6377 or visit


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