Press Releases For : July 17, 2008

Visual Effects Software Leader GenArts Hires Katherine Hays as CEO

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.,—GenArts, a leading provider of visual effects software for the film, broadcast and video industries, announced today that former Massive Inc. Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder Katherine Hays has been hired as CEO. more…

Broadcast Pix Launches New Channel Program For The Americas

Three-Tiered Dealer Program to Support Company’s Explosive Sales Growth

Billerica, Massachusetts (July 17, 2008) Broadcast Pixâ„¢, the company that redefined the production switcher as a live integrated production system, today announced that it recently launched a new Channel Program for the Americas to support its rapidly expanding marketing efforts and explosive growth. more…

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UVLD and Production Glue Team On Dynamic Lighting Treatment To Celebrate 125th Birthday Of The Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn BridgeUnlimited Visibility Lighting Design (UVLD) partnered with Production Glue to mark the 125th birthday of The Brooklyn Bridge with a dramatic Syncrolite lighting treatment during a five-day celebration of the iconic structure.

“The story of The Brooklyn Bridge is inextricably linked to that of our city. It’s unique in the history of architecture, a gateway for transportation and a symbol of our economic vibrancy. For all of us it is, without question, a part of New York,� says UVLD lighting designer Greg Cohen.

“We wanted to find a dynamic way to tell the bridge’s story while providing a visual punctuation to the 125th birthday observation,� he adds.

Producer Jennifer Kurland of Production Glue notes “This was a very upbeat moment for the City, one that celebrated the bridge in the way it deserves. Spectators heard a performance by the Brooklyn Philharmonic followed by a Grucci fireworks display. At that time Mayor Bloomberg turned on our lighting installation which spanned the length of the bridge illuminating the East River cityscape from 9 to 11 pm daily through the Memorial Day weekend.�

UVLD proposed using Syncrolite searchlight-style fixtures to light the bridge. “There’s nothing more implicit to a high-profile event than a searchlight,� Cohen points out. “Large beams of light draw in the crowd and show spectators they’re part of something important or historic. At that moment in time, they’re where it’s at.�

But searchlights are typically “somewhat limited in their theatrics,â€? he notes. “Out of the box, they can only do one thing — throw big circles of light in the sky, usually in white, and usually in groups of four. So we suggested using more theatrical, large-format lighting. Syncrolites are fully programmable from a modern lighting controller. And, like any modern moving light, the fixtures can change color, direction and beam shape.â€?

Working in tandem with Production Glue, UVLD installed 24 Syncrolite XL 10 10K luminaries on the bridge center and tower anchors, six Syncrolite SB 5Ks on the Brooklyn Tower anchor scaffolding and six Syncrolite SB 5/3 on the Brooklyn shore. Most of the five-foot tall lights, which weigh in at 320 lbs each, were positioned on the bridge’s guardrail between the roadway and the pedestrian walkway. Staggered on both sides, the lights zigzaged across the bridge span.

“The biggest challenge was working in a public space — and a highly-trafficked public space at that,â€? says Kurland. “We had to design production so it wouldn’t impede the pedestrian walkway which remained open to walkers and bike-riders throughout the installation. And we worked closely with city agencies to minimize impact on the public and maintain security on the bridge.â€?

Using the Syncrolites enabled Cohen and fellow UVLD principal John Ingram to combine the impressive look of searchlights with an expanded creative palette. “Our possibilities became vast: beams of light tracking the area could transform into illuminating the bridge as has never been done before. We enjoyed using beams of color to highlight the bridge’s architectural features and changing the treatment into a wash making the whole structure glow. The multicolor light show we designed with Production Glue was a memorable event for everyone,� adds Ingram.

The Syncrolite rigs are controlled by a grandMA lighting console, and were provided by Syncrolite of Dallas, Texas. Tom Blancato served as production electrician, David Arch as programmer. Tom Bussey, principal of production glue, was the staging producer.
About UVLD

Unlimited Visibility Lighting Design (UVLD) creates lighting designs for corporate theater, live entertainment, themed environments, trade shows and special events. UVLD is a partnership of 10 designers working in all aspects of lighting design; their work has been seen on stages and screens nationwide and around the world. Clients include IBM, Mitsubishi, Honda, Kia, Mercedes, Volvo, Volkswagen, John Deere, Microsoft, Cartier, Victoria’s Secret, FedEx, Avon and Audi.

A.C.T Lighting appoints LS MEDIA in Canada

Bob Gordon, CEO and president of A.C.T Lighting, has announced the appointment of LS MEDIA as their new Canadian representative. With this agreement, LS MEDIA will represent A.C.T. Lighting’s exclusive & non-exclusive portfolio of lighting products which includes MA Lighting, Brother Brother & Sons, Reel EFX, Zero88 as well as an extensive range of cable, connectors and assemblies. more…

Tom Kenny Rocks With Coemar Infinity Wash XLs And ParLite LEDs As VH1 Rock Honors Celebrates The Who

21798202-21798204-large.jpgAs VH1’s 3rd annual Rock Honors and top-name bands applaud British history-making mega-greats The Who, A-list lighting designer Tom Kenny made the most of color and motion with Coemar Infinity Wash XL and ParLite Led lights.

VH1 paid homage to legendary British rock band The Who in the network’s third annual “VH1 Rock Honors” celebration of artists who now represent the pinnacle of rock music. As a result of The Who’s revolutionary and era-defining influence on rock music, this will be the first “VH1 Rock Honors” that salutes just one band. Tune in Thursday, July 17 at 9pm on VH1 and watch performances from The Who and tribute bands Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters and The Flaming Lips. Additional performances by Incubus, Tenacious D, Adam Sandler, Sean Penn, Rainn Wilson and David Duchovny. Proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the efforts of multiple charities including The Teenage Cancer Trust, the Double O Charity, VH1 Save The Music Foundation and select VHI Classic Rock Autism organizations. more…

Press Releases For : July 16, 2008

Trailer Park’s Video Games AV Division Adds Producer, Announces New Projects

aa_small.JPGHollywood, CA, July 16, 2008 – Trailer Park Video Games AV, a division of Trailer Park, the industry’s leading entertainment marketing agency, has expanded by bringing in a noted producer, and has also announced a number of new promotional projects for a broad range of major video gaming publishers. These clients include Ubisoft, Disney Interactive, Activision, EA, Midway, Konami and Vivendi. Joel Johnston, COO, Trailer Park, made the announcement. more…

Logan Creates Original Content for Massive Metal Gear Solid 4 Game Release

Los Angeles-based production company Logan contributed over twelve minutes of original content to the recent release of the iconic video game, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (MSG4). Under the direction of Co-Founder Alexei Tylevich, the studio completed the entire project, from concept development through post work, expanding the gamers’ universe that has developed across the series’ twenty-year span. The Metal Gear family has become one of the most popular game series in history, pioneering the stealth game genre, and Logan has helped make this one of the most robust releases in the industry. more…

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Smoke & Mirrors New York Takes Flight with Subaru

In the new Subaru spot Fly Out helmed by Oscar nominated Shine director Scott Hicks via Carmichael Lynch, Smoke & Mirrors New York (SMNY) Creative Director Sean Broughton leads his VFX team in the creation of a bird sanctuary teeming with thousands of rare species.

We open on a nature photographer exploring the wetlands in her Subaru, looking for the perfect angle to get her photograph. It’s an expedition she would have been hesitant to take but for the rugged performance of her Subaru Forester. The outing pays off, as a flock of thousands burst into flight across the majestic plain. It’s a journey made possible by the adventurous spirit that resides in every Subaru and the people that love them. more…

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Sound Lounge Delivers

There is no such thing as a routine pizza delivery when it happens in Gotham City. In this cinematic tie-in with Warner Brothers’ The Dark Knight, a Domino’s pizza delivery girl is pursued by several of the Joker’s nastiest henchmen. In a thrilling action sequence that could easily be mistaken for a scene from the film, our diligent Domino’s employee dodges explosions, metal crunching side swipes and attempted pizza hijackings, all thrillingly mixed by Sound Lounge’s Peter Holcomb. more…

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Sound Lounge Entertainment Division Mixes a Win at LA Film Fest

Director Darius Marder’s documentary, Loot (, mixed by Cory Melious of Sound Lounge’s Entertainment division, took home the Target Documentary Award at the recent 2008 Los Angeles Film Festival.

Melious commented on his involvement in the project, “This film was a little bit different from most in that it opens without any music. We had to build an intro using just sound design. It opens with the sunrise in a Philippine city, so we slowly built the scene from just a couple of kids playing at dawn, to a full blown bustling city soundscape mid-morning. As we meet the various characters, we had to set the tone just right so that each one possessed their own mysterious feeling…Another interesting point of the film was realizing how parallel the three characters lives were, even though each one ultimately ends in very different places.” more…

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