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BUENOS AIRES: Non Stop TV is a thirty-year-old, full-service TV production complex, which totally lives up to its name. Founded in 1983, Non Stop produces content and provides audio, video and sophisticated post-production services for top rank clients in Latin America, Europe and Asia. With a staff of over 450, the studio turns out over 800 hours of programming each year for Disney Channel, Sony, Fox Sports, History Channel and many other leading broadcast/cinema content producers.

In 2010 this hugely successful facility had far outgrown its original B.A. home. Company principals reached out to the Walters-Storyk Design Group’s Argentine branch for architectural and acoustic design of a new 130,000 sq. ft. facility. The projected home for this major complex was the four-building compound of a former leading film production studio. WSDG was tasked with developing a design program for the entire full-service broadcast production facility.

WSDG Partner/Director of International Relations Sergio Molho, reports that the entire multi-office design team collaborated on developing a multi-purpose, state of the art, facility for Non Stop TV. “This 21st Century movie lot is literally a self-contained city in a Buenos Aires suburb,” Molho says. “The massive project called upon the expertise of members of WSDG designers, renderers, systems integrators and project managers in Europe, the U.S. and Latin America. Our collaborative effort over the past two years has enabled Non Stop TV to far exceed its position as the hub of Latin American entertainment programming production for the foreseeable future,” he adds.

Completed in April, 2013, the new studios feature six individual shooting stages, and more than three dozen individual production, post production and support service suites, distributed throughout the multi structure compound. Non Stop’s largest component is Studio Six, a 10,000 sq. ft. sound stage dedicated to producing original Disney Channel programming for Latin America. Amenities include (5) dressing rooms; make up, wardrobe, video library, dubbing stage, and set construction. Additional support services such as, Subtitle Division, Authorship, Media Asset Management (MAM), Electronic Art Department, Offline Editorial Suites, Multi-Format Production, Audio Recording and Mixing, and Live Transmission are also housed within the complex. Additionally, the facility houses two 5,000 sq. ft. stages, a 4000 sq. ft. stage with a spacious main control room, and a 1000 sq. ft. stage (devisable into two separate 500 sq. ft. shooting stages.)

Technology highlights include a six-channel HD EVS XT series server controlled by an EVS’ IPDirector suite of video production management applications; Final Cut PRO, Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Client-server architecture, Centralized Storage, Production Automation, Archive, Fiber Optics Connectivity, and a full complement of cameras, lights, microphones and related gear.



1. Non Stop TV Master Control
2. Non Stop TV CMR
3. Non Stop TV Studio Six
4. Non Stop TV Production Offices
5. Non Stop TV Exterior
6. Non Stop TV Floor Plan

Walters-Storyk Design Group has designed over 3000 media production facilities in the U.S., Europe, the Far East and Latin America. WSDG credits range from the original Jimi Hendrix Electric Lady Studio in Greenwich Village to NYC’s Jazz At Lincoln Center performance complex, broadcast facilities for The Food Network, CBS and WNET, over twenty teaching studios for The Art Institutes around the US, and corporate clients such as Hoffman La Roche. Recent credits include Jungle City, NY’s major new destination studio; private studios for Green Day, Jay-Z, Timbaland’s Tim Mosley, film composer Carter Burwell, Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen and Alicia Keys. WSDG principals John Storyk, Beth Walters, Sergio Molho and Dirk Noy lecture frequently at universities and industry events, and contribute regularly to industry publications. WSDG has collaborated with such noted architects as: Frank O. Ghery (Novartis Campus,) Rafael Vignoly (Jazz at Lincoln Center,) Norman Foster (El Aleph,) Oscar Niemeyer (CAMG,) Phillipe Stark (Faena Hotel,) Grimshaw (Zurich Airport,) and Santiago Calatrava (Berklee Valencia.) WSDG is a seven time winner of the prestigious TEC Award for outstanding achievement in Acoustics/Facility Design, including 2012 for NY’s Jungle City. WSDG maintains offices in NY, SF, Miami, Buenos Aires, Belo Horizonte, Basel, Beijing, Barcelona, Mexico City and Mumbai.

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Camera Corps Q-Ball Takes Red Bull Cliff Diving Right to the Edge

BOSTON, SEPTEMBER 19, 2013 – Q-Ball remotely controlled pan/tilt/zoom equipment from Camera Corps, a Vitec Group company with extensive experience in designing specialty camera systems, recently provided dynamic coverage of the Boston leg of the 2013 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. When the event was held in Boston, it drew more than 25,000 spectators who watched the action from the only “urban cliff” diving platform in the series. A Q-Ball was mounted at the extreme edge of the platform that resided on the Institute of Contemporary Art roof 90 feet above Boston Harbor. Q-Ball supplied close-up coverage of the divers while delivering the excitement, power and grace of the event to the home audience in full HD.

“This is exactly the type of broadcast the Q-Ball was designed for,” comments Camera Corps Managing Director Laurie Frost. “It enabled the Red Bull production team to achieve shots that would have been extremely dangerous, if not impossible, any other way. The production team was able to make full use of the platform-mounted Q-Ball to capture close-up and follow shots of each contestant during the approach, launch and descent. The Q-Ball provided footage from the center of the action without requiring a camera team to operate in a dangerous and potentially distracting location. Each dive was televised both live and in slow motion to capture the full emotion of this extreme sport.”

As one of the most physically demanding sports, the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series invites the best high divers in the world to launch themselves from a platform eight stories above the water. Speeds clocked between 53 and 62 mph are typical and this is where Q-Ball, with its high-precision motors, shines. Pan/tilt/zoom commands from a Camera Corps PTZF joystick-based control unit are sent to the Q-Ball via a two-way optical link from the Red Bull Production facilities, which in turn receive broadcast-quality 1080i high-definition video. The operators were able to follow all the diving action, from the approach and takeoff to the dive and entry into the water, with no tracking problems.

The contest moves to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil before the final in Krabi Province, Thailand.

The Q-Ball has delivered close-up HD broadcast pictures from many very high-profile broadcast events in recent years, including the BBC Proms, Summer and Winter Olympics, international football, motor racing, water sports, tennis, football and rugby. Housed in a robust and weatherproof cast-aluminium sphere of similar diameter to a standard compact disc or DVD, the Q-Ball head comprises a 1080i camera with 10:1 zoom optics plus a fully rotatable pan-and-tilt head. High-precision motors enable the operator to adjust the camera angle from practically any location, including smooth adjustment of vertical and lateral tracking speeds.

The Q-Ball system is available globally for both sale and rental. For more information regarding rentals in the Americas, please contact sister Vitec company Bexel at 1 (800) 225-6185 / or Camera Corps direct at

About Camera Corps Ltd.
Camera Corps Ltd. is a leading innovator of specialty remote cameras, tracking systems and camera support systems. A Vitec Group Company, Camera Corps is recognized for the development and manufacture of bespoke camera systems. Today, the company’s solutions are employed worldwide by leading broadcasters and producers looking to capture sports, entertainment and reality TV performances from unique and often previously unattainable angles.

The Camera Corps equipment fleet encompasses HotShots, MiniShots and array of remote specialist cameras and lenses, remote underwater systems, cranes, platforms and dollies, Equipment of Camera Corps’ own design includes the iconic Q-Ball, Q-Ball Preset and RF Q-Ball, as well as bespoke builds such as Pop-Up Ice-Cam. Baseball Base Cam, Archery Cam, Underwater Remote Cam, Slalom Pole Cam, Helmet Cam and Body Cam

For more information, visit

About Bexel
Bexel is the pre-eminent worldwide provider of broadcast services including video and audio equipment rentals, fiber services, new audio sales, used equipment sales, and repairs/maintenance. Bexel provides brilliantly designed and flawlessly executed systems and solutions to all customers – including producers of the biggest and most important televised events in the world. For more information, visit, and follow Bexel on Facebook ( and Twitter (@Bexel).

About Vitec Videocom
Vitec Videocom brings together some of the most respected, most innovative and most sought-after brands in the industry: Anton/Bauer, Autoscript, Camera Corps, Litepanels, OConnor, Petrol Bags, Sachtler, Vinten and Vinten Radamec. It acts as an endorsing brand for these market-leading broadcast, film and pro video products, encouraging multi-brand system sales and simplifying the way that customers worldwide do business.

Vitec Videocom is an operating division within the Vitec Group, an international business serving customers in the broadcast, photographic and military aerospace and government markets. Vitec is based on strong, well known, premium brands on which its customers rely on worldwide.

Vitec Videocom – advancing the quality and science of media production.

Trollbäck + Company Launches Al Jazeera America With Bold & Modern Branding Package

Strategic design agency Trollbäck + Company (T+Co) recently created the branding package for Al Jazeera America, which launched in 40 million US homes.

The new network will broadcast unbiased, in-depth coverage of domestic and international news for American audiences – more than 14 hours of live news, magazine and discussion programs daily.

Al Jazeera America replaces Current TV (former US Vice President Al Gore’s cable channel). The Qatar-owned broadcaster acquired the network last January before gathering correspondents and executives formerly of CNN, ABC News, NBC News and CBS for its new US-based channel.

To view:
On Vimeo:

“Our brand identity was born out of a true partnership,” remarks Patrick Bedeau, Creative Director and Creative Team Lead at Al Jazeera America. “Working closely with Trollbäck, our network’s creative team was able to shape and refine the kind of visual language we sought to help reinforce our promise of journalistic integrity and compelling, impartial news that’s relevant to American audiences.”

“This collaboration was an opportunity for us to be part of history,” says Jakob Trollbäck, Chief Creative Officer at T+Co. “Unbiased information is the foundation of democracy. We need a different media voice – one that’s trusted, independent and professional — and Al Jazeera America is the network offering exactly that.”

To highlight the idea of enlightenment, Trollbäck + Company created a modern look that captures the core qualities of energy and illumination. The comprehensive branding package includes animated logotypes; main IDs; interstitial IDs; news, business, sports and weather opens; and all the screen architecture for the news show.

From the initial discussions, Al Jazeera was very clear that its brand identity had to stand apart from its other territories; moreover, it had to speak with an American voice that resonated equally across a diverse national audience, from the Heartland to the East and West Coasts.

“As an international news organization, Al Jazeera has always focused on serious journalism,” explains Elliott Chaffer, Trollbäck + Company Creative Director. “Emerging in the US market, they will continue to uphold and fulfill their promise to see all sides of a story. It was important that their branding stated, ‘we are here,’ in a bold but not brash way, while appealing to both its existing fan base and those who are looking for real news. The whole identity is connected to the logotype that we made beautifully kinetic, with expressive paths of illumination, as well as dimensionality. You can see many different shapes and facets before it resolves.”

The main IDs incorporate dynamic choreography of light streaks while the interstitial IDs celebrate the vast epic American landscape, positioning Al Jazeera America in the center of it. For the latter, T+Co took 360-degree panoramic shots and stitched them together to form a seamless world using a custom lens they created in Maya to re-film the scenes.

The News, Business, Sports and Weather openers continue the “paths of illumination” theme through narratives that relate to the subject matter. News tackles global and local issues, while business highlights commerce on a micro and macro level. For the Sports open, the paths of illumination are generated by motion capture data of real athletes expressing fluidity, dynamism and speed while Weather shows evocative weather patterns.

For the screen architecture, big bold statements are delivered in a clean modern style, again driving home Al Jazeera’s commitment to clear and to-the-point news reporting. For the typography, Trollbäck+Company continued Al Jazeera’s tradition of Helvetica Neue, a font the news organization has used universally for all of its on-screen graphics.

“Being part of such a groundbreaking and important brand launch in such an important market at this time in history was an incredible experience,” concludes Chaffer. “Al Jazeera America has an ambitious mission to become the go-to network for fact-based, in-depth news. Time will tell how the American public responds, but we are very confident in the strength of the work we did and the integrity of their brand.”

Launch Airdate: August 20, 2013

Project Details: Full Design & Branding Package For TV News Network Al Jazeera America (Main IDs, Logo Animation, News Opens, Interstitials)

Client: Al Jazeera America
Creative Director/Creative Team Lead: Patrick Bedeau
Producer: Ross Henderson

Strategic Design Agency: Trollbäck + Company
Creative Directors: Elliott Chaffer, Anna Minkkinen, Jakob Trollbäck
Art Director/Technical Director: Peter Alfano
Head of Production: Erica Hirshfeld
Executive Producers: Elyse Roth, Tim Thompson
Producers: Dina Chang, Susan Yee Hubbard
Editors: Caroline Kallback, Hedia Maron
Designers: Peter Alfano, Seon Crawford, Anna Minkkinen, Ed Manning, Scott Hubbard, Justin Zurrow, Christina Rüegg Grässli, Rachel Yoo Digerness & Koda Ko
3D Animation: Seon Crawford, Peter Alfano, Animesh Dwivedi, Chris Foster, Ed Manning, Scott Hubbard, Justin Zurrow & Ian Brauner
2D Compositing: Seon Crawford, Peter Alfano, Animesh Dwivedi, Chris Foster, Ed Manning, Scott Hubbard, Justin Zurrow & Ian Brauner

Technology Used: Maya, After Effects, Final Cut

Music Production Company: MusikVergnuegen
Composers: John Luker, Walter Werzowa
Sound Designer: Walter Werzowa
Executive Producer: Mariane Hwang
Engineer: Austin Hagen
Mixer: Gabe Moffat

About Trollbäck + Company:
Trollbäck + Company is an award-winning strategic design agency communicating engaging ideas in the simplest, smartest and most visionary ways. Led by executive creative director Jakob Trollbäck, the collaborative group directs television commercials, designs opening titles, brands networks and creates experience-based content for global brands. Trollbäck + Company is the recipient of numerous awards including a primetime Emmy, and is regularly featured in publications and exhibits around the world.

# # #

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Christie’s Visualization Systems for Oil, Energy and Mineral Industry on Display at SEG

Christie®, a world leader in 3D visualization display technologies, will be visible in more ways than one at the Society of Exploration Geophysicists’ (SEG) International Exposition and 83rd Annual Meeting at the George R. Brown Convention Center, in Houston, Texas, Sept 22-27. A Gold Sponsor of the Society of High Performance Computing (SHPCP) Theater, Christie will also showcase innovative visualization displays well-suited for the oil, energy and mineral industry, such as the pristine, quad high definition Christie QuadHD84, with 3840 by 2160 resolution as well as the 70-inch Christie® Entero™ HB video wall cube, the first high-brightness LED video wall cube with over 1100 lumens brightness capability.

“Oil and energy companies are recognizing the important roles that both collaboration and advanced visualization play in exploring and synthesizing seismic images and data. Christie’s solutions have been used by authorities around the world to better evaluate spatial relationships,” said Larry Paul, senior director of Technology and Visualization Solutions, at Christie.
During exhibition hours, a series of presentations will be accessible for attendees in the newly-built, 50-seat SHPCP Theater sponsored in part by Christie. Equipped with a brilliant high-resolution Christie Mirage 4K25 —the world’s only 4K resolution DLP projector capable of running at true 4K 120Hz input and output—the Theater’s screen will light up the room with HPC members’ technical presentation papers and products and services. Christie’s Larry Paul will present on the “Future Direction of Visualization Technologies” Tuesday, Sept. 24 at 11 a.m. and Wednesday, Sept. 25 at 10:30 a.m. in the SHPCP Theater.
Christie, in collaboration with Technical Innovation’s CriticalSpace Solutions (booth #3358), a leading provider of AV integration, collaborative communications and digital media technology, will exhibit state-of-the-art visualization solutions for the oil, energy and mineral industry, with their demonstration of sophisticated collaborative visualization and seismic data interpretation capabilities. Christie’s high-performance, high-brightness 70-inch Christie® Entero™ HB video wall cubes, the first and only LED display to offer Wi-Fi enabled wireless control, will be used as part of a 2 by 2 visualization display, while the rugged and powerful Christie Spyder X20 video processing system drives the content.
As part of its showcase, HP (booth #2512) will display a Christie QuadHD84. With installation provided by Data Display, both Paradigm (booth #2842) and Baker Hughes (booth #2556) are showing the awarding-winning Christie® MicroTiles® : the modular display technology that can be configured into nearly any shape and size to create a beautiful digital canvas.
SEG’s Exposition and Annual Meeting is the world’s largest oil, energy and mineral exposition showcasing cutting-edge technology for use in exploration and associated industries, where thousands attend to learn and discover geophysical innovations and new earth science technologies.

Lowell Manufacturing Offers New LRS Series Desktop Rack Stands

— Available in 8U and 12U, the LRS is ideal for home office or studio —

PACIFIC, MO, September 18, 2013 — Lowell Manufacturing Company, a U.S. manufacturer of professional A/V products, has introduced its new LRS Series desktop rack stand. Made in the USA with 100% certified U.S. steel, the LRS has a small footprint with just enough rack space (8 or 12 rack units) to hold smaller AV or IT equipment arrangements where space is limited and a full sized cabinet is not needed. The compact design works as a freestanding rack or it can be bolted to a desk. Either way, it’s ideal for convenient access to mounted electronics such as a recording front end, effects processors or post-production equipment.

The LRS desktop rack stand features 11-gauge steel rails on a 10-degree angle for easy viewing of mounted equipment. It’s engineered to meet EIA rackmount standards and has a load capacity of 80 lbs. The LRS ships unassembled and includes hardware.


8U or 12U rack space on 10-degree angle
Two 11-gauge steel rails tapped 10-32 are printed with rack unit increments to aid equipment set-up. Includes 16-gauge steel side supports and bottom panel.
Smooth black powder epoxy finish
Made in the USA with 100% certified U.S. steel

For more information, please visit or e-mail Lowell at

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Focusrite to Hold RedNet Showcase at Vintage King Audio Los Angeles

Focusrite’s acclaimed range of modular Ethernet-networked audio interfaces will be displayed and demonstrated on Thursday, September 26 at VKLA

Based on its audio quality and Vintage King’s comprehensive Ethernet infrastructure, VKLA installs permanent system for client demonstration

Los Angeles, CA, September 18, 2013 – On Thursday, September 26, 2013, leading audio manufacturer Focusrite will showcase its acclaimed RedNet range of products at Vintage King Los Angeles (VKLA). RedNet units are Ethernet-networked interfaces based around the industry-standard low-latency Dante® audio networking system. Demonstrating RedNet’s exceptional sounding audiophile design, and taking advantage of VKLA’s extensive installation network, attendees will be able to experience firsthand how RedNet can enhance their production workflow at this special event. Highly regarded by the Vintage King staff, the RedNet units are now a permanent component of VKLA’s audio setup and will be the subject of ongoing demonstrations in the future.

Demo times are as follows: 10:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., and 3:00 p.m., followed by a 7:00 p.m. evening mixer. Key staff from Focusrite and Vintage King will be on hand throughout the day. Demos are limited availability and on a first-come-first-served basis. Demo attendees will be entered to win a Focusrite Forte interface. Seating is limited and by invitation only; please contact Vintage King to request seating/RSVP, or visit VKLA is located at 1176 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90012.

“RedNet / Dante technology will be relevant to a wide cross section of our clientele, from composers and live performers to multi-room facility owners,” says Vintage King Audio Post Sales Manager Chris Bolitho. “The ability to send low-latency, high-resolution multi-channel audio between systems, racks and rooms using only existing Cat 5 / 6 data wiring and infrastructure has the potential to revolutionize the way so many of them work. It’s exciting to have the RedNet / Dante system permanently installed at Vintage King Los Angeles, making VKLA the premier RedNet / Dante demo facility in Los Angeles.”

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Seattle Pacific University Prepares for New School Season with Hitachi Projectors

SEATTLE, Washington, September 19, 2013 — Seattle Pacific University (SPU) is a private liberal arts university, home to more than 4,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The school, located in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, offers fewer classes during the summer. This time is used for planning and upgrading the technology and A/V equipment in the campus’ 100 classrooms. This summer, SPU has added 36 Hitachi CP-WU8450 3LCD projectors to its A/V system.

“A couple years ago, more than two dozen [non-Hitachi] projectors had to be recalled due to a power issue. Because it happened in the middle of the school year it was very disruptive,” said James Lim, microsystems analyst at SPU. “When we were in the market for new projectors, a strong support policy was obviously our priority and Hitachi’s extended service contract was very appealing right away.”

After installing and receiving positive faculty feedback on previously installed Hitachi CP-X4021N and CP-WU8440 projectors, SPU opted for the CP-WU8450 projectors. With the help of A/V installation firm Proton 360, 80 percent of SPU’s classrooms are now outfitted with Hitachi projectors.

“We’ve noticed that the CP-WU8450 actually seems brighter than its advertised brightness,” said Lim, “They’re bright enough that our faculty have actually gotten used to leaving the blinds open and the lights on in the classrooms!”

The CP-WU8450 projectors, which are networked together via an Extron controller, offer 5,000 ANSI lumens brightness and WUXGA 1920 x 1200 resolution.

“Walking through a classroom that’s outfitted with the CP-WU8450’s is markedly different from walking through other rooms in terms of the projector’s quietness and brightness,” said Lim. “We definitely like the product and will be sticking with Hitachi as long as they keep producing great projectors like this one.”

For more information on Proton 360 visit

For more information on Hitachi visit

Follow Hitachi on Facebook at

Follow Hitachi on Twitter at!/HALProjectors

About Hitachi, Ltd.
Hitachi America, Ltd., headquartered in Tarrytown, New York, a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., and its subsidiary companies offer a broad range of electronics, power and industrial equipment and services, automotive products and consumer electronics with operations throughout the Americas. For more information, visit For information on other Hitachi Group companies in the United States, please visit

Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a leading global electronics company with approximately 326,000 employees worldwide. The company’s consolidated revenues for fiscal 2012 (ended March 31, 2013) totaled 9,041 billion yen ($96.1 billion). Hitachi is focusing more than ever on the Social Innovation Business, which includes infrastructure systems, information & telecommunication systems, power systems, construction machinery, high functional material & components, automotive systems and others.

About Seattle Pacific University
Founded in 1891, Seattle Pacific University is a premier Christian university that equips people to engage the culture and change the world. Its comprehensive academic program serves more than 4,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Known for both their competence and character, SPU graduates are bringing about positive change in communities around the globe.

AroundMe Users Get Seven Minutes in iOS Heaven

New AroundMe update takes full advantage of the biggest change in iOS history

Ivrea, Italy – September 19, 2013 – The developers of AroundMe, the most widely used location app of its kind, today announced AroundMe for iOS 7. The radically redesigned iOS 7 has been hailed as the biggest design shift in Apple history since the iPhone 2. In addition to changes in the appearance, the latest operating system has a new underlying engine that enables developers like AroundMe to add further enhancements and capabilities to existing and new apps.

The AroundMe update is a true iOS 7 app, taking full advantage of Apple’s latest technologies and visual design. “We’re proud to say AroundMe has acquired a very loyal user base who are regularly accessing the app. Since it first launched in 2008, we’ve focused updates on usability and simplicity, and our users greatly appreciate that. Likewise, it is just as important that our iOS 7 users can enjoy that same user experience while being able to take full advantage of the new technical capabilities,” comments Marco Pifferi, developer of AroundMe. “iOS 7 uses a new visual language; it is simpler, brighter and more modern. We designed the look of AroundMe to make better use of animations and visual effects, achieving outstanding image quality and maximizing all the bells and whistles that come with Apple’s new OS.”

Feature Highlights of the New AroundMe for iOS 7 App Include:

• Entire app redesigned to follow iOS 7 visual design language
• No need for an external application as AroundMe gives you route directions right from the app along with business info such as phone number and website URL
• Suport of Dynamic Type: AroundMe adapts fonts according to iOS settings
• AirDrop, which allows users to share locations with friends and family
• Full accessibility support

AroundMe Media Kit

About the Developer
The app development team behind AroundMe has more than 20 years of experience in software development. Marco Pifferi founded the wildly popular AroundMe app in 2008. Before that, he was responsible for creating and launching Vector Designer, an award-winning application for the Mac. Before joining the team, Fabrizio Bazzoni worked on optical and magnetic code recognitions and 3D parametric modeling CAD systems since 1996. He is now working on the backend of AroundMe and the design of Reminder+’s beautiful ringtones. Luca Garbolino has a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the Polytechnic University of Turin, where he is still continuing his studies and working towards a master’s degree. Luca is currently working on various UI integrations for Reminder+ and AroundMe. Peter Schlossnikel has been a freelance graphic designer since 2005. He began working on projects from corporate identity to print and screen design to music album artwork. Over the last few years, Peter shifted his focus onto user interface design and contributed to the interface design of both AroundMe and Reminder+.

Press Contact
Anya Oskolkova
Zazil Media Group
(p) 617.817.6559
(skype) anya.oskolkova


Around Me

The Tiffen Company Launches Special Mail-in Rebate Program for Customers who Purchase Lowel GL-1 Power LED Light

• What: 100.00 USD Mail-In Rebate Program for Lowel GL-1 Power LED Light
• Where: Order Through Tiffen US Dealer Network
• When: Available Today Through November 1, 2013

Hauppauge, NY — September 19, 2013 — The Tiffen Company announced today a special 100.00 USD mail-in rebate program for customers who purchase the Lowel GL-1 Power LED Light between September 1, 2013 and November 1, 2013. Designed in conjunction with world-renowned wedding and event photographers Brian Marcus and John Solano, the GL-1 Power LED is Lowel’s highly popular compact, battery-powered, on-location lighting solution. Its precise, powerful light source and outstanding ergonomics have made GL-1 the lighting tool of choice among enthusiasts and professionals.

Tiffen Rebate Program Details
The special mail-in rebate program is valid in the US and Puerto Rico. Customers who purchase the Lowel GL-1 Power LED through Tiffen or the Tiffen national network and mail in the rebate form by 12/12/13 will receive a 100.00 USD check via the US postal service. Qualifying customers can download the rebate form at

More About Lowel Gl-1 Power LED
The Lowel GL-1 Power LED is a battery-powered, focusable and dimmable, photo-quality tungsten color LED light. This means users can control the diameter of the light beam, focusing from a tight spot to a wide flood. The beam is very even, from edge to edge, with no hot spots. GL-1′s dimming ability lets users vary the amount of light output from 5% to 100%, without any shift in color temperature, to perfectly match the atmosphere of the location. With the integrity of the atmosphere maintained, photographers and videographers can see the exact effect the light has on their shot.

For more information about the Lowel GL1-Power LED including detailed features and specifications, please visit

About Tiffen
Tiffen has been a leading manufacturer of photographic filters, lens accessories, software, and camera accessories for the consumer/professional imaging and the motion picture and broadcast television industries for 75 years. The company has a rich history of innovative product design, superior optical consistency, and unparalleled quality. Tiffen has been recognized for its product and engineering excellence, earning a Technical Achievement Award and a Scientific and Engineering Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, as well as multiple Emmy® Awards. Today, the company offers a wide range of products, which include: Tiffen® filters, Steadicam® camera stabilizing systems, Lowel® light, Listec® teleprompters, Tiffen Dfx® digital imaging software, Domke® bags, Davis & Sanford® tripods, Zing® camera covers, Stroboframe® flash brackets, Saunders® professional trimmers, and Kodak Wratten® filters. Tiffen continues to enhance its reputation as a leading imaging accessory manufacturer through aggressive growth in the image-making accessory industry.

For more information on Tiffen, please visit

Tiffen is a registered trademark of The Tiffen Company. All other trademarks and products mentioned herein belong to their respective owners.

Press Contacts
Anya Oskolkova
Zazil Media Group
(p) 617.817.6559
(skype) anya.oskolkova

Lauren Leger
Zazil Media Group
(p) 508.498.8433
(skype) lauren.zazil


Lowel GL-1 Power LED


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