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Robert Yeoman to Headline Kodak Focus at Los Angeles Film Festival

Yeoman ON FILM by Kirkland

(LOS ANGELES, CA) - Cinematographer Robert Yeoman, ASC will headline the annual Kodak Focus program at this year's Los Angeles Film Festival. The intimate conversation will spotlight Yeoman's artistic and technical accomplishments by screening scenes from 35mm prints of Moonrise Kingdom, Drugstore Cowboy and The Royal Tenenbaums. The Kodak Focus takes place on June 16 at 1:10 p.m. at the Regal Cinemas at L.A. Live. The seminar is free with a festival ticket.

Yeoman won an Independent Spirit Award for his memorable cinematography on Gus Van Sant's Drugstore Cowboy, and was also nominated for Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom. Yeoman has photographed all of Anderson's live-action features, including Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, The Darjeeling Limited and Moonrise Kingdom. Yeoman also photographed Wes Craven's Red Eye, Roman Coppola's CQ, Noah Baumbach's The Squid and the Whale, Drew Barrymore's Whip It, Paul Feig's Bridesmaids, and the soon-to-be released The Heat.

The LAFF festival, which runs June 13-23, celebrates independent and international cinema. This year's festival in downtown Los Angeles will screen a diverse slate of nearly 200 feature films, shorts and music videos, representing more than 40 countries, along with such signature programs as the Filmmaker Retreat, poolside chats, master classes and more. There will also be a number of free community screenings.

Kodak's Entertainment Imaging business is the world leader in providing motion picture film and imaging products, services, and technology for the professional motion picture and exhibition industries. For more information, visit Follow us on Facebook (, Twitter (@Kodak_ShootFilm), and YouTube ( For more information on LAFF, visit

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Antelope Audio Orion32 Delivers Optimal Sound Quality and Reliability During Recording of Ray Fuller Performance at Buddy Guy’s Legends

Last month, the new Antelope Audio Orion32 multi-channel interface was put to the test during a live recording of blues maestro Ray Fuller at one of the premier blues club destinations in the United States: Buddy Guy’s Legends in Chicago. The recording, which consisted of non-stop 60 and 90-minute sets before a live audience, was captured in its entirety using the Orion32, which recorded 26 tracks of audio in 96k to a MacBook Pro running Pro Tools.

For freelance engineer Mike Picotte, the benefits of the Orion32 were immediately apparent from the moment he began setting up the remote recording rig — which was situated several flights of stairs above the venue. “I didn’t want to have to carry a lot of gear, and for this particular project, I wanted to keep my set up lean, yet powerful,” he says. Since the Orion32 is able to handle 32 tracks of 96k audio in a single rack space, Picotte was able to maintain an extremely compact set up, with zero compromise on sound quality. “I just ran a USB from the Orion32 to my laptop, and recorded the whole show,” he says. In addition to the Orion32, Picotte also had an Antelope Audio 10M Atomic Clock in his rack to maximize the fidelity of his rig even further.

Picotte, whose day job is with audio retailer Sweetwater Sound, acquired the signal by placing a splitter snake onstage so he could access all of the venue’s microphones, then supplemented the house mics with his own — creating a fully redundant set up with plenty of alternate audio source possibilities. “I wanted to have everything covered and then decide later what I actually needed, so I brought my own mic locker with me just in case,” he recalls. Picotte ran the snake up the stairs into a small room where he was able to record and monitor the performance using a Dangerous D-Box system and a pair of Sennheiser HD 380 closed back headphones.

At the preamplifier stage, Picotte employed two TRUE Precision 8s and an Audient ASP008, which he then connected to the Antelope Audio Orion32. He then recorded the entire performance over USB 2.0 at 96k to the MacBook Pro via the Orion32, without incident or interruption. “Performance-wise, the Orion32 was amazing,” Picotte recalls. “There was no lag time on the screen, and no hiccups at any point during the entire gig. I ran 26 channels at 96k without stoppage and had no issues whatsoever.”

Thanks to the flexible i/o architecture of the TRUE Precision 8, Picotte was also able to run backup audio feed to a separate system as a safety. But the backup system suffered a complete failure mid-way through while capturing audio at just 44.1k. “Next time, I will probably use another Orion32 as a backup instead of another device,” he says.

Remote recording in complete confidence

In the past, Picotte would typically record to an external drive. But with the combination of the Orion32 and the solid-state architecture of the MacBook Pro, this is no longer necessary. “Now, with all the testing that I’ve done, I record directly to the solid state drive on the MacBook via the Orion32, then immediately transfer the audio to a secondary hard drive following each set,” he explains.

Picotte had full confidence in his Orion32 well before the recording gig. “Before the Ray Fuller performance, I tested the Orion32 over MADI into my Pro Tools HD system and USB into Pro Tools natively,” he says. “Although I tested it at a 64 sample rate, I ran a 1,024 sample buffer size during the gig because there was no artist mix, therefore no need to tax the computer system.”

A great challenge for any remote recording engineer is being able to adapt to unpredictable technical environments. In this sense, the Orion proved to be the ultimate ‘Swiss Army Knife,” ready for just about any situation: “Even though I knew the capabilities of the venue well in advance, it was exciting to come to the live recording knowing that I could mix and match signals on the Orion32 if I had to,” says Picotte. “I had analog, optical and MADI i/o options all at my disposal if I needed them.”

The Orion32′s ‘True to Life’ Sound

Perhaps most importantly of all, Picotte characterizes the Orion32 tracks he captured as ‘extremely detailed and accurate.’ “There was great separation on the drums and particularly good transient response on the kick, snare and overhead,” he reports. “Some converters will soften the transients, or it will feel like they are not coming across like they do live. The Orion32 gave me the best representation of how the band actually sounded in the club, and with no coloration. All the channels were clean, and the depth and stereo imaging were outstanding.”

“Whether it is a studio or a live recording, my goal is to capture all the sonic details of a performance,” Picotte concludes. “Ray Fuller is known for his tone and I wanted to capture the band the way they sounded that night at Buddy Guy’s Legends. With the Orion32, I was able to do this and deliver a ‘true to life’ recording when it was over.”

About Antelope Audio

Antelope Audio is the brainchild of Igor Levin who has more than 20 years’ experience and a number of innovations in digital audio and synchronization technology. The company is widely acknowledged as the leading manufacturer of audio master clocks.

In 2009 Antelope Audio launched its product line of high-resolution USB D/A converters, being among the pioneers designing a 384 kHz DAC. Antelope’s DACs employ their renowned 64-bit clocking and jitter management technologies and custom-designed circuits, achieving unprecedented precision and sound clarity.

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All brands and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

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New Site, Singular Vision: Tool Affirms Live Action Production and Digital Dominance

Tool is pleased to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website, The site delivers a true platform that showcases Tool’s unique blend of commercial, interactive, and experiential acumen for advertising and entertainment industries.

Much more than a perfunctory refresh, the new website serves as a statement of purpose for a production company that has been recognized with the likes of Dreamworks and Netflix as one of Fast Company’s 10 most innovative companies in film, and racked up more than 270 awards – including four Cannes Lions, an SXSW Interactive Best in Show, and a Daytime Emmy. The site is a testament to Tool’s well-earned position as one of the most highly decorated teams of directors, developers, designers and thinkers in the business.

Developed in HTML and CSS with 2D and 3D transforms, the site is based entirely upon Tool’s proprietary Javascript framework and works fluidly across desktop, tablet and mobile platforms. The site was built by Tool’s in-house digital team.

As part of the site refresh, Tool also created a reel of its latest work that can be viewed here –

About Tool:

Bicoastal Tool is an award-winning production company, representing top live-action directors and interactive directors for advertising projects. From funny… visually engaging… and/or interactive, Tool’s diverse roster of unique talent creates unforgettable commercial and digital content across all platforms.

Visit Tool
View Media

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Utah Scientific Outfits Mormon Church’s Missionary Training Center With High-Density Compact Routers

UTAH-100/UDS Routing Switchers Offer Maximum I/O per Rack Unit in System That’s Easy to Use and Easy to Upgrade

SALT LAKE CITY — June 10, 2013 — Utah Scientific, a worldwide leader in routing and master control switchers, today announced that the Missionary Training Center (MTC) for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has installed five UTAH-100/UDS routing switchers to link signals among all the facilities on its 19-building campus. The new routing switchers replaced aging systems that did not supply enough inputs and outputs, and they allowed the MTC’s A/V operations to upgrade to HD video.

“Each week our campus receives several hundred new students who spend up to 12 weeks here preparing for their missionary service in a variety of classrooms and other settings, so we have a very busy A/V operation,” said Carlos Reina, manager of media installations and repair in the MTC’s technology department. “We also rely on 26 part-time student-employees who don’t have much experience with professional-grade technology, so we needed a system that was intuitive to use yet responsive enough to route signals instantly. The Utah Scientific routers met those needs and more at a reasonable price.”

The MTC’s technology department provides all of the A/V systems to support classroom teaching, online teaching, video conferencing, recording and distribution, in-house IPTV, in-house analog and digital cable channels, large group presentations, multi-language interpretation, online streaming, and uplink for worldwide satellite distribution. The UTAH-100/UDS routing switchers provide MTC with interbuilding connectivity for overflow and redundancy.

The UTAH-100/UDS router meets or exceeds all of MTC’s technical requirements for a new routing system. It can route signals immediately, with the ability to lock routes to prevent accidental changes. Its compact size and smaller HD-BNC connectors allow the maximum number of inputs and outputs per rack unit in MTC’s crowded racks. Users can access the routers over the network from any computer without needing to install any software — a vast improvement over MTC’s old system that enables staff to perform upgrades over the network. Most important, the UTAH-100/UDS system’s intuitive GUI is easy for inexperienced employees to learn and use.

“Having the new Utah Scientific routing switchers saves us money by allowing us to work faster and more efficiently, cutting the training time and minimizing mistakes,” Reina said. “On top of that, Utah Scientific’s customer service has been excellent, which is very important when you buy equipment that is responsible for the success of the teaching experience.”

MTC plans to expand the campus, which will increase the number of sources and destinations that must interconnect. When that happens, the UTAH-100/UDS’ upgradeability will be especially helpful.

“Carlos has been key in helping with the release of the UTAH-100/UDS family of routing switchers, offering feedback and working with our engineers to make a more user-friendly product,” said Tom Harmon, president and CEO of Utah Scientific. “Thanks to input from him and a few others like him, we’ve created a space-saving system that’s responsive, flexible, cost-effective, and easy to use.”

More information on the UTAH-100/UDS routing switcher and other Utah Scientific products can be found at

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About Utah Scientific Inc.
Throughout more than 35 years in business, Utah Scientific has earned its position as worldwide leader in routing and master control switchers by working with customers to meet their needs for advanced signal distribution and control technology. The company’s confidence in its industry-leading products is exemplified by its renowned no-fee, 10-year warranty and validated by multiple Frost & Sullivan Customer Service Leadership Awards. Additional information about Utah Scientific and its products can be found at

Photo Link:
Photo Caption: Carlos Reina, manager of media installations and repair in the MTC’s technology department, works with the Utah Scientific router.

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New PESA Products at InfoComm 2013 Address Growing Needs for High Resolution Signal Distribution, Multi-Source Encoding

Huntsville, Alabama – PESA, a leading U.S.-based custom design and manufacturing company for professional audio and video signal distribution, is showcasing a number of new products for a variety of AV applications at InfoComm 2013 (Booth 2958), which runs June 12-14 in Orlando, Fla. Its new offerings address a number of expanding market needs, including 4K routing, 2K and HDMI signal distribution, and multi-source H.264 encoding and IP distribution.

“InfoComm is an important show for PESA, because it gives us an opportunity to meet with AV professionals who need solutions for an incredible variety of projects in so many different markets,”explained Dan Holland, PESA vice president of product marketing. “AV use continues to grow in education, house of worship, corporate, and so many other areas – and the bar continues to be raised for image resolution. Our new products are designed to handle high-end signal distribution easily and affordably.”

Housed in a compact, 1 RU form factor, the affordable PESA Xstream sets the new standard for mixed format, multi-source presentations for multi-path H.264 IP distribution. It simultaneously encodes up to five independent video sources (anything from 1080p video to computer-based content like PowerPoint slides) and eight audio sources concurrently from live or recorded video, with minimal sync or latency issues. When multiple sources are captured simultaneously, the streams remain associated and synchronized during the event. Then, with five individually addressable H.264 video and AAC audio streams, PESA Xstream allows operators to stream live content over IP while simultaneously monitoring live digital content via a quad-view display and/or full screen display.

PESA’s Series-C DRS small-scale companion audio router systems are designed as companion audio routers to Cougar3 or Jaguar3 video frames. The new Series-C64 supports mono audio up to 64×64 and AES audio up to 32×32 in a 1 RU frame, while the Series-C128 supports mono up to 128×128 and AES up to 64×64 in 2 RU. Analog frames support both mono and stereo and are offered in either 6-pin pluggable or ELCO connector styles. Digital frames can support AES-110 in 6-pin pluggable or ELCO, while AES-75 can be connected using 75 Ohm BNC, 6-pin pluggable or ELCO style connectors. Series-C audio frames offer optional conversion frames allowing analog-to-digital, digital-to-analog, and digital-to-digital conversion.

Four new easyPORT™ compact switching throw-down boxes support HDMI signal distribution. The EASY-2HX4B distributes or switches two HDMI inputs to four independent SDI video sources, while the companion EASY-4BX2H converts and switches up to four SDI video input feeds to two different HDMI video displays. Offered with coaxial 75 Ohm connections, the EASY-2HX4B and EASY-4BX2H can be extended up to 80m away using typical RG-6/U coax. The EASY-2HX4F and EASY-4FX2H fiber versions offer standard LC-type SFP pluggable modules, with support for distances up to 600m over multi-mode or 10km over single-mode fiber.

Built to address the growing 4K market, the new Cheetah 4K fiber optic routing switcher provides ultra-high definition video distribution up to 600m over multi-mode cable. Each 4K source is connected to an outboard easyPORT-4KX1F coax to fiber media converter that supports up to 12 Gbps per port over a single fiber to the router – and can accept 4K video at 3840×2160 and/or 4096×2160. Each input port can also be configured individually to accept up to four independent 3G-SDI signals to be transported over a signal fiber cable. Housed in only 4 RU, the compact Cheetah 4K router includes internal control for Ethernet or traditional RS-232/422 control, hot swappable matrix and I/O cards, redundant power and control, and SNMP support for third-party, high-end network management systems.

The new series of Vidblox 2K DVI dual link extenders provide an ideal long distance, multi-path solution for distributing ultra high-resolution graphics in production studios and command and control environments. Each Vidblox 2K transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) pair supports coax, fiber, or both copper/fiber connectivity, which can be used to cost effectively distribute multiple 2K video signals simultaneously in a point-to-point configuration or distributed using PESA’s 3G-SDI serial digital routing equipment. Video resolutions up to 2560×1600@60Hz are supported via a DVI-D dual link connector, with analog stereo embedded in the video transport.

About PESA

As a leading provider of audio/video connectivity, PESA offers a wide selection of routing switchers, matrix switchers, extenders, converters, media extenders, and signal processing gear to support government, military, industrial, commercial, broadcast and mobile truck applications. PESA offers one of the widest ranges of AV products – from large scale fiber optic routing to single-point CAT-5 DVI extenders – each with the integrity and innovative high performance technology expected from PESA. Our products are available around the world from a leading team of channel partners offering local support and installation; and all of our products are supported by 24/7 technical support. To learn more about our technologies and services visit PESA is located in Huntsville, Alabama with regional offices throughout the United States.

All products mentioned herein are trademarked property of their respective owners. Follow us on Twitter @PESA_ONLINE.

Press Contact

Mark J. Pescatore
Pipeline Communications

Company Contact

Dan Holland
VP, Product Marketing

Engine Room and Hollywood Center Studios Forge Production Alliance

HOLLYWOOD—Hollywood Center Studios (, the iconic studio in the heart of Hollywood, has forged a new alliance with shooting and visual effects company Engine Room ( ), headquartered on the HCS Lot. The strategic relationship provides Engine Room live-action clients with exclusive rates for stage and production office rentals, as well as grip and lighting services provided by HCS.

Engine Room offers a unique production partnership to clients. With a turnkey shooting unit that’s ready-to-roll, it provides an extensive menu of production services including cinematography, casting, talent, crew, art, equipment and large scale stages. Creative directors and producers of all types love the simplicity and fluid collaborative experience of working with ER. more

Simian Celebrates the Arrival of Summer with Two Hot Enhancements

Industry-leading media management platform launches new microsite, plus enhanced embeddable reel player.

Laguna Niguel, Calif.—June 11, 2013—Simian, the global leader in creative workflow and media management solutions, today announces the release of two key upgrades to its groundbreaking media-sharing platform. The new release includes a redesigned and enhanced microsite component—an industry first and one of the most popular features of Simian—as well as The Embeddable Reel Player™, offering a new method for embedding reels into websites.

“Simian is all about constant development and improvement,” says Simian co-founder Jay Brooks. “We maintain a close dialogue with our users and that enables us to respond to their needs—often before they realize that a need exists.” more

Dalet at Broadcast Asia 2013

Dalet at Broadcast Asia 2013

Dalet will demonstrate MAM-driven solutions for News, Program Preparation,
Production, Asset Management, Archiving, Sports and Radio

Singapore – June 11, 2013 – Dalet Digital Media Systems, a leading provider of Media Asset Management (MAM) solutions, software and services for content producers, is showcasing Dalet Galaxy, its new and most advanced MAM platform along with the latest versions of Dalet workflow solutions for news, program preparation, production asset management, archiving, sports and radio at Broadcast Asia 2013 at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, June 18-20, 2013. Dalet will also feature several new product modules including the Dalet Onecut multimedia editor, the Dalet On-the-Go mobile app, and the Dalet Cube graphics suite on its stand #5A5-07.

“Broadcast Asia is a very important venue for us. It’s where the regional content providers come to find cost-effective technology solutions that help streamline workflows and make it easier for users to perform their tasks more efficiently,” says Tomer Azenkot, general manager, Asia Pacific, Dalet. “Dalet solutions provide tremendous flexibility and address every workflow need to bring greater productivity and value to our customers.”

Dalet Demo Highlights at Broadcast Asia
Dalet Galaxy, the powerful new Dalet MAM platform with a powerful workflow engine that forms the core of Dalet’s enterprise-level solutions.

Dalet Media Life is designed for program preparation and archiving. It includes tools for mass-ingest, quality control, pre-editing, storyboarding, subtitling, captioning, versioning, distribution and more. It also integrates with third-party systems.

Dalet Onecut is a new real-time editor designed to handle multiple tracks of video and audio. This versatile application can be configured for specific tasks as well as for editors with various levels of expertise.

Dalet News Suite, the only fully integrated news system on the market that meets the challenge of media convergence. Within a single system, Dalet News Suite manages end-to-end TV, radio and digital news production.

Dalet Cube, a 3D graphics suite for news production, is natively integrated with Dalet News Suite, making it a very cost-effective package for high-quality graphics production.

Dalet On-the-Go is a new mobile app that extends the remote capabilities of Dalet users with Read-In, Contribution and My Assignments functions.

Dalet Sports Factory includes the powerful MAM platform and built-in tools for acquisition, sports logging, indexing, editing, publishing, performing digital media delivery and archiving.

Dalet Radio Suite, a production, playout and distribution system designed for media convergence, streamlines every aspect of the digital production chain for news and music channels.

About Dalet Digital Media Systems
Dalet solutions enable broadcasters and media professionals to create, manage and distribute content to both traditional and new media channels, including interactive TV, the Web and mobile networks. Dalet combines into a single system a robust and proven Asset Management platform with advanced metadata capabilities; a configurable workflow engine, and a comprehensive set of purpose-built creative and production tools. This integrated and open environment enables end-to-end management of the entire News and Sport and Program content chain, and allows users to significantly improve efficiency, and to maximize the use and value of their assets. Dalet’s solutions are delivered through a dedicated Professional and Integration Services Department to ensure the highest possible standards.

Dalet systems are used around the world by many thousands of individual users at hundreds of TV and Radio content producers, including public broadcasters (ABS-CBN, BBC, CBC, DR, France TV, RTBF, RFI, Russia Today, RSR & TSR, RT Malaysia, VOA, WDR), commercial networks and operators (Antena 3, Canal+, FOX, eTV, Mediaset, Orange, Time Warner Cable, Warner Bros., Sirius XM Radio) and government organizations (Canadian House of Commons, The European Commission, Parliament of South Australia). Dalet is traded on the NYSE-EURONEXT stock exchange (Eurolist C): ISIN: FR0011026749, Bloomberg DLT:FP, Reuters: DALE.PA.

Press Contact:
Janice Dolan
Zazil Media Group
(p) +1 617-817-6595


Colorist Jack Lewars Joins Technicolor – PostWorks New York

NEW YORK—Technicolor – PostWorks, New York, Manhattan’s largest independent provider of post-production services, has brought on Jack Lewars as Senior Colorist. Lewars, who arrives with more than 80 features to his credit, will be available for feature and television projects both through Technicolor – PostWorks and through The Room, the finishing boutique located within the Technicolor – PostWorks facility.


Blackmagic Design Wins “Design Award of the Year” at Australian International Design Awards

Fremont, CA – June 11, 2013 - Blackmagic Design today announced that Blackmagic Cinema Camera has been honored with the “Design Award of the Year” and a “Best in Category” award at the 2013 Australian International Design Awards.


Run by international design promotion organization Good Design Australia, the annual Australian International Design Awards endorse great design and provide consumers with a clear indicator of the cornerstones of good design: form, function, quality, safety, sustainability and innovation.


These awards continue Blackmagic Design’s international recognition in product design, as the company has also received numerous prestigious red dot awards for product design in 2012 and 2011. The red dot award is a professional design competition awarded in the fields of product design, communication design and design concepts. In 2012, Blackmagic Design’s Heavy Duty Mini Converter, HyperDeck Shuttle, ATEM Camera Converter and UltraStudio 3D were honored with red dot awards, while in 2011 UltraStudio Pro and DaVinci Resolve were honored as well.


“It is a huge honor to be recognized by Good Design Australia for the design work done by our software engineers, hardware engineers and industrial designers,” said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design. “There is nothing more exciting than designing new products and inventing the future. These awards show the innovation and incredible design work that is happening at Blackmagic Design.”


Press Photography
Product photos of all Blackmagic Design products are available at


About Blackmagic Design
Blackmagic Design creates the world’s highest quality video editing products, digital film cameras, color correctors, video converters, video monitoring, routers, live production switchers, disk recorders, waveform monitors and film restoration software for the feature film, post production and television broadcast industries. Blackmagic Design’s DeckLink capture cards launched a revolution in quality and affordability, while the company’s Emmy™ award winning DaVinci color correction products have dominated the television and film industry since 1984. Blackmagic Design continues ground breaking innovations including stereoscopic 3D and 4K workflows. Founded by world leading post production editors and engineers, Blackmagic Design has offices in the USA, United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore, and Australia. For more information, please check

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