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KTV OB Van Equipped With Clear-Com's Eclipse PiCo Digital Matrix

OSAKA, JAPAN – Clear-Com®, a global leader in critical voice communication systems, is providing the Japanese broadcaster, Kansai Telecasting Corporation (KTV), with a unified communications infrastructure for its remote productions. The Clear-Com Eclipse-PiCo Digital Matrix Systems and V-Series Intercom Panels have been installed in KTV’s fleet of mobile production vehicles and integrated with the station’s other communication systems. This has enabled KTV crew members in the field to communicate easily and collaborate effectively with those back in the studio. more


International Forum Design Honors Plug-In Module Version of RTW’s TM7 TouchMonitor

COLOGNE, GERMANY, 22, APRIL, 2013 – RTW, a leading vendor of visual audio meters and monitoring devices for professional broadcast, production, post production and quality control, is happy to announce that the half 19-inch 20700VID plug-in module version of RTW’s TM7 TouchMonitor has won an iF Product Design Award. The iF (International Forum Design) jury, judging on behalf of a global organization dedicated to strengthening public awareness of design through awards, publications and exhibitions, chose the 19-inch model as a standout product in the audio and video category. This is the second iF Product Design Award for RTW. The company also won in 2011 for the TM7 and TM9 TouchMonitor series.

Known the world over as a “seal of outstanding design,” the iF product design award honors outstanding achievements in design. It covers all areas of product design and serves as a platform for design-relevant innovations around the globe. All of the 2013 iF product design award winners are available at

The half 19-inch 20700VID plug-in module version of RTW’s TM7 TouchMonitor is specifically designed for installation in waveform-monitor racks typically used in video studios, which are often difficult to fit. This version of the TM7 is technologically identical to the original TM7 model, providing ports for eight analog, eight digital (AES3 or AES3id) and 3G-SDI signals in different combinations (I/O options). Both versions feature a USB port that allows for preset import and export, license updates, and firmware upgrades. Featuring a 7-inch touch screen combined with unprecedented flexibility and modularity with an intuitive user interface, the TM7 is part of RTW’s innovative range of products that marks the next generation in professional audio-signal metering.

The operating concept behind the entire line of TouchMonitor audio meters, based on 16:9 touch-sensitive screens, is unique. It offers not only a built-in online help function, but also allows for monitoring separate signal groups and using multiple instruments at the same time. This way, up to 16 analog or digital signals (with 3G-SDI interface up to 32) can all be displayed. In addition, the clear-cut surface layout of the product’s housing gives it a distinctive look, which can be consistently transferred to other RTW ranges of products and also allows for variations.

“We are very proud that the International Forum Design has once again chosen RTW, this time for the design of the half 19-inch plug-in module version of our TM7 TouchMonitor,” says Andreas Tweitmann, CEO, RTW. “RTW is committed to providing the professional audio industry with the solutions it needs: devices that are both technologically advanced and well-designed. A lot of time and effort went into the design of this version of our TM7 and we are very proud our efforts have been recognized.”

Kontinental Hockey League Gives Better Game Coverage with Orad’s Powerful Real-Time Graphics

April 22, 2013 — Kontinental Hockey League (KHL), Russia’s premier Eurasian sports organization uses Orad HDVG+ video rendering platform and real-time graphic solutions, including 3DPlay and ADVision, to further improve the league’s extensive game coverage. KHL’s new Orad-driven sports production workflow provides viewers with more detailed information including players’ names, statistics, tables, and scores during the live game broadcast.

KHL employs Orad’s 3DPlay controller and ADVision sports solution to place virtual advertisements on the ice during game broadcasts, and provide viewers up-to-the-second player coverage and statistics. Orad integrates with the local and central hockey league databases to display real-time data through visually stunning graphics.

About Orad Hi-Tec Systems
Orad Hi-Tec Systems is a world-leading provider of real-time 3D broadcast graphic, video server, and media asset management solutions including news, channel branding, sports production and enhancement, elections and special events, virtual studios, and virtual advertisement. Orad’s compelling solutions streamline production workflow, enhance viewer experience, and improve production value. Founded in 1993, Orad is a public company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (OHT). More information is available at

For further information contact:
Orad Hi-Tec Systems Ltd
Ofir Benovici
Vice President Marketing


Digital Rapids Wins TV Technology STAR Award for StreamZ Live 8000EX Broadcast and Multiscreen Encoder

April 22, 2013 — Markham, Ontario: Digital Rapids – the trusted provider of innovative media transformation and workflow solutions for bringing video to wider audiences — announced today that the company’s StreamZ Live 8000EX integrated broadcast and multiscreen encoder has been honored with the prestigious 2013 STAR (Superior Technology Award Recipient) Award. The award was presented by the editorial staff of TV Technology magazine at the 2013 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Designed to simplify the convergence of broadcast television and multiscreen streaming operations, the StreamZ Live 8000EX combines the proven multi-format flexibility and output quality of the StreamZ Live encoder family with robust features for the unique demands of broadcast, cable, telco and satellite television deployments. more

The Recording Academy® Washington, D.C. Chapter and Producers & Engineers Wing® Present “In The Studio: A Woman’s Point of View”

The Event, Held in Collaboration with Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, Offered Unique Points of View from Top Female Recording Professionals on Opportunities and Challenges
in Today’s Music Industry

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (April 15, 2013) — On the evening of Tuesday, March 26, 2013, The Recording Academy® Washington, D.C. Chapter and the Producers & Engineers Wing®, in association with Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, held the event “In The Studio: A Woman’s Point of View” at D.C.’s Rasmuson Theater at the National Museum of the American Indian. Panelists included Emily Lazar, GRAMMY®-nominated mastering engineer and president of New York mastering house The Lodge; Leslie Ann Jones, GRAMMY-Winning engineer and Director of Music Recording & Scoring at Skywalker Sound; Sylvia Massy, GRAMMY-nominated producer; Yoko K, artist/producer and D.C. P&E Wing Committee co-chair; and Maureen Droney, Sr. Executive Director of The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing. Attendees were treated to a lively discussion, as they gained knowledge and insight about music production and a unique perspective on the opportunities and challenges in the music industry today. The event was moderated by Richard James Burgess, P&E Wing Steering Committee member and co-chair of Washington, D.C.’s P&E Committee.

Photo File 1: IntheStudio_Photo1_Group.JPG
Photo Caption 1: Pictured L-R: The Recording Academy® Washington, D.C. Chapter Executive Director Wendi Cherry; Steering Committee member, co-chair of D.C.’s P&E Committee and moderator Richard James Burgess; artist, producer and D.C. P&E Wing Committee co-chair Yoko K; Steering Committee co-chair James McKinney; producer Sylvia Massy; P&E Wing Senior Executive Director Maureen Droney; Mastering Engineer Emily Lazar; and engineer/producer Leslie Ann Jones. Photo courtesy of The Recording Academy/ Morigi. Photo by Paul Morigi. © 2013.

Photo File 2: IntheStudio_Photo2_Panel.JPG
Photo Caption 2: Pictured L-R: Steering Committee member, co-chair of D.C.’s P&E Committee and moderator Richard James Burgess; artist, producer and D.C. P&E Wing Committee co-chair Yoko K; Mastering Engineer Emily Lazar; producer Sylvia Massy; P&E Wing Senior Executive Director Maureen Droney; and engineer/producer Leslie Ann Jones. Photo courtesy of The Recording Academy/ Morigi. Photo by Paul Morigi. © 2013.

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Venue for “Production Pipeline Expo” May 3-4 Has Been Changed to Raleigh Studios in Hollywood; First Annual Event to Showcase New “Joust” Software; Latest List of Guest Speakers Announced

Santa Monica, CA, April 22, 2013 – The venue for the first annual “Production Pipeline Expo” has been changed to RALEIGH STUDIOS, 5300 Melrose Ave, Stages 10 and 14, Hollywood, CA, 90038. The two day event takes place May 3-4. The announcement was made today by Anthony Horn, Founder of the event.
The Production Pipeline Expo will include a presentation by The Creative-Cartel of their new workflow software, “Joust,” which made a big splash at the 2013 NAB show. Until now, Joust was only available internally at The Creative-Cartel, and was most recently used on the upcoming M. Night Shyamalan film “After Earth.” Joust is now available to be used by any film or television production. Jenny Fulle, CEO at The Creative-Cartel (pictured) will be conducting demos of the new tool during the Production Pipeline Expo.
The first annual Production Pipeline Expo 2013 will address the creation, development, management, and delivery of content across film, television, and games along all the disciplines involved within an actual production pipeline, with special attention paid to all major portions of the creation process. For comprehensive information about this event, please see:

The latest list of Guest Speakers slated to participate in the inaugural Production Pipeline Expo includes:
** Stephan Fleet – Encore, Directors on VFX
** Chris Slaughter – Lynx Laboratories, Mobile 3D Imaging
** Tom Mikota – ARC9, Avatar to Arc9: The Evolution of a Pipeline
** Oren Jacob – ToyTalk, The Power of Storytelling
** Ron Frankel – Proof, Event Visualization
** Jenny Fulle – Creative Cartel, Advances in Digital Post-Production Workflow
** Craig Mumma – Creative Cartel, Advances in Digital Post-Production Workflow
** Todd Prives – Zync, Understanding the Cloud
Additional speakers will be announced shortly.
Streamlining the management of the digital workflow, Joust can save productions hundreds of thousands of dollars in traditional budget line items such as VFX pulls and conform. It also brings incredible efficiency to the production process. It is a tool designed to automate and put control of all of the digital and meta-data in the hands of production where it can be accessed and utilized quickly and efficiently. Joust acts as a repository for all digital and meta-data during principal photography, including data wrangling, script and camera notes as well as pertinent color information for each shot.
Once the digital and metadata is collected, Joust becomes a powerful tool for production and post-production with features that include a dailies and vendor review system, the ability to create bid packages, watermark images, and automate vendor submissions. Additionally, Editorial is able to interact with Joust to manage plate pulls and transcoding so that VFX plates are delivered to the vendors in hours, not days. And finally, Joust allows production to do a partial conform – either as a rolling conform throughout the show or when turning over reels for final DI.
Joust allows information to be securely viewed anyplace, any time, by approved team members, using any desktop or mobile device with an internet connection and is also designed to communicate with any database or asset management system so there is virtually no learning curve.
Founded in 2013 by Anthony Horn, most recently Director of Marketing and Development for the Visual Effects Society, the first annual Production Pipeline Expo has been conceived to serve as a new home for the solutions that will inspire today’s artist, help discover tomorrow’s new leaders, and spark original ideas that will drive ‘the next big thing’ in the collective creative industries of VFX, Animation and Game Development. This show will focus on the artists, new technologies, original thinking, and talent building, and has been designed to inspire and teach on a collective level.
A number of creative disciplines involved in the production pipeline process will also be presented on the Expo’s Showroom Floor. These disciplines include:
** Lighting & Rendering
** Look Development & Element Shoots
** Modeling and Texture
** Compositing
** Animation and Visual Effects
** Previs & Film Scans
** Roto and Plate Prep
** Rigging & Grading
** Tracking & Match Movement
** High Dynamic Range Photos
The inaugural Production Pipeline Expo has secured a number of major corporate sponsors, including DreamWorks Animation, Marvel, Nvidia, TNG Visual Effects, Wacom, Assimilate, Blackmagicdesign,, PhaseSpace, Faceware Technologies, Inc., and Animation Magazine, among others. Please see:


# # #

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The Recording Academy® Florida Chapter and Producers & Engineers Wing® Present Producer’s Forum at Winter Music Conference

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (April 12, 2013) — On the afternoon of Wednesday, March 20, 2013, The Recording Academy® Florida Chapter and the Producers & Engineers Wing® presented the latest Producer’s Forum at the Miami Beach Convention Center during the Winter Music Conference.

The panel featured Florida Chapter President and artist/producer Greg “Stryke” Chin as moderator, along with renowned producers/remixers Sander van Doorn, multi-GRAMMY® winner Jimmy Douglass (Timbaland/Justin Timberlake) and Laidback Luke. The discussion focused on creative and business trends in the dance and electronic community.

Photo File: ProducersForum_WMC13.JPEG
Photo Caption: Pictured L-R: Renowned producer/remixer Sander van Doorn; artist/producer and panel moderator Greg “Stryke” Chin; and multi-GRAMMY® winning producer Jimmy Douglass. Photo Courtesy of The Recording Academy. © 2013.

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Logan & Sons Director Paul Minor Goes Deep Into the Unconscious with “Sexsomnia” for Treats! Magazine

Darkness and lust pervade this four-minute short film for Treats! magazine by Logan & Sons Director Paul Minor. Sexsomnia, which accompanies the eponymous editorial in the magazine, plays like a Cimmerian fever-dream, replete with a propulsive synth soundtrack (composed by Minor and David Baum) and a beautifully caliginous eroticism. Logan & Sons paired the acclaimed director with Treats! to great effect, delivering a powerful and captivating narrative.

“The idea was to create a short film in keeping with the tone of the magazine – sexy, sleek, topical and provocative,” remarked Creative Director Christianne Brooks. “Paul’s sensibility and creative vision was ideal for the task. The score he created with David really punctuates the action, and he has an amazing way of leaving things to the imagination, giving the viewer just enough information to leave them wanting more.”

Sexsomnia explores the depths of unconscious sexual desire, manifesting in a parasomniac-state where the person experiencing these sexual urges is unaware of their actions, confined to a waking sleep. The film follows the night moves of an enigmatic and bewitching woman who suffers from the disorder, finding her stripping in a parking garage, prowling darkened streets in nothing but her negligee, and more. Sexsomnia is a dark, enticing flight of fantasy, falling well within Logan & Sons varied and artful approach to affecting, alluring, and compelling client work.

“I was up late one night, thinking of ideas for this project,” said director Paul Minor, “and one of those shows came on about strange sex disorders, kind of weird, controversial conditions. There was something intriguing about the idea of sexual compulsions that take place in a kind of fugue state. Doing a surreal take on something already surreal was the genesis of the concept. Plus, the word ‘Sexsomnia’ was just too good to pass up!”

The film is featured in the Winter 2013 issue of Treats!, available now.


Film Title: Sexsomnia
Date: April 2013

Client: Treats!
CD: Christianne Brooks
EP: Steve Shaw
Producer: Anne Johnson

Production Co.: Logan & Sons
Director: Paul Minor
DP: Matthias Koenigswieser
MD: Alexei Tylevich

Editor: David Baum

Music: Paul Minor, David Baum

About LOGAN:

LOGAN ( is an award-winning New York and Los Angeles-based creative studio and production company specializing in groundbreaking content creation. Their team of producers, directors, creative directors, VFX artists, and animators excel at problem solving and helping clients bring their vision to life. Concepting, ideation, design, live-action production, 2D and 3D animation, VFX, editorial, and ?nishing take place under one roof, making work?ow a truly seamless experience.

Logan & Sons ( acts as the live-action division of LOGAN and represents a broad spectrum of directorial talent.

Known for its iconic work for top brands, LOGAN helped create many memorable cultural moments, including commercial campaigns like the Apple’s iPod Silhouettes, viral hits like the Gymkana ?lms (over 165 million views), opening titles and sequences for ?lms like Zombieland, The Avengers, Premium Rush, and Gangster Squad, content and marketing campaigns for hit video games like Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Call of Duty, Borderlands, Resistance, Metal Gear Solid, and many others.

View Media

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Indiana Pacers Score with New Video Board Powered by Vista Systems’ Spyder

The NBA’s Indiana Pacers have unveiled a new center-hung video board at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse designed to deliver an experience fans just can’t get at home – and a Spyder is a big part of it.

ANC Sports Enterprises, LLC of Purchase, New York, an industry leader in providing integrated signage, design and marketing solutions for sports and commercial facilities, integrated the Vista Systems Spyder X20 with ANC’s VisionSOFT control system to feed the huge new displays with entertaining and informative content for Pacers fans.

The Pacers display is more than five times larger than the previous video board in Bankers Life Fieldhouse. ANC Sports designed the new installation with slightly curving, twin sideline-facing 6mm LED HD screens each measuring 50′ wide x 21′ high and featuring 2560 x 1060 pixels.

They are bookended by a pair of baseline-facing 6mm LED video displays each measuring 25′ wide x 14′ high with 1280 x 736 pixels. In addition, two LED matrix displays, measuring 23′ wide x 10′ high, are mounted above the upper deck at either end of the venue where they show stats, replays and other game-related information.

“What’s really unique about the Pacers’ installation is being able receive and display two side-by-side 720p feeds, while still including a lower third for scoring and statistical information,” explains Chris Mascatello, executive vice president, technology sales for ANC Sports.

“Vista Systems’ Spyder plays an instrumental role in the display system. Working jointly with VisionSOFT, the Spyder enables us to feed the best resolution across the entire display system.”

ANC Sports also directed the overhaul of the arena’s video control room, which drives content to the massive displays. “It’s a full 1080p control room with 3G infrastructure and one of the most advanced in the world,” says Mascatello.

The addition of the Bankers Life Fieldhouse continues Vista Spyder’s tradition of supporting the largest sports displays in their respective categories including hockey for the Tampa Bay Lighting, NASCAR at Charlotte Motor Speedway, and the NFL’s Tennessee Titans’ LP Field.

About Vista Systems
Vista Systems’ switchers have become the industry standard for live multiple-destination video and data mixed signal switching with real-time windowing and composition. For more information on Vista Systems, visit their website at

Hal Leonard Publishes Mastering Auto-Tune by Max Mobley

Hal Leonard Publishes Mastering Auto-Tune

The definite guide to the most important music technologies of the past 15 years

MONTCLAIR, NJ (April 15, 2013) – From bedroom studios to the stages at Coachella, Auto-Tune pitch correction has become an integral part of music production and performance. Mastering Auto-Tune provides users of all levels a handy, comprehensive guide to getting the most out of this key music production technology, from the ubiquitous Auto-Tune effect heard on countless hit singles to the discrete pitch correction applied to countless albums and live performances.

Former product and support manager for the music industry (including Antares Audio Technologies, the makers of Auto-Tune) Max Mobley uses a conversational style without cutting corners on key technical terms and concepts. Mastering Auto-Tune approaches pitch correction with various workflow scenarios and creative objectives in mind, including
•the fastest way to get professional results using the Auto-Tune vocal effect
•the secrets behind applying pitch correction to a vocal track in such a transparent way that not even the singer will know it has been applied
•speedy, real-time pitch correction using Auto-Tune’s Auto Mode
•surgical offline pitch-correction editing using Auto-Tune’s Graph Mode
•pitch correction on musical instruments
•and even how to use Auto-Tune for melody creation.

Also included is detailed information on Antares’ newest software, Auto-Tune Live. In short, this book is the definitive guide to one of the most important music technologies of the past 15 years.

About the author
Max Mobley has been a music industry professional most of his life, working as a guitarist and live sound engineer, and writing and producing songs for film and television. As a product and support manager for E-MU Systems, Inc., he worked with many artists and producers, including Danny Elfman, Teddy Riley, and the Cure. As a product manager for Antares Audio Technologies – the developers of Auto-Tune – Mobley gained an insider’s expertise into pitch correction technology. Mobley penned the popular “Riot Gear” column for Crawdaddy! magazine and has written dozens of reviews, interviews, and profiles for Premier Guitar magazine, including interviews with Adrian Belew, Imogen Heap, Alex Lifeson, Alan Parsons, and Grammy-winning producer Giles Martin (the Beatles “Love” show).

Find Max Mobley on Facebook or visit his website

Mastering Auto-Tune
$16.99 (US)
Inventory #HL 00102672
ISBN: 9781476814179
Width: 8.37″ Length: 11.0″ 120 pages

Hal Leonard Books is an imprint of Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing Group

Please contact Music Marcom for print excerpts, review copies and interviews with the author:
Music Marcom
Martina McConnon
phone: 610-577-4982

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