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134th AES Convention Preliminary Events Calendar Link Is Live

Roam Online For Comprehensive Events Details On May 4-7 Convention In Rome

ROME: The Preliminary Events Calendar for the 134th AES Convention, is live on the AES website. Packed with descriptive abstracts of Papers, Workshops, Tutorials and Special Events, the Preliminary Events Calendar offers a comprehensive overview of the first AES Convention to be held in the Eternal City.

134th AES Convention Chairman Umberto Zanghieri emphasizes, “While the Calendar covers virtually every presentation and event we have developed for the entire four day Convention, attendees should continue to refer to it on a regular basis as times and locations are still subject to change.”

The 134th AES Convention will be held May 4 -7, 2013 at Rome’s Fontana di Trevi Conference Centre. The event represents a unique opportunity for audio industry professionals to exchange ideas and information and to network with peers from around the globe in one of the world’s most historic cities.


* Deadline for Advance Registration is April 19, 2013 click on to register
* Non-members who wish to join the AES may visit:
* To attend the AES the technical program visit:


The Audio Engineering Society was formed in 1948 by a group of concerned audio engineers. The AES counts over 14,000 members throughout the U.S., Latin America, Europe, Japan and the Far East. The organization serves as the pivotal force in the exchange and dissemination of technical information for the industry. For additional information visit

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Canada’s Eastlink Counts On Clear-Com Eclipse and Tempest900 for New HD-1 High-Definition Mobile Production Vehicle

Matrix and Wireless Intercoms Help Staff Members Coordinate Full Slate of Local and Regional Sports Programming

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA, APRIL 15, 2013 ? Clear-Com®, a global leader in critical voice communication systems, is pleased to announce that Eastlink, a premier provider of cable TV, Internet and telephone services in Canada, has selected Clear-Com intercoms for its all-HD mobile production vehicle HD-1. Eastlink depends on Clear-Com’s Eclipse-Median Digital Matrix and Tempest®900 Digital Wireless intercom systems, along with the V-Series intercom panels, for reliable, flexible and high-quality communications to coordinate the broadcaster’s full slate of programming.

Eastlink utilizes the Clear-Com Eclipse and Tempest900 systems, supplied by Gerr Audio, Clear-Com’s Partner in Canada, to give its production staff members maximum communications options. The HD-1 truck is employed to cover professional hockey, college football, college and professional basketball and other sporting events away from the studio. The truck is also used as a control room when it is parked in front of Eastlink’s primary production facility. Clear-Com’s intercoms are versatile to address the dynamic communication requirements of those varied productions, as well as the individual needs of each user.

Employees working in HD-1 rely on the Eclipse V-Series panels, which are situated at each of the truck’s workstations, to communicate quickly and easily with individuals and groups. The wealth of features offered by the V-Series control panels, including many communication channels, 10-character display and Listen Again memory, allows users to tailor their communications in order to accomplish their unique production responsibilities. Not only does the Eclipse-Median serve as the backbone of the communications infrastructure in HD-1, but also in Eastlink’s entire fleet of SD mobile production vehicles.

The program hosts and the floor director at the Eastlink studio benefit from using the Tempest900 for tasks that require them to move freely throughout the studio, including “behind the bench” interviews with coaches and players. Tempest900’s multiple modes of operation, flexible wireless capability and reliable performance, even in RF saturated environments, enhance the production experience of the highly mobile staff members. Beyond satisfying the communication requirements of the different job roles, the Eclipse and Tempest900 intercoms are also adaptable to numerous production scenarios. System settings on the intercoms can be easily and quickly configured via Eclipse Configuration Software (ECS) and the Tempest T-Desk management software for diverse setups.

“Clear-Com has provided us with the flexibility and reliability that we were looking for,” says Michael Smith, Vice President, Eastlink. “The systems function flawlessly and enable us to change intercom signal paths depending on specific productions, which is of great value to us. It has also been valuable to be able to speak to particular individuals on their assigned channels without distracting others. Overall, the intercom solution has significantly improved our workflow and increased our production efficiency.”

With the Tempest900 seamlessly integrated into the Eclipse matrix, everyone shares the same communications environment even if they are miles apart, making teamwork simpler than ever before. Whether HD-1 or other production vehicles are near the studio or out in the field, the production team members in the trucks can relay important information back to the studio or to other employees that are remotely covering an event.

“Clear-Com’s Eclipse matrix and the Tempest900 wireless intercom systems are an ideal fit for Eastlink as they allow the crew members to adapt quickly to the varied production setups that are common to a mobile truck,” says Andrew Hope, Technical Sales Manager for GerrAudio. “Clear-Com’s hybrid intercom solution is modular and puts Eastlink Mobile in a great position to manage the growth of its remote mobile services as well as tackle new challenges as they arise”.

About Clear-Com
Clear-Com, an HME company, is a global provider in professional voice communications systems since 1968. We develop and market proven intercom technologies such as Analog & Digital Partyline, Digital Matrix, Wireless and Intercom-over-IP systems for critical communication applications in broadcast, performance venues, military, government and enterprise markets. Recognized for our legacy of intercom innovations, production teams around the world have come to depend on Clear-Com for clear, reliable and scalable communications solutions. For more information, please visit

Roger Brings The Laughs In Image Campaigns For Lifetime TV Hit Series “Preachers’ Daughters” and “Dance Moms”

Preachers' Daughters

Following Lifetime TV’s buzz-worthy “Maniac” spot for “Dance Moms,” LA-based mixed-media production studio Roger recently reunited with the network to create a new series of promos for “Preachers’ Daughters.” The brand-new reality documentary series premiered on March 12th. Led by Creative Director Terence Lee, the promos comically present the trials and tribulations of teen parenting (with biblical proportions).

“Roger has been a great fit for these projects,” remarks Aaron Goldman, Creative Director, Lifetime. “With both ‘Dance Moms’ and ‘Preachers’ Daughters,’ Terry took our ideas and brought them to levels that exceeded our expectations. Roger provides the kind of collaboration I look for in a creative agency. They have great ideas, make our ideas better, and are incredibly easy to work with — no egos whatsoever.”

Shot on a split screen, ” Nightly Prayer” (:30) shows contrary bedside prayers: a father prays for his daughter to avoid temptation, while she herself prays to not get caught sneaking out.

“Say A Little Prayer” (:30) follows choral interpretation of the titular song originally made popular by Dionne Warwick. A montage of the girls getting ready for what seems to be a night on the town (heavy makeup and sequined mini dresses) turns out to be their Sunday best when their appalled fathers scream: “No daughter of mine is going to MY church dressed like that!”

Preachers’ Daughters “Nightly Prayer”:
Preachers’ Daughters “Say a Little Prayer”:
Dance Moms:

“It’s been a prolific run working with Lifetime on so many great projects and shows,” Lee recalls. “We were especially excited to bring our live-action capabilities to help develop their concepts. It provided us with yet another opportunity to demonstrate our talents beyond design and animation as we continue to take on more large-scale productions.”

Shooting two completely different :30s in one day for “Preachers’ Daughters,” production required capturing all of the coverage thoroughly and efficiently. This included shooting and redressing bedroom sets for all three daughters. Surmounting that challenge, Roger also had to structure its busy production day to accommodate other parties on set for a still shoot and web interviews.

“Being creative and being organized often don’t go hand in hand, but the team at Roger has a perfect balance of these qualities,” adds Lifetime Producer Karen Griffenhagen. “They took on quite an ambitious project and were able to maintain a high level of creativity, all while being extremely efficient. This made for a wonderful and relaxed working relationship.”

Dance Moms "Maniac"

Celebrating the New Year’s Day return of the hugely popular “Dance Moms,” the Season 2 promo is an homage to the 80s ballet flick “Flashdance.” Roger headed to Pittsburgh, PA (home of the show and the film) for the one-day shoot.

“It was only fitting to tie ‘Flashdance’ into the promo concept,” says Lee. “We explored the original film, pulling the most iconic moments to help sell our story. We took pains to make the wardrobe and set-dressing reference original scenes from the movie while still functioning for what we needed to change.”

Unable to secure the original “Flashdance” location (now a private office), Roger scouted an alternate location, dressing it with characteristics of the film’s original set. This included building additional walls and erecting a massive lighting rig outside to make the given rainy day feel as though it was sunlit.

“Every detail was art directed, directed, and shot beautifully,” concludes Goldman. “The ‘Maniac’ spot was one of the highlights of our year, and the buzz helped drive ‘Dance Moms’ to its highest rated premiere ever.”

Roger & Lifetime are currently collaborating on another series of promos for “Devious Maids.”

Project: “Nightly Prayer” & “Say A Little Prayer” Promos for Preachers’ Daughters
Airdate: March 2013

Client: Lifetime TV/Los Angeles, CA
Creative Director: Aaron Goldman
Producer: Karen Griffenhagen
VP, On-Air Creative: Jas Sustrich
SVP, Creative: Valerie Albanese

Production Company: Roger / Los Angeles, CA
Director: Terry Lee
DP: Sion Michel
Executive Producer/Producer: Drew Neujahr
Line Producer: Rich Kaylor
Production Supervisor: Jake Blasco
Production Designer: Matthew Holt
Where Shot: Los Angeles, CA

Editorial Company: Lifetime

Color Correction: Margarita Mix

Project: “Maniac” Promo for Dance Moms
Airdate: January 2013

Client: Lifetime TV/Los Angeles, CA
Creative Director: Aaron Goldman
Producer: Karen Griffenhagen

Production Company: Roger / Los Angeles, CA
Director: Terry Lee
DP: Sion Michel
Executive Producer/Producer: Drew Neujahr
Line Producer: Cisco Newman
Production Manager: Damon Smith
Production Designer: Greg A. Lang
Where Shot: Pittsburgh, PA

Editorial Company: Lifetime

Color Correction: New Hat
Colorist: Bob Festa

About Roger:
Roger is a mixed-media production studio specializing in motion design & animation. Our visual storytelling is sincere, and our concepts are informed by the fundamental goal of creating clear communication that propels our clients’ brand-messaging in memorable ways. Our sensibilities are fun & quirky at heart, but our solutions are bold & intelligent. Collectively, our capabilities and experience run deep on the creative, production and technical sides of the business. Every last detail of our work reflects our passion and enthusiasm for what we do.

We’re Roger. Loud and clear (from Los Angeles).

Gentleman Scholar Goes All Out for Qatar

Following beautiful work on campaigns for Chevy Volt and Salt, live-action, design and animation specialists Gentleman Scholar brought the full force of their production expertise to an elegant campaign for Qatar Foundation’s QF Radio. At the center of the campaign is an ambling dream of a spot directed, produced and post-produced by Gentleman Scholar, who worked not only with agency TBWA\Qatar, but also a marketing team assembled by the First Lady of Qatar who, as Chairperson of the Foundation, was actively involved in evaluating and approving the work during various stages of the creative and production process.

Anthem is at once an exercise in motion control, a stirring visual representation of radio, and a tribute to the distinct cultural elements of Qatar that the station covers. Gentleman Scholar Directors William Campbell and Will Johnson pulled off their first motion control project seamlessly, meshing a tapestry of the nation’s icons – including falconry, Arabian horses, and dhows – along with features from the radio station’s music, sports and entertainment programming, into a tumbling bundle of wires that serve as a physical manifestation of sound waves. In a postproduction feat, the studio modified Houdini in such a way as to allow the software to drive the animation of the wires, manipulating the wobbling stream so that it both represented and moved with the audio.

“Because this was their first visual spot, QF Radio was concerned with how we would pull off the visual representation of audio,” notes Johnson. “Gentleman Scholar looked at everything the station covered day to day and began connecting one thing to the next, bringing audio waves to life in a unique form that was both engaging and easy to absorb.”

The superbly artistic motion visuals – which aired in Qatar and Dubai and will soon debut in the US – lent themselves so readily to print that the campaign expanded into newspapers and periodicals, as well as enormous billboards around the nation. Gentleman Scholar also teamed up with an outside company to convert the spot to stereoscopic 3D for cinema.

Gentleman Scholar took extraordinary measures to satisfy the cultural specificity sought by the client, traveling to Qatar for the shoot to ensure that the particular breed of Arabian horse and iconic falcon were featured in the spot. “QF Radio was understandably very specific about accuracy in regards to their cultural symbols,” states Johnson. “A horse isn’t just a horse – we are talking about a very specific Arabian breed which ranks among the most recognizable and valuable in world, and wore make-up for the shoot. To do this spot right, it was vital for our team to travel to Qatar to experience life there.”

TBWA Worldwide CD Allan Manaysay sought Campbell and Johnson out for this special project after having had a great experience with the duo on a popular PlayStation spot several years ago. “Allan was vital in helping us secure work with the most powerful and politically important client we’ve ever worked for directly,” explains Campbell. “This was a very fun client to work with. And once we’d secured the project, the trust we had established through our previous collaboration with the agency gave us free reign to create.”


Brand: Qatar Foundation
Product: Qatar Foundation Radio
Title: “Anthem”
Airdate: TBD
Length & Version: :60 English and Arabic

Agency: TBWA\Qatar, Doha, Qatar
Agency Head of Production: Rouba Asmar
Account Director: Yasmina Toak
Agency Managing Director, Worldwide: Christian Meichsner
Creative Director, Worldwide: Allan Manaysay

Production Company: Gentleman Scholar
Executive Producer: Rachel Kaminek/Lindsay Bodanza
Producer: Ivan Stoilkovich
Production Supervisor: Mirjam Kostichek
Directors: William Campbell & Will Johnson
DOP: Craig Kief
Editorial Company: Whitehouse
Editorial Company Location: Los Angeles
Editorial Company EP: Joni Williamson
Editor: Nathan Petty
Assistant Editor: Collin Davis

Post Production Company: Gentleman Scholar
Executive Producer: Rachel Kaminek, Lindsay Bodanza
Senior VFX Producer: Emily Gleicher
Directors: William Campbell, Will Johnson
Storyboard Artist: Mark Millicent
Art Director: John-Patrick Rooney
Technical Director: Henry Foster
Designer: James Levy
3D Artists: Tucker Corson, Damon Snyder, Tim Hayward, Ben Grangereau, Dony Permedi, Matt Connolly, Christina Lee
Houdini Artist: Alvaro Segura
Particles: Jae Hyun Yoo
Hair Specialist: Joong Choi
Rigger: John Riggs
Nuke Compositors: Cris Kong, Miguel Bautista
Roto Artist: Salvatore Randazzo
Flame Artist: Aaron Neitz, Aidan Thomas

Composer: Gregory Reeves
Sound Design/Mix: On Music, Santa Monica
Sound Designers/Mixers: Chris Winston, Chip Mullaney

About Gentleman Scholar:

Gentleman Scholar is a group of solution-driven artists situated at the intersection of story, style and technology. Wielding extensive experience in strategy, live-action production, animation, digital and print, we help the world’s leading agencies and brands tell their stories.

Visit Gentleman Scholar
View Media

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BHV Broadcast Exhibits Award-Winning Battery Replacement System and Format Convertors at NAB 2013

Las Vegas, NV – BHV Broadcast, manufacturer of compact, cost-effective equipment for live and post-production, is exhibiting its award-winning Video Ghost phantom power system, the Proteus rate converter and the Syntax Essence, a low-cost version of its award-winning up-converter at NAB 2013 in Booth N 921.

Video Ghost
Through the medium of modern technology, BHV Broadcast brings you Video Ghost! Developed as a low-cost, reliable replacement for batteries, Video Ghost brings phantom power to the digital video world! The unit – recipient of TV Technology’s Mario Award, Broadcast Engineering’s Pick Hit AND IBC’s What Caught my Eye – now provides a hefty 65 watts of power at 12V for camera head-ends and remote monitors using the existing serial digital video coaxial cable. Equally at home with SD or HD signals, it can also be used to power composite to SDI converters at the camera, avoiding the signal degradation suffered by composite video over long distances.

Video Ghost is being shown for the first time in the USA using the V-lock universal mounting system and sporting a new, sleek design.

Syntax and Syntax Essence Up/Cross/Down-Converters
BHV Broadcast is also introducing the US market to Syntax Essence, an economical version of its popular and award-winning Syntax SDI up/cross/down converter. Based on advanced Super-Resolution Bandlet Technology like the original, Syntax Essence offers the same essential features and processing power while helping operators maintain their quality standards within the confines of limited budgets. Syntax and Syntax Essence bring the performance advantages of motion-compensated processing without the associated disadvantages of high cost and occasionally severe artefacts. The full Syntax model also features analogue video inputs and ARC facilities.

Proteus Multi-Format/Multi-Purpose Converter
The award-winning Proteus motion-adaptive rate converter will be shown in its rack-mount version. The fully-featured broadcast specification converter features 10-bit SDI, analogue video and digital/analogue audio. It employs an advanced rate conversion algorithm, comprehensive audio facilities and Aspect Ratio Conversion. Proteus also offers full format conversion, frame synchronizing, timebase correction, and full video and audio level control. Proteus addresses lip-sync errors with variable audio delay (up to 10 seconds) featuring both tracking and block delay, and also offers audio group switching.

BHV’s award-winning products are being demonstrated in Booth N 921. Click on to schedule a visit!

About BHV Broadcast
BHV Broadcast is the manufacturer of award-winning compact and cost-effective equipment for production and post-production including a full range of rack-mount and portable digital switchers to accommodate any application where space is at a premium. The company also manufactures rate and format converters and video power systems. For further information:

BHV Broadcast contact: Martin Cook
+44 (0) 1962 777733 •

Press contact: Harriet Diener / Desert Moon Communications
1-845-512-8283 •

Click 3X Delivers Hijinks with Channing Tatum, Rebel Wilson in Promos for MTV Movie Awards

Speed. Sex. Explosions. Stars. The postproduction pros at Click 3X deliver all these and more in a four-spot campaign promoting this year’s MTV Movie Awards, continuing a long run of successful collaborations with the network. Postproduction master Mark Szumski, who acted as Click 3X creative director, senior VFX artist and colorist on the campaign, teamed up with Backyard Director Kim Nguyen and MTV on-air producer Kris Walter to deliver edit, GFX, visual effects and color grading on these hilarious action spoofs starring 2013 VMA host Rebel Wilson and actor Channing Tatum.

The 2013 MTV Movie Awards campaign spoofs Tatum’s upcoming White House Down with spots portraying the action star outrunning his attackers in a bullet-riddled SUV as an obliviously love-struck Rebel Wilson tricks and cajoles him into sexually uncomfortable situations. To create these hilariously harrowing scenes, Click 3X transformed a windshield-less SUV shot on rollers in a green screen stage into a fast-moving battle-scarred escape vehicle with the help of moving light rigs, stock and custom elements, and green screen comps melded to background footage from White House Down.

“Making the SUV appear to be battle-damaged as it lurched through a warzone was a priority for the promos,” explains Szumski, who also paid homage to the feature films honored at the VMAs with a color grade specially designed to emulate the feel of a blockbuster action film, grading the footage using multiple Colour Warper nodes, among other techniques. The team was able to maintain this aesthetic even while handling the spots that called more overt visual effects – including one memorable scene in which Wilson’s hair suddenly bursts into flames. “For me, delivering that action-film look was one of the most rewarding aspects of this project,” Szumski notes.

Following previous work for MTV, including VMA campaigns that ran the gamut from a West Side Story retread to VFX-heavy superstar spotlights, Click 3X showcases its versatility with the Movie Award work by attacking a set of spots that are vastly different in both substance and delivery. “We’re proud of the fact that, while the creative and technical parameters for these promotions change wildly each year, Click 3X is able to pivot and respond with high-end creative finishing for each project, meeting the tightest deadlines and delivering various formats and versions,” Szumski explains. “The fact that we understand MTV’s format and their complex production schedule gives us a tremendous head start and really speeds up the process. Plus, when you team up with outstanding talent like Kim and Kris, it’s hard not to come out with something everyone can be proud of.”


Client/Agency: MTV Networks
Executive Producer / Director, On Air Promos: Kris Walter
Copywriter / Art Director: Noah Levenson

Production Co.: Backyard
Director: Kim Nguyen

VFX: Click 3X
Creative Director / Senior VFX Artist / Colorist : Mark Szumski
Flame Artist / Compositor: Mario Caserta
Flame Artist / Compositor: Andrew Granellii
Flame Assistant: Jenna DeAngelis
Flame Assistant: Chris Memoli
Flame Assistant: Joey Deady
Executive Producer: Rob Meyers
Senior Producer: Danon Hinty
Editorial: Cosmo Street

Sound Design: Great City Productions

About Click 3X:

Click 3X, and its interactive division ClickFire Media, create engaging film, TV, web, and branded content. Positioned at the intersection of entertainment, advertising, and technology, the studios work in tandem or autonomously. Click 3X shoots, edits, designs, animates and creates VFX; ClickFire Media brings those disciplines into the interactive space. Click operates a full service, 11,000 square foot state of the art studio in Manhattan outfitted with 70 fulltime staffers.

Visit Click3x
View Media

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Inaugural “Production Pipeline Expo” to Launch May 3-4 at Santa Monica Airport’s Barker Hanger: First Annual Visual Effects and Animation Expo to Present Expert Panels, Guest Speakers and Educational Sessions

Santa Monica, CA, April 15, 2013 — What originally began as the “Career Fair & Technology Expos” of 2011 and 2012 has evolved into a brand new, two-day event, entitled the “Production Pipeline Expo.” This inaugural event, which will be held May 3-4 at the Barker Hanger (Santa Monica Airport,) has been designed as a full blown visual effects and animation expo, complete with expert panels, “must see” presentations, best in class educational sessions, provocative speakers, and an unprecedented level of attendee talent with an eye on new opportunities. The announcement was made today by the expo’s founder/originator Anthony Horn, most recently Director of Marketing and Development for the Visual Effects Society.
The Production Pipeline Expo 2013 will address the creation, development, management, and delivery of content across film, television, and games along all the disciplines involved within an actual production pipeline, with special attention paid to all major portions of the creation process. For comprehensive information about this event, please see:

Mr. Horn said, “The Production Pipeline Expo 2013 has been conceived to serve as a new home for the solutions that will inspire today’s artist, help discover tomorrow’s new leaders, and spark original ideas that will drive ‘the next big thing’ in the collective creative industries of VFX, Animation and Game Development. This show will focus on the artists, new technologies, original thinking, and talent building, and has been designed to inspire and teach on a collective level.”
Among the initial guest speakers slated to participate in the inaugural Production Pipeline Expo are:
** Glenn Cote – Visual Effects Supervisor
** Mike Amron – Kinect Scanning and Motion Capture
** Kevin McTurk – Creature Artist
** Peter Busch – VP of Business Development, Faceware
** John Parenteau – Managing Director, Silverdraft
** Art David – VP Animation/Creative Services, Turner Studios
** Joe Pearson – Filmmaker
** Don Levy – President, Smith Brook Farm
** Mike Romy – Head of Pipeline, Zoic Studios
** Paul Hopkins – Owner, Matchbox Effects
Additional guest speakers will be announced shortly.
A number of creative disciplines involved in the production pipeline process will also be presented on the Expo’s Showroom Floor. These disciplines include:
** Lighting & Rendering
** Look Development & Element Shoots
** Modeling and Texture
** Compositing
** Animation and Visual Effects
** Previs & Film Scans
** Roto and Plate Prep
** Rigging & Grading
** Tracking & Match Movement
** High Dynamic Range Photos
The inaugural Production Pipeline Expo has secured a number of major corporate sponsors, including DreamWorks Animation, Marvel,
Nvidia, TNG Visual Effects, Wacom, Assimilate, Blackmagicdesign,, PhaseSpace, Faceware Technologies, Inc., and Animation Magazine, among others.
# # #

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Barnfind Technologies Launches at NAB 2013

Company Introduces Multi-Functional Signal Neutral Platform

Las Vegas, NV – Barnfind Technologies, a new company targeting all segments of the broadcast industry, officially debuts at NAB 2013 with the global launch of its 1RU multi-functional, signal neutral transport platform. Wiggo Evensen, a seasoned industry veteran, serves as CEO of the Norwegian company.

“Following years of intense R&D, we’re delighted to present our amazing signal processing and transport solution,” said Evensen. “Barnfind’s 1RU chassis provides the same functionality usually requiring 3 to 6 RU. The small footprint not only saves customers valuable rack space; but its extremely low power consumption is exceptionally economical and environmentally friendly!”

Barnfind’s exhibit centers around its flagship product, BarnOne that provides up to 32 ports with either 32 x SFPs from various manufacturers offering different capabilities, or a mix with 8 or 16 BNC’s or HDMI/ DVI. The unit features a built in electrical and/or optical router with a flexible configuration of CWDM (8/16ch), DWDM (up to 40ch) or 10Gbit Ethernet trunks. A comprehensive functionality suite includes standard SDI conversion, routing, multiplexing, embedding, add/drop, crossover, distribution, IP to ASI/ASI to IP conversion, STM-1 Telco, MADI, AES etc., with more to come. All SFP+ cages are 10Gbit ready. BarnOne offers the end-user the unique ability to use any kind of SFP or SMART SFP, opening up a whole new set of options and advantages.

Ideally suited for the Television-Broadcast, Service Providers and Post Production markets, Barnfind products will also accommodate Oil & Gas, Digital Signage, Telemedicine/Healthcare, Education, Government, CCTV/Security, Defense, AV applications, and Entertainment and Sports Events.

About Barnfind Technologies AS
Barnfind Technologies, headquartered in Sandefjord, Norway, manufactures a multi-function, low power consumption platform that supports numerous signals in one frame.
# # #

Barnfind contact: Wiggo Evensen

Press contact: Desert Moon Communications
Harriet Diener / / +1 845-512-8283

Nola Redefines Standard with Cadillac

Nola Pictures director Nick Lewin and editor Sean VonLembke have teamed up with Martin Retail Group to create “Standard,” a spot for Cadillac that is anything but. The sharp new :30 is an ode to the timelessly inventive Cadillac brand, which has continually populated the “standard” features in its line of vehicles with the very best in cutting-edge, fully-integrated luxury technology.

“Standard” poses the beautiful new Cadillac SRX against the stark white of an ultra-modernist home, its owner a charmingly harried professional making his way to the office. As the voiceover rolls, listing off all the impressive “standard” features of the SRX, it becomes clear that Cadillac’s definition of the term far outstrips expectations. Despite the crisp final product, the production process proved to be quite challenging. Lewin and crew battled unseasonable rains and resultant production delays, making the spot a testament to both the state of the art Cadillac offering and the ingenuity of its director.


Client: Cadillac
Spot Titles: Cadillac SRX “Standard”

Agency: Martin Retail Group
Writer/Art Director: Derek Littlefield
Cadillac Integration Director: Mike Talovich
Cadillac Director: Hunter Martin
Broadcast Manager/Producer: Heather Hardin

Prod Company: Nola Pictures
Director: Nick Lewin
EP: Charlie Curran
Head of Production: Cheryl Ward
Producer: Carla Tate

Editorial: Nola Pictures
Editor: Sean VonLembke
Producer: Charlie Curran

Telecine: McKay Johnson

Music: North Forty
Composer: Jim Todd

Shoot Location: New Orleans, LA

About Nola Pictures:

Founded in 2005, NYC-based Nola Pictures is a full-service, multi media production company with affiliates in New Orleans, Sidney, Paris, Toronto, Vancouver and Santiago. Nola features a diverse roster of multi-dimensional directors and producers who have created award-winning content for their clients.

Nola offers turnkey creative and production solutions from shoot through editorial and post; including animation, design and visual effects. Nola’s mandate is to provide a supportive creative environment with production flexibility and efficiency for our artists and clients. The Nola team has contributed to projects for brands such as AT&T, Dell, Nissan, Budweiser, Lowe’s, Verizon, Nike, Givenchy, Samsung, Motorola, Pfizer, Proctor & Gamble, Clinique, McDonald’s, GM, Ford, VW, Toyota, Chrysler, American Express, Carolina Herrera, Time Warner, Viacom, Remax, ESPN, Johnson & Johnson and CBS, among others.

Visit Nola
View Media

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Hisense Innovates With In-Home Warranty Program, Ensures Customers Peace Of Mind

Suwanee, Georgia, April 15, 2013 — Hisense USA Corporation has announced the immediate implementation of its in-home warranty program, giving customers peace of mind before, during, and after their decision to purchase a Hisense product. All Hisense televisions purchased from April 1st, 2013 are eligible for this convenient program while still in warranty

“This is an exciting step to provide the best service and support to our customers,” said Jonathan Frank, Vice President of Marketing, Hisense USA Corporation. “We take pride in providing the most advanced entertainment technology solutions, and know that this innovative warranty program demonstrates our long term commitment to Hisense products.”

A factory-trained technician from a Hisense national service provider will arrive at the customer’s home and repair the television, all at the customer’s convenience. This new warranty process will lessen additional damage that can occur during shipping as well as eliminate any inconvenience to the customer in having to find and pay for adequate packaging.

How it works:

1.Customer calls Hisense for support. If the call center agent deems that the unit needs service, and it is not a panel related issue*, the agent collects the customer information including model, serial number, and proof of purchase.

2.Agent then prepares a parts order to be shipped directly to the customer’s home, within 3 business days to anywhere within the US.

3.In tangent, the customer’s information is sent to the service provider so they can track the shipping of the parts to the customer – to ensure accuracy and timing.

4.As soon as the parts are delivered to the customer, a Hisense service provider contacts the customer and sets up the service call.

5.Once the repair is complete and tested to ensure that it is fully functional, the technician will then take the “bad” parts with them.

*If the set has a panel issue, they will need to be shipped back to Hisense USA for service. If the panel cannot be repaired Hisense USA will replace the unit with a same/like model.

For more information about Hisense, visit

About Hisense USA Corporation
Established in 2001, Hisense USA Corporation is a Georgia based subsidiary of the Hisense Company Ltd., headquartered in Qingdao, China. Hisense USA offers a broad range of highly affordable consumer electronics products in the North American market, including televisions, refrigerators, air-conditioners, dehumidifiers, beverage coolers and freezers. In 2010 Hisense established an R&D center in Georgia to enable localized product development and innovation.

Hisense USA sells into retailers across North America, including hhgregg, Best Buy, Walmart,, Canadian Tire and more. Around the world, Hisense has production bases in South Africa, Algeria, Egypt and sales offices in the USA, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Hisense products are exported to over 130 countries and regions throughout the world.


Stay up to date on the latest technology news. Select press representatives post company news several times a day. Check back often to get the latest news on product releases, mergers and acquisitions, and product applications. To be included in this virtual press conference, please contact The Wire.


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