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MILFORD, CONNECTICUT: When the owner of a high-end home theater sought professional help to update its components and improve its audio quality, he didn’t realize just how far cutting-edge technology and expertise could take things. As part of the process, the owner hired Connecticut-based SH Acoustics to give the room proper absorption and diffusion so as to optimize the cinematic effect. Recognizing that the room’s inherent architectural properties would create tremendous inconsistencies in the bass response from seat to seat, SH Acoustics engineered an eight-subwoofer solution using the powerful open-architecture processing of the Symetrix SymNet Edge system to effectively nullify the impact of the room modes at each of the room’s twelve seats.

“The room was built into a concrete bunker, which caused prominent room modes,” explained Marc Cote, director of design at SH Acoustics. “Moreover, the proposed design for the renovation, which originally called for two large subs at the front of the system, didn’t address bass management. Even the most advanced surround sound processors don’t begin to address such problems.” SH Acoustics’ Senior Consultant Jeremiah Flaherty served as project manager. “We used a combination of volume, equalization, delay and subwoofer placement to effectively manipulate the acoustical signature of the room for the better,” Flaherty said. The flexibility and massive processing power of three open-architecture Symetrix SymNet Edge frames gave the experts at SH Acoustics all of the tools they needed to dial in the ideal bass response, as well as proper fine-scale tuning of the system’s many full-range components.

The screen channels are traditional cinema screen channels, with left-center-right served by beefy biamped JBL units powered by QSC amplifiers. Four James Loudspeaker Power Pipes subwoofers are located at the front of the room under the stage, whereas six Pro Home Cinema subwoofers line the sidewalls for the purpose of balancing out the room response. Finally, four rbh D’Apollito loudspeakers serve each of the three rear channel positions for a total of twelve surround sound components. Because the Symetrix SymNet Edge system uses a modular I/O topology, Flaherty was able to outfit the three Edge frames with eight analog inputs (fed by the surround sound processor) and twenty-eight analog outputs.

As far as the end user is concerned, the three Symetrix SymNet Edge frames are simply magical black boxes, but using the Symetrix SymNet Composer software, Flaherty and Cote were able to use them like a comprehensive audio chemistry set. “We had complete control over each loudspeaker and subwoofer component,” said Cote. “Getting connected to the system with SymNet Composer was easy, and because the SymNet Edge system networks via the Dante protocol, dealing with eight inputs and twenty-eight outputs was no problem. All of the time-tested DSP modules from earlier-generation systems are still there, with some nice additions, such as Flex Filters.” Flaherty added, “Designing the system within SymNet Composer was straightforward, despite the complexity of the program we created. I really like having the ability to group modules with a common purpose into ‘super-modules.’ I could have four conceptually-simple super-modules, but within each might be fifty constituent modules. It’s a clean way to work.”

Apart from its simplicity, a key advantage of the Dante protocol is its almost un-measurable latency. “With earlier systems, we had to be careful to group common elements within a single processor, or the network latencies might mess with the tuning process,” said Cote. “Dante removes that concern and prevents us from chasing our tails.” With comprehensive programming that addresses every aspect of room tuning, the three SymNet Edge frames are only using 50% of their processing power, leaving plenty of room to address future requests. “You never know exactly what you’ll need until you get into a room and start tuning it,” said Cote. “With SymNet Edge, we were able to include all of the processing blocks that we thought we might possibly use, which made the tuning process much more efficient.”

He continued, “We appreciate that Symetrix is always conservative with its releases, such that there are no bugs or broken elements. Even though the SymNet Edge system is new, there was no problem in specifying it. Symetrix also provides excellent customer support, which can be critical when things get complicated and the client is watching. In addition, the audio quality of Symetrix equipment, including not only floating-point DSP and great algorithms, but also top-notch analog preamps and converters, makes its inclusion within high-end home theaters possible.”

ABOUT SYMETRIX Sound professionals rely upon the performance, value and reliability of audio mixing, routing and processing products from Symetrix. For more information on Symetrix professional audio products, please visit or call +1 (425) 778-7728.

HUSH Adds Creative and Technical Powerhouse Eric Alba

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Following his work as lead producer on HUSH’s lauded “Camp Victory” project for Nike, the design agency is bringing Eric Alba on full time as its lead technical producer. Alba will play an indispensable role in creating the broad-ranging and brand-defining design projects molded around one-of-a-kind experiences for which HUSH is known.

“HUSH is in the business of brand building through highly creative, award-winning experiences that leave an indelible impression on their audiences, and Eric is a perfect fit for that environment,” noted HUSH Creative Partner David Schwarz. “His work on our Nike project was absolutely unreal. He is a bulldog of unparalleled production and technical knowledge who was called ‘invaluable’ by our clients.”

Operating at the nexus of technology and creativity, Alba is an Emmy and VES-award-winning jack-of-all-trades. His early career defined his fluency in the TV, feature film and commercial spaces as both an on-set and post-production VFX supervisor with a talent for integrating the latest front- and back-end creative technologies. He has built technical centers around the world as foundations for complex creative output, and worked as an effects supervisor for Fox, NBC, Universal, Paramount and Marvel. All of this has led him to the next frontier where digital and physical creative technologies meet, working with interactive systems, video and data capture, display and architectural spaces.

“What attracted me to HUSH was their commitment to a brand’s long-term marketing and growth,” stated Alba. “They are amazing at positioning their clients in the marketplace using highly designed, highly interactive experiences with tons of moving parts. As a lead producer, I am incredibly excited by this kind of work, and psyched to join this crew full time after our phenomenal effort together on the Nike project.”


About HUSH:

HUSH is a design agency. We design and produce digital content & experiences that are unique in creating brand recognition for our clients.
Thinkers. Makers.

Selected Brand Collaborations:
Nike, Estee Lauder, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Microsoft Hyundai, Acura, Kiehl’s, MARSH, Random House, Stylecaster, Hearst, Showtime, Esquire, Under Armour, ExxonMobil, MTV, Syfy, Discovery, HBO, PBS, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Starz, among others.

Selected Agency Collaborations:
Ogilvy, McGarryBowen, McCann Worldgroup, Jack Morton Worldwide, Momentum Worldwide, Mindshare Entertainment, George P. Johnson, Grey, BBH, SapientNitro, Big Spaceship, Odopod, among others.

More info: TRUST 646 452 3388 (NY) 310 451 5153 (LA)

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Scott Hicks, Academy Award-Nominated Director of “Shine,” Signs with Tool

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Tool is adding a major talent to its roster with the addition of acclaimed director and writer Scott Hicks. A lauded feature film director who frequently crosses over into the spot and documentary realms, Hicks brings his diverse skill set to Tool, where he will continue to create in the commercial and digital arenas.

Since the Academy Award-nominated and Emmy Award-winning Shine launched Hicks to directorial super-stardom, he has reeled off a string of critically acclaimed films and documentaries, including The Boys Are Back starring Clive Owen, Snow Falling on Cedars based on David Guterson’s novel of the same name, an adaptation of Stephen King’s Hearts in Atlantis starring Anthony Hopkins, an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ The Lucky One, and Glass: A Portrait of Philip in Twelve Parts, a feature-length documentary of composer Philip Glass.

“I’m thrilled to be able to work with such an accomplished filmmaker,” stated Tool Managing Director Brian Latt. “Shine is one of my favorite movies, and Scott’s work continues to have a profound effect on me. He’s an incredibly multifaceted director with a special gift for crafting a story.”

Hicks has also been prolific in the commercial space for many years, having directed groundbreaking campaigns for brands such as Hummer, American Express and Subaru.


About Tool:

Bicoastal Tool is an award-winning production company, representing top live-action directors and interactive directors for advertising projects. From funny… visually engaging… and/or interactive, Tool’s diverse roster of unique talent creates unforgettable commercial and digital content across all platforms.

More info: TRUST 646 452 3388 (NY) 310 451 5153 (LA)

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East Pleasant’s Bradonio Hits the Mark with ADC Young Guns

East Pleasant’s Bradonio Hits the Mark with ADC Young Guns

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East Pleasant is pleased to announce that Director Bradonio has been selected to join this year’s class of ADC Young Guns, an annual competition established by The Art Directors Club. Young Guns, which honors talented creatives working across a variety of visual media, has become renowned for identifying rising stars on their way to the vanguard of their disciplines.

Bradonio’s win comes as little surprise to the East Pleasant family, where his highly inventive and absurdist creative vision has helped to shape hilarious work for clients from Greenpeace to Aquafina, networks from MTV to Travel Channel, and artists such as RJD2 and Gramatik. Many of his current projects that involve visual effects are done in close collaboration with EP*Vision, making apes dance, taxis fly, goblins attack, and aliens that teleport. The young director also keeps busy outside of advertising and music videos – his personal website features an ever-growing reserve of quick ideas, tests and experiments filmed in his off hours that contributed to his Young Guns win. “It makes me smile to know that the ADC invites us into the Young Guns group not only for our client-based work, but also for the passion projects. It means that things like Charlton Heston’s shiny disco pants also weighed into the decision, which is good, because those pants are very heavy,” noted Bradonio.

About East Pleasant:

East Pleasant, an Emmy Award-winning production company founded in 2004, is a group of creative individuals layered in years of expertise on both the agency and production sides of the advertising industry. The studio is a highly flexible entity, able to handle traditional or nontraditional TV commercials, films, web projects, episodic TV, music videos and documentaries of any scope, perfectly tailored to its clients’ needs.

Company principals – which include EP Sarah Roebuck and Directors/Founders Xander Strohm, Damien Drake, Stash Slionski and David Weinstein – oversee a diverse, globetrotting team of producers, directors and editors who focus on shooting beautiful imagery that tells relevant stories. This group has produced work for some of the most recognizable brands in the world – Nissan, Nokia, Nike, Kenmore, Clinique – while teaming with top agencies Wieden + Kennedy, TBWA, JWT, Time Inc., and Skinny to name a few.

More info: TRUST 646 452 3388 (NY) 310 451 5153 (LA)

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Acura Holiday Campaign Starring Dr. Phil, Suze Orman and Santa Touts Sensible Luxury

Acura Holiday Campaign Starring Dr. Phil, Suze Orman and Santa Touts Sensible Luxury

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TORRANCE, Calif., Nov. 12, 2012 – Acura’s “Season of Reason” campaign continues for a third consecutive year with a comprehensive campaign starring three instantly identifiable personalities: Dr. Phil McGraw, host of the No. 1–rated daytime talk show and author of six bestselling books, Suze Orman, two-time Emmy® Award-winning TV host and bestselling author, as well as the legendary Santa Claus. The campaign, which encourages the purchase of lasting luxury over frivolous holiday items, is the work of rp&, Acura’s long-time agency of record.

“In challenging economic times, luxury buyers still appreciate the finer things, but they are smarter about their purchase decisions,” said Jeff Conrad, vice president, Acura division sales. “During the holidays, people are traditionally encouraged to live it up and spend—after all, it’s only once a year. With this campaign, we hope to remind people to spend smart and buy what you’re going to value long after the holiday season has passed.”

The spots, shot by Park Pictures Director Alison MacLean, put a bulls-eye on the self-indulgent impulse buys that are a hallmark of holiday culture. Dr. Phil, starring in his first-ever commercial, Suze Orman or Santa screech up in an Acura just in time to stop wild-eyed shoppers from unloading their wallets to take home a new dress, a giant Christmas tree or an animatronic Santa. The intervention continues as the ambassadors usher their students into the car and, during a high-speed ride, talk them out of their unreasonable purchases and remind them to instead opt for the smarter decision. The voice-over spokesman, actor James Spader, then says, “This holiday, listen to the voice of reason. Acura’s Season of Reason sales event.”

“Acura is a luxury brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously,” said rp& ECD John Hage. Dr. Phil and Suze Orman are known for their no-nonsense intervention style. And Santa—he knows if you’ve been naughty or nice. Together, we thought they could be the voices of reason reminding people to spend smarter.”

In each spot, the Acura MDX, TL and ILX act almost like characters, their movements carefully balanced with the dialogue to simultaneously showcase the vehicles’ performance and reinforce the ambassadors’ appeals to reason. The celebrities handled the stunt driving, rather than using a green screen, to produce a more realistic performance and appealing aesthetic.

Spots will air on high-profile network programming such as NFL on CBS as well as on cable and spot TV. Campaign creative will be featured in digital and email marketing, POP kits, display ads and customizable dealer assets, including print, radio and banners. The campaign runs through January 2.


Client: Acura
Spot Titles: “Santa,” “Dress Down,” “Ornamental,”
Air Date: November 12, 2012

Agency: rp&
Exec VP, Executive Creative Director: John Hage
VP, Head of Art: Phillip Squier
Senior Copywriter: Jimbo Embry
Senior Art Director: Josh Gilman
VP, Executive Producer: Jack Epsteen

Production Company: Park Pictures
Director: Alison MacLean
Director of Photography: Michael Fitzmaurice

Visual Effects: Brewster Parsons

Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Carlos Arias

Sound Design: Robot Repair
Music: Elias Arts

“Dress Down” Talent – Suze Orman
“Ornamental” Talent – Dr. Phil
“Santa” Talent – Santa Claus (E. E. Bell)

About Acura:

Acura offers a full line of technologically advanced performance luxury vehicles through a network of 275 dealers within the United States. The Acura lineup features seven distinctive models including the RL luxury performance sedan, the TL performance luxury sedan, the TSX Sport Wagon and sedan, the ILX compact luxury sedan, the RDX luxury crossover SUV, the MDX luxury sport utility vehicle and the ZDX four-door sports coupe.

About rp&:

rp& has been the agency of record for Acura since 2008. Our responsibilities include their national, regional, online and event marketing. We are also a division of RPA, one of the largest independent agencies on the West Coast.

Additional ways to connect with Acura:

Media Information:
Consumer Information:

More info: TRUST 646 452 3388 (NY) 310 451 5153 (LA)

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Integrated Microwave Technologies, LLC (IMT) Equips The Carolina Panthers’ Home Field With Its Nucomm Campac2 Wireless Camera System

Wireless CP2 Transmitter and DR2 Diversity Receiver Further Enhances
Fan Experience throughout Bank of America Stadium

CHARLOTTE, NC, NOVEMBER 12, 2012 – When the Carolina Panthers put the finishing touches on the HD upgrade to its in-house video control room, just in time for the start of the 2012 NFL football season, it turned to Nucomm’s CamPac2 (CP2) wireless camera system for its wireless transmission needs. The Panthers purchased two complete RF systems, including Nucomm‘s CP2 camera-mounted transmitters and DR2 diversity receivers with camera control. The new RF system, along with a custom remote-location antenna mounting, provides the team with reliable, solid wireless coverage throughout Bank of America Stadium, including in locations not previously accessible. IMT will showcase its full range of Nucomm and RF Central sports technologies at CCW 2012 (Booth 1011).

The Carolina Panthers employ the two CP2 systems during in-house game-day video presentations as well as sideline game coverage. The wireless systems are also used for pre-game activities, including a tunnel walk with the players, on-field presentations, the national anthem and the coin toss. During the game, the wireless systems are the main components for fan cams as well as such fan-participation experiences as awarding prizes. Wireless systems give game-day directors more flexibility in providing a different perspective on the field, in the stands and around the stadium than static cameras located in traditional “hard” positions.

“I am familiar with Nucomm products as a result of my previous years in local TV broadcasting,” says Berkley Dickens, Broadcast Engineer, PantherVision/Panthers Broadcast. “I spent time at the NAB show discussing our needs with the sales team and decided that the Nucomm system would best meet the demands of creating a fan-centered experience at the stadium. I know that other teams throughout the NFL have chosen the Nucomm systems, and their positive feedback also helped in the decision-making process.”

As part of the installation, the antennas were mounted on an interior wall facing the field. The receivers were mounted in the control room, located on the 400 level. The location of the antennas with respect to the control room made the wiring simple, and the system provides coverage of the entire seating area as well as the concourse area.

Nucomm’s CamPac2 (CP2) wireless camera system is a tri-band-capable unit that operates in the unlicensed 5.8-GHz band, as well as the licensed 6.4- and 7.1-GHz bands, without the need for any hardware changes. The Panthers will operate their CP2 systems within the 5.8-GHz license-free spectrum.

The DR2 diversity receiver is an updated model of its industry-leading predecessor, the Newscaster DR, and offers newer features, including “intelligent” block-down converters (BDCs). The DR2’s BCDs communicate with the DR2 receiver to control various operating modes. They also give the DR2 the capability to remotely extend its antennas up to 1,000 feet (using Belden 1694A cable), complete with DC power from the receiver. Other features, such as a built-in (in-band) spectrum analyzer, telemetry video overlay display and high front-end overload rejection, make the DR2 a very robust, formidable RF system, well suited for the rigorous demands of remote sports production.

With the DR2, operators have the option to choose from different versions of power amplifiers for the CP2 and complementary BCDs for the DR2, allowing the units to operate within a wide range of frequency bands, from 1.99 to 7.1GHz, depending on ordered options. This makes these units truly world-class products that can be used virtually anywhere.

“We installed the system this past July, so this will be our first season using it,” adds Dickens. “We have been very pleased with the coverage so far this season. We now are able to interact with our fans in all sections and that is very important to ensuring that all 73,000 plus fans all get the same experience.”

About Integrated Microwave Technologies, LLC
Integrated Microwave Technologies, LLC (IMT) is a Business Unit within the Vitec Group’s Videocom Division. The company comprises the leading microwave brands Nucomm, RF Central and Microwave Service Company (MSC), offering broadcasters worldwide complete broadcast solutions. Nucomm is a premium brand of digital microwave video systems (including COFDM and VSB) for portable and fixed link applications. RF Central is an innovative brand of compact microwave video equipment for licensed and license free broadcast applications. MSC is a premier provider of engineering, integration, technical support, installation and commissioning services. IMT is an ISO 9001:2008 certified QMS organization and recipient of multiple industry awards for design and innovations.

More information can be found at

A Snapshot of The Vitec Group
Vitec is an international Group principally serving customers in the broadcast, photographic and military, aerospace and government (MAG) markets. Listed on the London Stock Exchange with 2011 revenue of £351 million, Vitec is based on strong, well known, premium brands on which its customers worldwide rely. Vitec is organised in three divisions: Imaging & Staging, Videocom and Services.

Imaging & Staging designs, manufactures and distributes equipment and accessories for photography, video and events.

Videocom designs and distributes systems and products used in broadcasting and live entertainment, film and video production and MAG.

Services provides equipment rental, workflow design and technical support for camera, video, audio, fibre optic and wireless technology used by TV production teams and film crews.

More information can be found at

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GC Pro Helps the James Burton Foundation Enrich Kids’ Lives with Music

— Students at the Recording Studios Program, a component of the James Burton Foundation’s multiple approaches to bringing music and music education to those in need, now can work on an SSL AWS900 console and a complete complement of high-end gear —

The James Burton Foundation, founded by its namesake Rock & Roll Hall of Fame-member guitarist, best known for his work with Elvis Presley, supports music education for those in need through guitar donations and music instruction to schools, hospitals and community service organizations. The Foundation is currently expanding its outreach programs, including taking the organization’s recording education agenda to the next level. That initiative was moved substantially forward recently with a package of studio technology sourced through Guitar Center Professional (GC Pro), the outside sales division of Guitar Center that focuses on the needs of professional users, including a new SSL AWS948 recording console, an Aviom studio cue system, new Mojave studio microphones and an array of outboard equipment. This acquisition, custom-tailored by GC Pro’s Nashville-based Senior Account Manager Chad Evans to exactly match the Foundation’s needs and budget, will help the Foundation continue to provide free-of-charge music and technical education opportunities to students and the community in Shreveport, Louisiana. The Foundation has given thousands of guitars to schools and children’s and veteran’s hospitals, and they continue music education outreach through programs such as the James Burton Foundation Museum and Performing Arts Stage, the Music Education Program, an Oral History Program and the Recording Studios Program, as well as events such as the James Burton International Guitar Festival.

What GC Pro was able to do for the James Burton Foundation comes about from GC Pro’s long history of helping both education and non-profit institutions. For instance, GC Pro works with technical and media arts schools including SAE and the Art Institutes facilities in locations across the U.S., and in Nashville it has sourced equipment and provided advice to music technology programs at schools including Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), Belmont University, Lipscomb University and Vanderbilt University.

“To effectively service educational institutions, you have to be able to put yourself in the place of the teacher and the student,” explains Chad Evans, Senior Account Executive for GC Pro in Nashville, who guided the James Burton Foundation through this acquisition process, providing consultation on which products and platforms would best help its students and teachers. “We’ve worked with schools and non-profits often in the past, so we’ve developed a good sense about which products are a good fit for each institution’s needs. And we’re very aware of how important budgets are to these kinds of clients. They need to know that their money is being spent wisely and effectively. We’re able to offer them the best possible advice that also fits their budgetary needs and allows them to further their missions without compromising. That’s why so many institutions like the James Burton Foundation partner with us.”

For more information, please visit

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— 238th Guitar Center location features on-site lessons and repair services, along with GC’s vast inventory selection —

On the evening of Thursday, October 25, 2012, Guitar Center held the grand opening of its new location in Somerville Circle, Raritan, NJ, located at 401 Route 28, Raritan, NJ 08869-1340. The Somerville Circle store is Guitar Center’s 238th retail location.

Guitar Center Somerville Circle’s grand opening introduces customers to a vast selection of products and a dedicated staff with unparalleled musical knowledge and experience. To celebrate the store opening, Guitar Center hosted a Grand Opening Weekend celebration featuring exclusive savings, gear giveaways and free events. Guitar Center’s Somerville Circle location features showrooms equipped with the latest products for musicians – from guitars, amplifiers, percussion instruments and keyboards to live sound, DJ, lighting and recording equipment and more.

The store features Guitar Center Studios, an in-house, state-of-the-art lesson facility, which is already creating unrivalled opportunities for Raritan musicians of all ages and skill levels. Guitar Center Studios provides music lessons from beginner to advanced featuring certified instructors teaching world-class curriculum as well as one-on-one courses on Pro Tools, Logic Pro and GarageBand. Guitar Center Studios will be the most modern lessons facility in the area. Guitar Center Somerville Circle also features GC Garage, Guitar Center’s on-site guitar repair service.

As part of Guitar Center’s initiatives designed to educate and inspire artists nationwide, Guitar Center Somerville Circle will offer unique opportunities for musicians to craft their skills, maintain their instruments and experience many other aspects of the music industry first-hand. Musicians interested in learning about the industry will be able to come to the store to interact with and pick the brains of several industry leaders.

Somerville Circle shoppers are also able to enjoy Guitar Center’s new multi-channel “endless aisle,” which includes multiple combinations of product options to conveniently choose from. Not only does the “endless aisle” include Somerville Circle’s inventory, but it also provides easy access to Guitar Center’s $400 million in new and used inventory located in hundreds of GC stores and warehouses nationwide. Customers have the ability to combine a variety of in-store, online and phone options to purchase music equipment from anywhere they may be, allowing for a personalized and convenient shopping experience.

In addition to special programs at the new Somerville Circle store, Guitar Center offers nationwide programs designed to spearhead creativity and highlight the nation’s most promising undiscovered talent. Raritan residents will now be able to participate in these ongoing national events from their hometown:

Guitar Center On-Stage is an annual competition that provides unsigned artists the chance to open for established artists such as Motley Crüe, KISS and Jane’s Addiction.
Guitar Center Singer-Songwriter is an artist discovery program that aims to find the nation’s best unsigned singer-songwriter. Last year’s winner received a career-altering prize package which has included recording 3 songs with accomplished Grammy® Award-winning Producer John Shanks, recording time at Converse Rubber Tracks studio and $10,000 cash.
Guitar Center’s Battle of the Blues is a nationwide amateur guitar skills competition with the goal of finding the next great undiscovered blues guitar player. This year’s winner, Daniel “Boscoe” France, performed alongside Grammy Award-winning Producer Pete Anderson at the Grand Finals in LA, and won an incredible prize package valued at over $50,000.
Guitar Center’s Drum-Off, entering its 24th year, is the nationwide search for the next great undiscovered drummer. Drummers from across the nation compete in the world’s largest drum competition, vying for thousands of dollars in prizes and the coveted title of Guitar Center’s Drum-Off Champion. The grand prize package is valued at nearly $50,000.

Guitar Center Somerville Circle is open seven days a week. Store hours are 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday-Saturday and 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Sunday.

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RFI Deploys RadioTV, Orad’s Solution for Automated TV Production

RFI (Radio France International – an entity of the AEF Group) leverages Orad’s solution for automated TV production to record several talk shows in its program line-up. The goal is to increase the broadcasting of RFI’s programs beyond the simple availability of on-demand audio contents, while rationalizing production costs.
November 12, 2012 — Radio France International (RFI) has chosen RadioTV, Orad’s solution for the automatic production of radio shows, to publish two of its flagship shows on its website and social media channels. A French public radio station destined for foreign audiences, RFI’s long term plans are to rely on Orad’s solution to offer a sizeable portion of its programs on different media such as smartphones, tablets, etc.
More often than ever, radio stations give their online audience the opportunity to watch talk shows live, especially political shows. “Video can give radio the chance to reach a younger, more web-savvy audience, thus broadening its listener base, more so than podcasts,” explains Thierry Fanchon, who is in charge of information systems and technical management at the AEF (Audiovisuel Extérieur de la France). “However, we have no intention of getting into video without full mastery of our production costs. In addition, we immediately dismissed single-camera systems, which offer little added value.”
Orad’s RadioTV is a fully automated system based on a voice detection algorithm; as soon as one of the participants speaks into a microphone, the system automatically starts recording video. Transitions from one speaker to the next are done in real time and with no human intervention. For longer exchanges, RadioTV uses a library of pre-defined scenarios allowing, for instance, splitting the screen or offering any other type of visualization, depending on parameters that are included in the system.
Once the preparation phase was over, the first show to be broadcasted both on radio waves and in video streaming was “L’invité du Matin” (“The Morning Guest”), hosted by Frédéric Rivière, in December 2011. “We chose a two-camera system, since this show revolves around one guest who is a prominent figure in political, economic and social activity, and whose reactions to French or international news are influential. This results in exchanges that are rather guided.”
Starting in March 2012, another of RFI’s flagship shows, “Mardi Politique” (“Political Tuesday”) was fitted with the RadioTV system in a more complex format: “This new show involves four journalists and one guest from the political sphere. In this situation, the system manages four cameras that film the guest (one camera) and the four reporters (two of them are filmed by a single camera), as well as a fifth camera for a wide-angle shot.” Started April 15, 2012, “Mardi Politique” is also streamed live on DailyMotion.
Flexibility, Responsiveness and Affordability
What was attractive to RFI in Orad’s RadioTV solution was its “capacity to adapt to our needs,” continues the radio station’s deputy technical director. “Even after the solution was implemented, our production costs have not increased, and we are offering an additional service alongside our shows. Also being an open solution, we can easily switch out of the current scenario and take control during the show, without affecting its broadcast. Towards the end of the year, we are planning to use the automated graphical overlay function, which automatically manages the logo and the speaker’s name.”
RadioTV also offers many overlay features, allowing users to set up a true window displaying information or to be used as a way to monetize content. “We aren’t quite there yet, but we intend on moving towards online television as well as tablets or mobile devices.”
RFI will soon move to a new location in Issy-les-Moulineaux (southwest of Paris), with larger studios. “We will have 14 studios, in which we should be installing RadioTV systems on a more ambitious scale. The four-camera system was a first step, but we are now looking at every possibility.”
About Orad Hi-Tec Systems
Orad Hi-Tec Systems is a world-leading provider of real-time 3D broadcast graphic, video server, and media asset management solutions including news, channel branding, sports production and enhancement, elections and special events, virtual studios, and virtual advertisement. Orad’s compelling solutions streamline production workflow, enhance viewer experience, and improve production value. Founded in 1993, Orad is a public company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (OHT). More information is available at
For further information contact:
Orad Hi-Tec Systems Ltd
Ofir Benovici
Vice President Marketing

CCW 2012: FOR-A’s FT-ONE 4K Super Slow Motion Camera Takes Center Stage

Fort Lee, N.J. – FOR-A Corporation of America, a leading manufacturer of video and audio systems for the broadcast and professional video industries, will showcase some of the company’s most popular solutions at the upcoming Content and Communications World (CCW) Expo in New York (Booth #909). Among the booth highlights will be the new FT-ONE full 4K high resolution variable frame rate camera. The show takes place at the Javits Convention Center this week from November 14-15.

“CCW continues to be one of FOR-A’s most important shows of the year,” said Pedro Silvestre, Sales Director, FOR-A Corp. of America. “It attracts top broadcast and video production industry decision makers. When we first introduced the FT-ONE at the Cine Gear Expo in June, we saw its primary use in digital cinema production. But as we’ve moved forward, we’ve discovered that it also has a major place in broadcasting. We believe the FT-ONE is the future of high-end sports coverage, and anticipate that CCW will be an ideal venue to showcase what it can do.”

FOR-A’s award-winning FT-ONE is the world’s first full 4K super slow motion camera. It has the ability to record up to 900 frames per second and harnesses the power of FOR-A’s high-sensitivity CMOS color sensor “FT1-CMOS”. The FT-ONE captures images as uncompressed raw data on the system’s internal memory, which has a recording capacity of 9.4 seconds. The data is then stored on one of two hot-swappable SSD cartridges, each of which is capable of storing 84 seconds of full 4K resolution images.

In FOR-A’s CCW booth, super slow motion footage will be shown on TV Logic 4K monitors. The FT-ONE will be equipped with FUJINON lenses at the expo.

Among other products on display at the FOR-A booth will be the HVS-390HS Video Switcher. Available in 1 M/E or 2 M/E sizes, this compact, cost-effective switcher includes 16 HD/SD-SDI inputs and eight outputs, with frame synchronizers for all inputs. FOR-A will also showcase its dependable HVS-300HS HD/SD 1 M/E Portable Video Switcher.

FOR-A booth will also have on hand the FA-9500 3G/HD/SD Multi Purpose Signal Processor. The unit provides frame sync and video and audio conversion tools. Two channels of HD/SD-SDI and one channel of analog composite video I/O come standard.

FOR-A’s LTR-100HS Video Archiving Recorder will be at CCW as well. The popular storage solution features LTO-5 technology and offers HD/SD-SDI input/output. Equipped with a high quality MPEG-2 codec, the LTR-100HS includes an MXF wrapper/un-wrapper, enabling MXF files recorded to LTO-5 tape to be used directly by many NLE systems.

Other FOR-A products to be shown include: the VTW-300HS HD/SD Character Generator, FVW-500HS HD/SD Video Writer, and MV-42HS Multi-Viewer.

About FOR-A

FOR-A is a major manufacturer and distributor of video and audio systems to the broadcast, postproduction and professional video markets. For more information about FOR-A’s product line, call 201-944-1120 or visit our web site at


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