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Sennheiser Announces InfoComm Certified Technology Specialist (CTS®) Accreditation for its Educational Sound Academy Programs

Old Lyme, Conn. – November 14, 2011 – Audio specialist Sennheiser announced that several of its Sennheiser Sound Academy programs now qualify for InfoComm
Certified Technology Specialist (CTS®) renewal units (RU). Individuals that hold an
InfoComm CTS certification (including CTS, CTS-D and CTS-I) are required to earn RU credits periodically in order to keep their certification current. Sennheiser has partnered with InfoComm’s RU provider program in order to reinforce its standing commitment to the continuing education of CTS professionals in the industry.

Sennheiser RF Sound Academy

Sennheiser’s popular RF Sound Academy seminar now offers six (6) RU credits for individuals that successfully complete the course. RF Sound Academy is a comprehensive, one-day course covering many subjects pertaining to the use of wireless radio frequency microphones. Frequency coordination, antennas and distribution systems, system planning, wireless monitoring and the impact of FCC regulations on users of wireless microphones are among the topics included in this wide-ranging course, which is suitable for beginners to experienced professionals. RF Sound Academy training programs are conducted by Joe Ciaudelli (director of advanced projects and educational services, Sennheiser) and Dave Missall (national market development manager, Sennheiser).

Installed Sound Academy

Sennheiser’s Installed Sound Academy offers 7.5 RU credits for participants that successfully complete the program. Taught by Sennheiser National Market Development Managers Kent Margraves and Eric Reese, the Installed Sound Academy covers sound reinforcement, microphone theory and applications, wireless personal monitor systems, RF wireless systems and troubleshooting logic. The course is suitable for designers, consultants, project managers, worship leaders, system operators and technicians and anyone involved in the selection or purchase of audio products and systems.

Audio for Video and Film

Sennheiser’s Audio for Video and Film Sound Academy seminar, which is also led by Dave Missall, is a valuable resource for those who routinely work with video and would like to enhance their knowledge of how to integrate audio into their workflow. The Audio for Video and Film Sound Academy now offers six (6) InfoComm CTS® RU credits for participants who successfully complete the program. Among the topics covered in the seminar are microphone basics, microphone pickup patterns, boom techniques, shotgun microphones, tips and tricks to eliminate unwanted noises in recordings, and much more. The course also includes a mock scene in which participants practice mic placement and record and playback the results.

For more information on any of Sennheiser’s Sound Academy programs or to register, visit

New Handheld 3D BULLET RIG Makes Stereoscopic Filmmaking Easy, Affordable & Mobile !

3D Bullet Rig

Hollywood, CA – 3D Film Factory, the leader in professional, affordable 3D camera rigs, introduces the world’s lightest, most affordable, hand-held 3D rig – the 3D Bullet Rig. Ready to “Load & Shoot”, this versatile 3D system is literally unshakable for handheld, Steadicam, Easyrig, or tripod filming.

Priced at a fraction of other professional 3D rigs (under $5K), this compact beam-splitter rig is the perfect solution for location, reality, or action 3D filmmaking. It’s features actually surpass that of other more expensive rigs. For more information on the 3D Bullet Rig visit www(dot)3DFilmFactory(dot)com

“The 3D Bullet Rig is going to take 3D production to a whole new level. I love this rig. It’s incredibly light, rock steady and most of all – it’s really easy to shoot with from your shoulder, or tripod. This rig is a 3D filmmakers dream, very versatile“, said the company’s veteran stereographer Keith Driver. “Most 3D rigs are bulky, expensive and worst of all – tripod bound. They require a crew to operate. We’ve shot 3D projects in Africa, the Middle East, Hollywood soundstages, you name it we’ve done it in 3D. And we realized we needed a more mobile 3D rig. A 3D rig you could just pick up and shoot with. This is the 3D Bullet Rig.”

The 3D Bullet Rig makes handheld 3D filming effortless and smooth by transferring the weight to your waist and shoulder. Each 3D rig includes a spring-loaded suspension rod, comfortable weight displacement belt and adjustable, padded shoulder mount. The result is hours of mobile, handheld 3D filming capability. In addition, the rig features detachable rubber hand grips for easy manoeuvring and a standard tripod mounting plate (¼-20 and ?-16 holes).

Weighing approx. 13 lbs. (5.8 kgs.) the Bullet Rig accommodates the Red Epic, Canon DSLR 5D, 7D, XF105
XF305, XH-G1, Sony F3, EX3’s, HDCP1, X5U, Z1U, Panasonic AF100, HPX250 and many other professional HD cameras.

The rig also features custom camera mounts that easily lock and load cameras into place using a standard quick-release plate from Bogen/Manfrotto. The horizontal camera mount offers IO (inter-ocular) adjustability from 0” – 3.5” (0 – 89 mm) and simple convergence movement from 0°-3°. Both functions are easily controlled using smooth, accurate finger knobs, with calibration markings. The vertical camera mount adjusts for perfect stereoscopic picture alignment by elevating and performing full x-y-z rotation (yaw, roll, tilt).

The light-weight, mirror box housing is constructed using space-age foam core plastic that’s durable, corrosion-free and substantially cooler than a metal matte box. This ensures your beam-splitter glass with its expensive coatings will stay cool on hot days. The rig itself is hand-milled employing a nearly indestructible aluminium alloy frame.

Perfect for traveling light, the entire 3D Bullet Rig is ingenuously designed to set-up and break down in a matter of minutes, packing into a small, water-tight pelican case.

As a bonus, the horizontal rail easily detaches, along with the camera mounts, transforming into a side-by-side rig 3D for wide and landscape stereography.

Our opti-prime, 50/50 beam-splitter glass is optimized to meet the demands of 3D filmmaking. See specs. Within the matte box, a simple adjustment tool allows stereographers to fine tune the glass angle from between 43° to 47°.

The outcome is simply the world’s most affordable, professional handheld 3D rig.

It should be noted that using our simple Lanc system camera operators can now synch start/stop, focus, alignment, lens shift and many other vital functions thru both cameras or individually.

The 3D Film Factory offers a complete line of 3D beam-splitter rigs intended for HD camcorders, as well as larger ENG and broadcast style camera. In addition, we offer several inexpensive side-by-side rigs and real-time 3D viewing solutions. To learn more about 3D camera rigs, 3D viewing systems, 3D production services, or 3D training workshops visit –

About the 3D Film Factory
Established in 2008 by award-winning filmmakers and veteran stereographers, the 3D Film Factory has been the worldwide leader in professional, affordable 3D camera rigs and real-time 3D monitoring solutions. In addition we provide a host of 3D production services worldwide including, stereographers ‘for hire’, 3D camera rig rental, 3D viewing systems, and 3D post, as well as intensive 3D training workshops. Former clients include ESPN, NASA, Disney, HD Cinema, Pinewood Studios and Discovery. For more information visit

Audio-Technica Provides Microphone Solutions for 2011 CMA Awards

— Leading music mixers and award-winning performers again pick A-T for sound quality and reliability —

Audio-Technica, a leading innovator in transducer technology for over 45 years, is celebrating its 18th year of supporting the Country Music Association (CMA) Awards by providing an extensive selection of vocal and instrument microphones for its annual awards show. The 45th Annual CMA Awards aired live in 5.1-channel surround sound Wednesday, November 9, on the ABC Television Network from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, and featured over 200 Audio-Technica microphones, including an impressive array of hard-wired mics and Artist Elite® 5000 Series UHF Wireless Systems. Audio-Technica microphones were chosen for their ability to provide clear and consistent audio quality for this star-studded live broadcast, for performers ranging from some of country music’s biggest stars to pop and rock acts on show-stopping collaborations.

The CMA Awards presentation is recognized as Country Music’s Biggest Night™ and represents the pinnacle of achievement for those involved in country music. Once again, Audio-Technica microphones were featured for their accurate and reliable sound reproduction — characteristics that have dictated A-T’s long-standing presence with country music artists.

The team responsible for the audio at this year’s CMA’s again included a who’s who of broadcast audio. The audio was supervised by award-winning audio producers Michael Abbott and Tom Davis; ATK/Audiotek provided the sound system with FOH (front-of-house) mixers Patrick Baltzell and Rick Shimer; the broadcast music mix was handled by New Jersey/California-based M3’s (Music Mix Mobile’s) John Harris and Jay Vicari. Stage monitoring was handled by Michael Parker and Jason Spence.

Several performers used Audio-Technica’s acclaimed Artist Elite 5000 Series UHF Wireless System during the course of the show. Audio-Technica endorser and winner of Album of the Year Jason Aldean paired the 5000 Series system with the AEW-T6100 Hypercardioid Dynamic Handheld Transmitter for his lead vocals. Aldean also won musical event of the year for his duet “Don’t You Wanna Stay” with Kelly Clarkson. In a medley of Lionel Richie hits with Mr. Richie himself, the members of Little Big Town and Darius Rucker all used the 5000 Series system with AEW-T5400 Cardioid Condenser Handheld Transmitter for their vocals. Additionally, in a duet, Grace Potter and longtime Audio-Technica endorser Kenny Chesney, who shared the Video of the Year Award, both used hard-wired AE5400 Cardioid Condenser Microphones.

The backline mic complement of A-T wired microphones included the AT4080 Phantom-powered Bidirectional Ribbon Microphone on guitars; AT4050Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone on guitars and bass; AT4040 Cardioid Condenser Microphone on overheads; AE2500 Dual-Element Cardioid Instrument Microphone on kick drum; AE5100 Cardioid Condenser Instrument Microphone on hi-hat and ride cymbals; AE5400 Cardioid Condenser Microphone on rotary speaker top and AT4050 on rotary speaker bottom (used by Gregg Allman with the Zac Brown Band); ATM650 Dynamic Instrument Microphone on snare; and ATM350Cardioid Condenser Clip-On Microphone on toms and fiddle/violin.

Michael Parker, Monitor Engineer, stated, “I have used Audio-Technica microphones for years on prominent broadcast award shows, based on their ability to deliver clear, consistent sound. I particularly am fond of their instrument mics, as they are able to reproduce the true timbre and character of the instrument. Their reliability gives me an additional comfort level, which I never take for granted at such high-profile events.”

Please visit for more information.

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Guitar Center, The Nation’s Largest Instrument Retailer, Opens Its 222nd Store with New Location In the Houston Area

— Company opens its eighth store in 2011 with special savings and events —

— Guitar Center Sugar Land features on-site lessons and guitar repair services —

On October 27, 2011, Guitar Center opened its newest retail location, at 12790 Fountain Lake Circle, Stafford, Texas (near the city of Sugar Land), in the Houston metro area. The store’s opening delivered vast product selection, along with the unparalleled knowledge and experience of its dedicated staff. Guitar Center Sugar Land also features Guitar Center Studios, an embedded lesson and rehearsal facility. To celebrate the opening, Guitar Center hosted a Grand Opening Weekend featuring exclusive savings, gear giveaways and free events tailored to local musicians.

Guitar Center’s newest location features well-equipped showrooms with the latest products for the musician, from guitars, amplifiers, percussion instruments and keyboards to live sound, DJ, lighting and recording equipment. In addition to special Grand Opening Weekend programming, early shoppers also enjoyed exclusive savings throughout opening weekend with deals that included guitar and drum essentials at huge discounts.

Guitar Center’s Sugar Land location goes well beyond offering the biggest selection at the best prices. The store includes Guitar Center Studios, an in-house, state-of-the-art lesson and rehearsal facility, which will create unrivaled opportunities for Houston area musicians of all ages and skill levels. Guitar Center Studios provides music lessons from beginner to advanced featuring certified instructors providing world-class curriculum, as well as one-on-one Pro Tools, Logic Pro and GarageBand courses. Rehearsal spaces are fully equipped with the latest backline gear, and musicians who use the rehearsal area will have access to a digital recording of their rehearsal sessions. Guitar Center Studios is by all accounts the most modern and affordable lessons and rehearsals facility in the city.

The store also features GC Garage, offering on-site guitar repair services. Throughout opening weekend, musicians were able to test-drive the Garage for free, with any guitar purchased at Guitar Center Sugar Land Grand Opening night getting a free, 22-point personalized set-up.

Building on their ongoing initiatives designed to educate and inspire artists nationwide, Guitar Center Sugar Land is offering unique opportunities for musicians to craft their skills, maintain their instruments and experience many aspects of the music industry first-hand. Musicians interested in learning about all aspects of the industry were able to interact with and pick the brain of music business expert Chad Jeffers and A Perfect Circle/Devo/Pucifer drummer Jeff Friedl as they shared their experiences and insights, as well as perform during special Guitar Center Sessions events.

GC Sugar Land shoppers were also able to enjoy Guitar Center’s new multi-channel “endless aisle,” with multiple combinations of shopping options, to conveniently choose from not only the Sugar Land inventory, but also the over-$400 million in gear Guitar Center has to offer nationwide. Consumers could combine a myriad number of in-store, online and phone options to purchase music equipment from anywhere, allowing for a completely personalized and endlessly convenient shopping experience for every customer.

In addition to special programs at the store, each year Guitar Center offers nationwide programs designed to spearhead creativity and highlight the nation’s most promising undiscovered talent. Sugar Land area residents will now be able to participate in these ongoing national events from their hometown:

• Your Next Record gives artists a chance to record with some of the top recording artists in the country, including legendary guitarist Slash, country superstar Keith Urban, and rock icon Travis Barker.

• Guitar Center On-Stage gives undiscovered bands the opportunity to compete against their peers for a chance to share a stage with their idols. The most recent On-Stage competition features Jane’s Addiction, for more info go to

• Guitar Center’s Drum-Off and King of the Blues are national competitions that highlight local talent from across the country, giving them widespread exposure and the chance to win incredible prize packages.

Guitar Center Sugar Land is open seven days a week. Store hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday, and noon to 6 p.m. Sunday.

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Tool, Mustard Team for Cross-Atlantic Partnership

Tool, the rapidly expanding digital and live-action US-based production company, and award-winning, UK-based production company Mustard are joining forces. In a newly inked reciprocal partnership, the London-based Mustard – which has a history of successful collaborations with US-based production companies and directors – will represent Tool’s ever-expanding roster in the UK and Amsterdam for commercials and digital projects, while Tool will play the same role for Mustard’s diverse set of directors in the US.

The partnership follows a string of high-profile projects from each company. Mustard has released a string of spots for companies the likes of Budweiser, Jeep, HSBC, Canon and Samsung, Morrison’s, Lucozade, J20. Tool has gained increasing renown for live action and digital projects such as Take This Lollipop, the Craftsman Screw*d interactive reality show, and the humorous Kohl’s campaign featuring Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

Tool teamed up with Mustard in part for their experience in bringing American talent to Europe. “Over the past decade, we’ve transformed one American director after another into desirable names in the UK commercial production world,” noted John Doris, Mustard’s Managing Partner. “In bringing Tool’s directors into our family, we plan to aggressively pursue the same strategy, amping up their exposure by positioning them as a young, exciting company that is catching fire in London, around the UK, and in Amsterdam.” As the partnership develops, Mustard will also tap into partners in Germany and elsewhere to raise Tool’s profile across Europe.

Mustard’s three-person sales team of Natalie Haan, Claire Blewer and Verity Casey will work aggressively to find projects that engage Tool’s live action and interactive directors in the creative process as early as possible, as is the European custom.

Tool already enjoys a sizeable presence in the UK, but they foresee further growth emerging from their partnership with Mustard. “Mustard has a stellar reputation as a company supporting agencies in the UK market, in addition to Amsterdam and throughout Europe, noted Tool’s Managing Director, Brian Latt. “We’re looking forward to working closely with them and supporting each other from across the Atlantic.”

Visit Tool

About Tool
Bicoastal Tool is an award-winning production company, representing top live-action directors and interactive directors for advertising projects. From funny… visually engaging… and/or interactive, Tool’s diverse roster of unique talent creates unforgettable commercial and digital content across all platforms.

About Mustard:

Mustard was founded in November 1999 and is one of the fastest growing commercial companies in Soho. With a talented roster of both young and established names, Mustard has quickly made its mark with award-winning commercials, short films and digital work.

Mustard’s ethos is to cultivate close-working relationships with clients and agencies alike. The company enjoys working across the media platforms, problem-solving and making the very most of any creative proposition that comes our way, whether it’s broadcast, event-led or new media-related.

More info: TRUST 646 452 3388 (NY) 310 451 5153 (LA)

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Cinelicious Provides VFX & Finish With Award-Winning Talent Ben Looram; Launches Fresh Creative Delivered with “Take Out”

Hollywood post studio Cinelicious is excited to announce the addition of visual effects creative and finishing services with award-winning VFX Supervisor & Lead Flame Artist Ben Looram. With creative flexibility at the fore, Looram and Cinelicious founder Paul Korver have also launched Cinelicious Take Out, a new model of talent-driven pop-up style visual effects and color creative delivered to any location.


Founder Paul Korver started Cinelicious with an eye to extending the company’s creative reach into the full post spectrum. Today, Cinelicious’ Hollywood studio is the headquarters for all services for commercial and feature clients including color, telecine, high-resolution film scanning, restoration, and the new Flame suite for VFX & finish. As with set editing or shooting on location, Cinelicious Take Out provides the talent and technology wherever needed by the client, providing flexibility, faster turn-arounds, and a greater integration of creative teams and process.


“With Take Out we’re not just providing on-set postproduction rentals. Instead, we are bringing top creative talent and a high-end finishing and color solution into our clients’ preferred place of work whether it’s at the agency, editorial company on set or at our studio,” explains Korver.


The Cinelicious Take Out concept was beta tested by Looram setting up pop-up post at a number of production companies, agencies and editorial houses including Bully Pictures on Casio for The Richards Group, Cosmo Street on Activision for 72 & Sunny and on the upcoming Growth Films feature “The Pursuit of Loneliness.”


Looram, whose contributions to commercials, music videos, titles and promos has earned him the industry’s highest honors from the Clio awards, Webby Awards, BDA, British Arrows and One Show, among many others. He’s a VES award winner for the acclaimed Chris Milk-directed U2/Green Day music video “The Saints Are Coming,” and was part of the team honored with the Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Titles Design for HBO’s “Carnivale.” His credits include the Toyota Sienna online campaign “Swagger Wagon” directed by Jody Hill (Caviar Content) for Saatchi & Saatchi LA, Audi 8’s Kenny G “Riot Suppressor” Super Bowl teaser directed by Hungry Man’s Bryan Buckley for Venables, Bell & Partners, the global Blackberry Torch campaign co-directed by Henrik Hansen (RSA) and Laban Pheidias for Leo Burnett/Chicago, and Charter Communications directed by Sam Bayer for Fallon and Cindy Crawford Home with Sean Hanish, among many others. Looram engineered and built Flame bays and visual effects studios for Animal West, Butcher Edit and Sway Studios, and had long stints as a visual effects artist at Sea Level and A52. His personal passions in the field are color grading, compositing, beauty & touch-up work and envelope-pushing visual effects.


“I am excited to be working in collaboration with Cinelicious to create visual effects for the commercial industry I love, while extending deeper into the feature film arena,” notes Ben Looram. “Take Out takes the pop-up concept to the next level, with the infrastructure and awesome team at Cinelicious. I’d love to have clients come to Hollywood to experience Cinelicious firsthand – but if they can’t….we deliver Cinelicious Take Out.”


For more information please visit:

1/29 Films Creates Signature Brand Spot For The University of Wisconsin – Madison

Production and design studio 1/29 Films recently completed an iconic, design-driven brand spot for the University of Wisconsin – Madison. The signature spot will air nationally and be featured on the University’s website and other online channels throughout the next two years.


The brand spot, written, concepted and executed by 1/29 Films employs a compelling message of change as the sweeping focal point of UW’s campus experience. Beloved elements of the university, its fabled lore, architecture, sporting life and academic achievement, are presented with painstaking authenticity via a blueprint pastiche bathed in the school’s signature Badger red. The spot also highlights accomplished alumni including Frank Lloyd Wright, Joyce Carol Oates, John Muir and others, as visionaries who paved the road for change through innovation. The spot reminds viewers that college is not strictly about academic growth. In order to get the full collegiate experience one has to “Major in Change.”


To view the spot, please visit:


Creative Director/Founder Nick Seuser, who heads the 1/29 Films team, chose to realize the brand spot using design and animation to take viewers on an otherwise impossible visual journey rich in history, emotion and style. Using motion design, the spot honors the university’s preeminence in research and teaching while communicating the key values and experiences revered by the institution’s students, faculty and alumni.


The spot was designed and animated by the 1/29 Films using the Adobe suite and Maxon’s Cinema 4D. Seuser, who worked for ILM commercials and ESC Entertainment before launching 1/29 Films, reached out to former colleagues at Skywalker Sound for the audio finish. Color grading was completed at Colorflow at the famous Saul Zaentz Media Center, formerly the renowned Fantasy Records building.


“The University of Wisconsin – Madison is unlike any other institution and we wanted to match its quality of life and accomplishments with an approach that would fittingly stand apart from typical university brand spots. Pure motion design allowed us to explore uncharted territory in this collegiate genre,” notes Nick Seuser. “We had amazing partners throughout, from the UW marketing department to the post studios involved. Together, we created a piece that truly captures the UW spirit.”


1/29 Films is a production and design studio creating diverse, branded entertainment through immersive storytelling. Opened by Nick Seuser in 2004, past projects include work for, Jim Beam, LG, McAfee, McDonalds, Old Navy, Pandora Radio, PayPal The United Nations, Volkswagen, and Zynga. For more on the company, please visit:


Project Credits:
Client: University of Wisconsin – Madison
Title: “Change”


Production Company: 1/29 Films
Director: 1/29 Films
Creative Director: Nick Seuser
Lead Design & Animation: Jonathan Warner
Executive Producer: Nick Seuser
Producer: Julie Kirsner
Concept Artists: Aaron Sacco / Margot Cannon
Storyboarding: Jonathan Warner
Copywriter: Jacki Rigoni
Voice-over Talent: Kelly Klemolin


Online: Colorflow
Colorist: Gary Coates


Composer/Arranger: Didier Lean Rachou


Sound Designer: Erik Foreman


Audio Post: Skywalker Sound
Mixer: Erik Foreman


# # #

Visual Acuity breaks new ground with architectural scale projection for the 2011 Radio City Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall

Architectural scale projection onto Radio City Music Hall’s art deco interior creates an all-new immersive experience for the 2011 Christmas Spectacular

Visual Acuity, an independent media and design consultancy, and batwin+robin, New York-based multimedia design company, today unveiled their contribution to an innovative project for the 2011 Radio City Christmas Spectacular starring the world-famous Rockettes.

For Visual Acuity, the project has been more than a year in the making. The company provided consulting, design and testing of the new architectural scale projection for the holiday production. These projections were unveiled in new scenes featured in the Madison Square Garden Entertainment production of the Christmas Spectacular opening on November 11, 2011 at the famed Radio City Music Hall.

The Christmas Spectacular will use architectural scale projection mapped onto Radio City Music Hall’s proscenium arch and art deco interior giving the audience the feeling that they are being immersed in an array of sound, lighting, theatrical and pyrotechnic effects as each scene transforms to the next.

Visual Acuity advised on the development of a number of technological innovations, which included large-scale projection from Digital Projection and media serving, edge blending and warping from 7thSense Design.

“As the leading company in live entertainment, we are focused on delivering our Christmas Spectacular to audiences with content that has never been presented before in a theatrical setting and utilizing advanced technology features available in today’s market, while still honoring those traditions steeped in our show,” said Larry Sedwick, senior vice president production, MSG Entertainment.

“Right from the start of our relationship with Visual Acuity, it was clear that not only did they have the skill-set we needed to go where we envisioned the show moving forward through their background of AV technology, but that they also had the artistic sensitivity to ensure that the technology was used in the proper way to share the storyline with our audiences.”

batwin + robin productions, inc

This year’s Radio City Christmas Spectacular will be the most dynamic production to grace the Great Stage featuring this new state-of-the-art technology as well as new scenes, new costumes, and new musical compositions. The Christmas Spectacular is part of the fabric of New York during the holiday season and is seen by more than 1 million people each year.

Working closely with Radio City and batwin+robin, Magnus Kemp, Lead Consultant at Visual Acuity, says: “By definition, the Christmas Spectacular has to be a spectacle and a feast for all the senses. The teams at Radio City and batwin+robin were not afraid to try out new things, which perfectly dovetail with our company philosophy. This year’s Christmas Spectacular use the grandness of the Radio City Music Hall like never before. It is a privilege for us to be involved with such an engaging and innovative project.”

In explaining the significance of the project from a technology point of view, Blair Parkin, Managing Director at Visual Acuity, adds: “This project takes architectural scale projection, the newest application of high power projection and warp and blend media servers, and applies it to the live stage and theater environment, directly adding to the excitement of this 79 year holiday production.”


Fort Lee, N.J. – FOR-A Corporation of America, a leading manufacturer of video and audio systems for the broadcast and professional video industries, announces its collaboration with sales rep firm ProVideo Solutions. Headquartered in Austin, TX, ProVideo Solutions will provide sales and technical support for FOR-A’s product range to the manufacturer’s customers and dealers throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

ProVideo Solutions will serve as a local contact with FOR-A dealers and customers in the region, providing product demonstrations and training, offering technical support, and increasing overall awareness of FOR-A’s technology. The sales firm plans to boost FOR-A’s presence in its core broadcast, video production and corporate communications markets, as well as expanding its base into the sports production and oil and gas industries.

“ProVideo Solutions is extremely excited to join forces with FOR-A,” said Eric Cook, President, ProVideo Solutions. “I’ve recognized FOR-A as a premier provider to the broadcast industry for as long as I can remember, and I’m particularly excited to start working with their innovative video switchers and multiviewers. We’re eager to promote the company’s dynamic product line and further their growth in this region of the country.”

Pedro Silvestre, Sales Director for FOR-A Corporation of America explained, “ProVideo Solutions’ team of professionals will actively engage our customer base and offer local support to our dealers and customers. They’re also a company with very strong relationships in the broadcast and the house of worship markets, which are two areas our technology is ideally suited for. In partnering with such a well connected and respected firm, we’re confident that we’ll expand our reach and increase FOR-A’s presence in those key states.”

FOR-A also relies on other industry sales representatives for their regional expertise. In the Midwest, FOR-A has partnered with sales firm Dan Weaver & Associates for the past two years. Dan Weaver & Associates, , represents FOR-A in the states of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and North and South Dakota.

About Pro Video Solutions

Pro Video Solutions supports dealers by providing rapid response to the needs of the professional broadcast and A/V communities. The company provides a complete interface between customers, integrators and the manufacturers represented. Pro Video Solutions supports the efforts of system integrators, while providing qualified technical support to its customers.

About FOR-A
FOR-A is a major manufacturer and distributor of video and audio systems to the broadcast, postproduction and professional video markets. For more information about FOR-A’s product line, call 201-944-1120 or visit our web site at
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Howling Music Scores Hit with YouTube Audience

“My Love Screams,” featuring a duet with Giraud and Lindsey Sky reaches nearly 2 million views on YouTube.<div style=”height:12px”>
NASHVILLE— Howling Music’s David Grow has co-written and produced a new single and music video featuring American Idol finalist Matt Giraud and pop singer Lindsey Sky in her recording debut. The music video version of My Love Screams, which Grow also co-directed, has quickly become a massive viral hit, attracting nearly 2 million views on YouTube in ten days.

Grow, whose company Howling Music produces music for commercials, has achieved a rarity in the music world by balancing success in the advertising and recording industries. His credits in the former realm include Nike, BMW, Chevy, Mini Cooper and Kia. As a songwriter and record producer, Grow’s credits include projects for Blind Boys of Alabama, Jim Brickman, Michael W. Smith and Josh Thompson. He recently also composed the score for the current documentary Free Throw, directed by Wong, Doody, Crandall, Weiner creative Court Crandall.



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