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Today’s Content Calls for Collaboration in the Cloud

By VE_admin | Apr 12, 2017

If the new content workflow is truly cloud-native — that is, purposely built to operate in the cloud — then it can streamline processes and improve collaboration across all phases of the content...

VR Filmmakers Talk Going Beyond Cinematic Rules

By VE_admin | Apr 10, 2017

In an episode of the No Film School podcast, four VR filmmakers, who each had work accepted into Sundance this year, explain where VR diverges from filmmaking and which cinematic rules they had to...

Big Data and VR Will Change the Television Landscape

By VE_admin | Apr 05, 2017

CED Magazine's Alain Nochimowski writes a piece examining the effect that big data and VR/360-degree content will have on television.He writes, "The TV viewer experience is changing rapidly, and...

The Business Benefits of IP Production

By VE_admin | Apr 04, 2017

Ooyala and the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) have released a free white paper about the the business benefits of IP production.IP (Internet Protocol) production is a means of moving audio,...


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