Avid's Decade of Film Composer

One decade ago this month, Avid changed the face of the filmindustry with the introduction of Film Composer -- the first digitalnonlinear film editing system that allowed editors to digitize, editand play back film at true 24 frames-per-second, while tracking allfilm metadata. Film Composer opened the door for editors to performtheir trade with accuracy and precision that never existed before, andover the past 10 years Avid and many Film Composer editors have beenrecognized with honors for their art.

Michael Phillips, Principal Product Designer at Avid, was a leadFilm Composer designer and one of the six Avid recipients of an OscarPlaque for the concept, design and engineering of the Avid FilmComposer. Avid was then awarded an Oscar Statuette in 1999, for thecontinued development of Film Composer. Stephen Cohen was the firsteditor to use Film Composer for a major motion picture on Lost inYonkers. Both Phillips and Cohen are available for comment on theirexperiences with Film Composer and its effects on the industry.

The system has been used by other top editors such as Walter Murchon The English Patient (the first digitally-edited film toreceive a Best Editing Oscar) and Pietro Scalia on this year's BestEditing winner Black Hawk Down.

Over the past ten years, Film Composer has delivered severalenhancements and advanced capabilities to its users, from enabling duplists and dissolve capabilities to the introduction of a 24p HDworkflow solution within a film environment. When Film Composer wasfirst made available in 1992, three feature films were cut on thesystem. Now, hundreds of films worldwide use Film Composer -- 90percent of studio films.