The Making of FedEx's 'Enchanted Forest'

Motionographer interviews Psyop about their latest work for FedEx, a wonderfully surreal enchanted forest spot that combines live-action and CGI to clever effect. Says Psyop about the shoot, "This project was challenging on every level. Our first challenge lay in
the location. We wanted to shoot an area that would work as a foundation
for our magical world. We were immediately drawn to Hoh Rainforest,
which is one of the few rainforests that exists in the United States. It
took us a long time to even find this place because it was a very, very
remote location. We were questioning at the beginning if it would even
be possible to shoot in this part of the forest.  Our producers had to
constantly check weather for the sky to break minutes at a time. ??When
we finally made it into the location, we needed to use
remote-controllable helicopter cams, which cannot fly if there is a
single drop of rain in the air, in order to maneuver between all the
trees. The forest floor was extremely soft and uneven. So laying of
dolly tracks was not an option and all the equipment had to be carried.
Therefore, we were being limited to only two lights."

Read more and see some gorgeous character sketches and behind-the-scenes photos and video here.