Robert Pratten on Transmedia Storytelling: Creating Story-Experiences

Robert Pratten, CEO of Transmedia Storyteller, explains two ways that content providers can create "story-experiences" by taking their TV shows across multiple platforms. The first involves mobile content that is designed to be accessed simultaneously as the airing of the show and the other involves interactive, asynchronous content that enhances the world of the show but that is not tied to specific timings.

Says Pratten, "The key is to tell multi-platform stories: not repurposing B-roll content (that doesn’t create a compelling enough mobile value proposition) or churning out tedious encyclopedic character detail (let the fans create that) but by writing multi-layered stories with additional sub-plots and parallel plots intended specifically for mobile and to be enjoyed socially either at air time or later on demand."

Read his full post complete with helpful diagrams here on MobilizedTV.