Nirvanix Empowers Customers to Migrate Data Between Cloud Service Providers

With the recent outages at Amazon Web Services and Iron Mountain shuttering its cloud storage business,
Nirvanix today announced new Cloud Sideloader technology that empowers customers to migrate files from these cloud service providers directly into Nirvanix’s cluster of enterprise-grade storage datacenters.

Nirvanix Cloud Sideloader technology enables customers to get their data safely and securely migrated to the Nirvanix cloud without having to wait for it to be sent back on disk, on optical tape or downloaded as an entire backup to their site. Specifically, Cloud Sideloader can directly ingest data from other cloud providers’ data centers without going through secondary locations. The Cloud Sideloader API consumes URLs directly into the Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network and begins “sideloading” data from one cloud to another.

As a global cluster of interconnected nodes that span three continents, the Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network stores multiple petabytes of content that is accessed by over 1,200 companies on a daily basis. Nirvanix is also offering Amazon and Iron Mountain customers the option of implementing a Hybrid, Federated Cloud or Private Cloud Storage solution—all with the same usage-based pricing, global namespace and elastic flexibility of its public cloud.

"Imagine building an amazing destination but having no easy way to get there," said Tony Asaro, Senior Analyst and Founder of the INI Group. "Developing a great storage solution is valuable but you have to think about how to get existing data on to it and not assume it is going to be used just for newly created content. Nirvanix has its Enterprise 'thinking cap' on by enabling users to more easily access their storage. Nirvanix Cloud Sideloader is smart, practical and valuable especially if its competitors' cloud services evaporate."