HighPoint RocketRAID Drivers Offered In Snow Leopard Installation DVD

HighPoint Technologies, a global market leader in providing comprehensive and robust multi-port SATA
and SAS RAID controllers for all generations of the Apple Macintosh platform, has announced the incorporation of their 
RocketRAID SATA and SAS drivers into Snow Leopard installation DVD.

Before the release of Snow Leopard, USB and FireWire were
the only Mac-friendly connectivity interfaces for external storage. However, the inclusion of the RocketRAID SATA and
SAS drivers into the Snow Leopard installation DVD now offers out-of-the-box eSATA-ready support for the new Mac OS.

There is an increasing need to secure data as drive
capacities increase. All HighPoint RocketRAID SATA and SAS RAID controllers are
configurable to protect storage against drive failures while enhancing
performance with HighPoint’s robust redundant RAID technology.

In 2007, HighPoint launched a dedicated Web site for
Macintosh users called It introduced the Macintosh platform
search engine that recommended a RocketRAID SATA or SAS Series RAID controller
for their Apple Macintosh platform. The HPTMAC site was updated to indentify
the RocketRAID Snow Leopard Ready Controllers, it includes downloads for Snow
Leopard software, a Snow Leopard upgrade guide and a new Snow Leopard forum to
let users submit questions and answers.