Sennheiser ew 500-965 G3

Sennheiser ew 500-965 G3

Also works with Sennheiser''s 2000 series wireless products. Price: $758

Capturing good audio is a matter of size. Just as you can''t cheat the light-gathering capability delivered by larger-sized lenses by using smaller ones, the best microphones still tend to employ large-diameter capsules. That''s the thinking behind Sennheiser''s ew 500-965 G3 system, which is based around the MMK 965-1 wireless microphone capsule and is part of the company''s evolution G3 wireless series.

This product introduction is good news for anyone doing location production. The fat 1in.-diameter dual-diaphragm in an e 965 capsule is extremely sensitive. Built by hand in clean-room-type surroundings and individually tested, the mic is still hardy enough for changeouts of the capsule in seconds while on location.

Calling the e 965 the “flagship microphone” in the wired evolution 900 series, Sennheiser Associate Product Manager Ben Escobedo says the company had been asked to make a wireless version since the microphone''s introduction, one that would finally offer a true condenser microphone option for field production.

The e 965, which can be switched between cardioid and supercardioid pickup patterns with the flip of a switch, attaches to the G3 wireless series SKM handheld transmitter, and it includes a low-cut rolloff.

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