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Copyright/Intellectual Property Issues for Digital Artists
Oct. 6
Boulder, Colo.

In this class, participants will learn about how to copyright or trademark their own material, how to acquire rights in someone else''s property for their own project, and how to decide whether it''s worth spending the money for formal registration versus informal protection. Boulder Digital Arts members get a $20 discount.

Guerilla Filmmaking
Oct. 10
New York

When working in the world of documentary filmmaking and video activism, it can be difficult and often detrimental to work with a crew. That is why most guerrilla filmmakers make the choice to work as a crew of one—handling camera, lighting, and audio equipment simultaneously and skillfully all by themselves. Work with the Panasonic AG-DVX100A camera and professional lighting and audio gear to become your own best resource. DCTV members get a $50 discount.