Celio Redfly

Celio Redfly

Includes USB, VGA, and media ports. Price: $199 (7in. screen); $249 (8in. screen)

If you rely on your smartphone for most of your on-the-run connectivity, you've probably been tempted by those petite netbooks that promise to save your thumbs and eyesight from the reality of emailing on tiny form factors.

But instead of setting that pricey smartphone aside, consider pairing it with Celio's Redfly Mobile Companion. This compact, solidly built keyboard-and-screen combo hooks directly to a still rather limited range of phones (Windows Mobile-based), but it allows you to type, view and change spreadsheets, send and retrieve emails, and perform other essential tasks.

But with no processor or storage, the device's price is kept down and security is enhanced. Redfly includes a graphics engine that bumps up the resolution from smartphone screen res to the larger screen, allowing users to see up to eight columns of a spreadsheet that shows only three columns on a smartphone.

The company recently announced that by mid-Q4 2009, it would support BlackBerry devices via a free upgrade; Google Android and Apple iPhone versions are in the works.

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