Digital Video Expo Announces Partnership with AbelCine to Launch New Hands-On Training Programs

Topics include Video Formats & Workflow, SONY F3 and F100 Cameras

NewBay Media, a leading publisher of digital content creation media, has announced a partnership with AbelCine to launch a new series of hands-on training sessions to be presented at the upcoming Digital Video Expo conference and trade show. The event, which is to be held at the Pasadena Convention Center from September 20-22, will gather thousands of professionals in the content creation industry for three full days of intensive education, training, exhibitions, and networking events.

As part of the partnership, Digital Video Expo is presenting three full-day sessions designed to provide participants with hands-on training to gain the technical skills that will enable them to fulfill their creative vision. Sessions include:

Video Formats & Workflow (Tuesday, 9/20) – With an ever-expanding list of HD video formats available both for acquisition and editing, producers, shooters and editors are presented with a wide variety of choices that can be difficult to navigate.  This program will demystify these formats and teach how to choose the right format for the right job. Topics include broadcast standards, frame rates, compression, color space and recording media. Formats covered include Sony XDCAM, Panasonic P2, RED RAW, Canon HDSLR, Canon XF, AVCHD and HDV.

SONY FS100 Workshop (Wednesday, 9/21) and SONY F3 Workshop (Thursday, 9/22) – Participants will gain a detailed understanding of the many features of these new SONY cameras, including the menu system, camera operation, lens options, post-production workflow, and available accessories. Emphasis is on developing an understanding of the camera sensor, recording format, lens choice, and menu systems. In the first half of each course, Abel trainers will give a full introduction to the cameras, including: sensor specifics, recording formats, output options, menu systems, assignable functions, and basic color control. In the second half of the course, Abel trainers will demonstrate practical shooting examples, give an in-depth look at the camera’s picture profiles and explain the different gamma modes. Attendees will be able to develop and fully understand the complexities of creating a look with each of these cameras.

“With the addition of hands-on camera and workflow training to our conference program, Digital Video Expo has become an even greater educational resource to our community of content creation professionals,” said Carmel King, NewBay Media Executive Vice President. “We’re pleased that our new partnership with AbelCine will provide our participants with new, and critically important, training options.”

"At AbelCine we have always offered our clients training on the latest camera technology,” said Andrew Shipsides, Training Department Manager, AbelCine. “Through our offices in NYC and Burbank we have recently started offering formal classes through our newly formed Training Department. This year we have partnered with the great team at Digital Video Expo to put together several classes for modern filmmakers. Please join us for these special events and future classes in our Burbank office."

Complete event and registration info can be found here.