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Cinematographer Jim Frohna on Shooting 'I Love Dick' Like an Indie Film

5/11/2017 2:45 PM Eastern
Kevin Bacon in I Love Dick. Photo by Patrick Wymore/Amazon Prime Video.
Cinematographer Jim Frohna speaks to IndieWire about his camera choices for shooting new Amazon series I Love Dick, which reunites him with his Transparent creator Jill Soloway.

"We used the Canon C300 Mark II," he says. "I think it comes down to taste really. When we first started using the Canon cameras it reminded me of Fuji film. Using the Canon was an intuitive response to what the image felt like it should look like to me. It never felt digital to me. It never seemed oversaturated or anything that would scream HD. I just really liked the color palette and that combination of this cool, detached, softer color which made it all really stand out.

"Jill initially conceived Transparent to be a five-hour indie film as opposed to a TV show," he continues. "Both in the spirit of how we shoot the show and trying to take creative and narrative risks in front of and behind the camera, it’s very similar to shooting an indie film. Intimacy with the actors is the key. I can build up the C300 Mark II to be a big professional rig with all the bells and whistles, but I can also strip it down to be mobile and allow me to interact and adjust to what is happening on set."

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