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ARRI's Upgraded Alexa SXT W Is a Totally Wireless Camera System

4/20/2017 4:00 PM Eastern

ARRI has announced an upgrade to the Alexa SXT platform, makingAlexa SXT an entirely wireless motion picture camera system.

To increase efficiency on set, ARRI has integrated a high-quality and low-latency HD video transmitter and a WiFi radio into the new Alexa SXT W model (“W” for Wireless). Based on the Alexa SXT Plus, the SXT W will replace the Alexa SXT Plus andAlexa SXT Studio models. There are upgrade options for existing owners of Alexa SXT EV and Alexa SXT Plus cameras.

In addition, the integrated WiFi radio opens a whole range of options, starting with wireless color management on set and continuing with wireless camera remote control with the Alexa Web Remote. Other WiFi options are currently in development.

“Our wireless video uses technology from market leader Amimon, with special hardware and software modifications to comply with ARRI’s stringent performance and quality requirements,” says Marc Shipman-Mueller, Alexa Product Manager. “But that is not all; the wireless video system works harmoniously with ALEXA SXT’s other radio-based offerings – the WiFi and our own proprietary camera and lens control system – avoiding time-consuming interference between the radios on the camera.”

“This significant upgrade affirms our commitment to the Alexa SXT camera platform,” says Stephan Schenk, Managing Director of ARRI Cine Technik and Head of ARRI’s Business Unit Camera Systems. “From the very beginning we have planned various upgrades for the Alexa SXT platform and I am pleased to now announce a camera that allows a wireless workflow on set.”

Film and Digital Times is previewing the camera's features here.

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