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"VR for Everyone" Era Draws Closer

By VE_admin | Feb 16, 2016

Virtual reality's ultimate success is in the hands of mass adoption. And in that regard, Google and Oculus Rift are leading the pack, according to [a]listdaily's Steven Wong. ...

Syfy Orders Hybrid VR/Linear Scripted Series

By VE_admin | Feb 16, 2016

Syfy has ordered the first hybrid virtual reality, digital, and linear television series. Halycon takes places in 2058 and is about a murder investigation that takes place in virtual reality. ...

Google Reportedly Developing New VR Headset

By VE_admin | Feb 09, 2016

With the success of its entry-level Cardboard virtual reality headset, Google is reported to be working on a more sophisticated successor. ...

Researchers Developing Touchable Holograms

By VE_admin | Jan 04, 2016

A group of researchers at the University of Tokyo's Department of Complexity Science and Engineering have been working on a prototype of holograms that you can touch called Haptoclone. The device...

Get Your Streaming Infrastructure Set Up for 2016

By VE_admin | Dec 09, 2015

Audiences want to access live video content anywhere, anytime. In a world where an increasing number of video streams are vying for consumers’ attention, organizations need to be able to deliver on...

How Businesses Will Use Augmented Reality

By VE_admin | Dec 08, 2015

TechCrunch's Todd Chusid explains the future of augmented reality and how businesses can and should leverage this emerging, immersive technology. ...

YouTube Red Plans for Original Content

By VE_admin | Dec 08, 2015

To attract viewers to its $9.99/month service, YouTube Red has announced plans to release at least 10 original films and series starting next year. With the new service, the video site is looking...


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