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Aardman Nathan Love Produces Interactive Video for FEMA

By VE_admin | Apr 26, 2017

Animation studio Aardman Nathan Love teamed with agency Ogilvy Washington to craft a choose-your-own-adventure style video, “You Are the Help Until Help Arrives,” for a program from the Federal...

Google Introduces 17-Camera VR Rig Yi Halo

By VE_admin | Apr 25, 2017

Google has unveiled an impressive new VR camera system at NAB Show in partnership with Yi Technology. The Yi Halo, which will retail for $17,000, works with Google's Jump system which automatically...

zLense Takes on Virtual Reality at NAB Show

By VE_admin | Apr 25, 2017

zLense is working to integrate virtual reality technology into its products for production needs and is using the NAB Show as a showcase.One such technology the company is putting in the spotlight...

Hollywood Is Becoming More Invested in VR

By VE_admin | Apr 24, 2017

ETCentric's Debra Kaufman takes a look at some of the ways Hollywood is waking up and paying more attention to VR.She writes, "The studios are getting serious about VR productions, infusing them...

Watch Google's VR Allegory for Climate Change

By VE_admin | Apr 24, 2017

Google's new experimental VR film "Tabel" puts you in the middle of a restaurant where you can choose which of six conversations to listen to. But as the intrigue and evening progress, it soon...


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