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Watch Google's VR Allegory for Climate Change

4/24/2017 2:45 PM Eastern
Google's new experimental VR film "Tabel" puts you in the middle of a restaurant where you can choose which of six conversations to listen to. But as the intrigue and evening progress, it soon becomes apparent that temperatures in the restaurant are climbing and everyone is too immersed in their own personal dramas to do anything about it. The short is a take on climate change.

"Tabel" was created in WebVR and designed to be viewable on as many different platforms as possible, including smartphones, online or with a headset. It was filmed with Odyssey, the Jump camera created by Google and GoPro. It uses spatial audio techniques to allow users to "listen in" to the different conversations as they shift their gaze around the restaurant.

Watch a trailer below and see the whole short film here.

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