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'The Young Pope' Creator Paolo Sorrentino on His Distinct Vision for the Series

"I wanted to make a pope that didn’t look like anybody else,” says Sorrentino.1/23/2017 2:45 PM Eastern
Jude Law and Javier Cámara in The Young Pope. Photo by Gianni Fiorito/HBO.

Paolo Sorrentino's new 10-part HBO series The Young Pope stars Jude Law as the Vatican's first American pope and a complex, sometimes vindictive man who struggles with his responsibilities.

"I wanted to make a pope that didn’t look like anybody else,” Sorrentino tells IndieWire of casting Law. “And in a shy way, slowly, even the Church in the last 50 years, have started to give some signs of un-aging, getting younger. So you cannot rule out the fact that in the future, the Cardinals might choose a pope that sort of looks like Jude Law.”

He says he also made the Pope American because "I needed a pope that, culturally, was very far away and didn’t know the Vatican. A fish out of water, somebody who is not in its element. And also somebody who would bring to a world that is so steady and someone not moving in a moving world like the Vatican. And someone who could bring a certain kind of pragmatism, a certain kind of speed, which I think is very typical of Americans.”

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