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'A Kind of Murder' Director Andy Goddard on Making a "Technicolor Noir"

"[I was really interested in this idea of] exploring a story with noirish brushstrokes, but on this canvas of post-war late 1960s Doris Day-'Mad Men'-era kind of color," says Goddard.12/29/2016 11:45 AM Eastern
Patrick Wilson in A Kind of Murder. Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.

A Kind of Murder director Andy Goddard speaks to No Film School about adapting Patricia Highsmith's novel into a noir thriller starring Patrick Wilson and Jessica Biel.

"I was really interested in this idea of 'technicolor noir'—exploring a story with noirish brushstrokes, but on this canvas of post-war late 1960s Doris Day-Mad Men-era kind of color," says Goddard. "And the combination of that kind of wardrobe and what we could do with the color palette interested me greatly. It's a very Patricia Highsmith idea, presenting a world that appears to be beautiful. If you think of movies that are set in 'Highsmith Country,' you think of The Talented Mr. Ripley, or The Two Faces of January, or even Strangers On A Train, it's a world populated by beautiful people, in beautiful clothes, in the context of a beautiful world, yet you scratch the surface and there are clearly something dark. I thought it would be interesting to present this world to be as beautiful and dramatic as we could, and we also drew on many references like Edward Hopper. I suppose I wanted to move away from the obvious noir references, but it's hard to avoid them."

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