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What a Camera Brand Should Mean to You

3/28/2013 7:28 AM Eastern

Filmmaker Thaddeus Setla writes up a post on AbelCine offering a different perspective on shopping for cameras: thinking about the manufacturer behind it.

He writes, "Filmmaking camera purchasing is a daunting task for many of us, but in the end there are a lot more to things to consider before pulling out your credit card. I have seen bad cameras turn out amazing films and I have seen great cameras turn out bad films. So instead of focusing on the technical aspects of the camera, I now find myself asking this question: 'what is my connection with the camera manufacturer?' Only after asking this question have I realized that if I’m investing thousands of dollars on a camera, I want to know how the manufacturer is going to support me. I want to know about the people who made this camera, the people who market it, the people who support it and where I fit in the picture."

Read his full post here.

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