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AOL Takes a Gamble on AOL Live

7/02/2013 9:20 AM Eastern

Mike Shields of Adweek profiles the up-and-coming AOL Live, AOL's attempt to launch live news programming on the web.

He writes, "In fact, AOL wants to build out a mini cable empire, and it's using live programming as its differentiator in the sea of a bazillion YouTube clips. Last week’s live programming blitz—centered on a very-AOL top-of-the-hour-news and entertainment-headlines show that's in the works—was just the start of something big. But even AOL's top execs are not entirely sure where it’s headed. To be clear, those execs are certain they are not trying to do HuffPost Live junior. Sure, the year-old HuffPost Live provides tons of learning, not to mention studios, equipment and all that. But AOL Live will be its own thing. Lighter, more Hollywood/celeb focused. Less political wonks doing Skype interviews."

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