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William Goldenberg on Editing 'Argo'

1/17/2013 5:20 AM Eastern

William Goldenberg talks to Production Apprentices about the ins and outs of his job as a film editor, particularly when it came to cutting Argo. He says about his process, "Well while [director Ben Affleck's] shooting, I’m editing.  So at that point I’m obviously doing it on my own and using a script as a guide. I’m presenting him with my first impression of how I think the scene should be edited – so in essence – I’m on my own during the whole shooting process. I work with Ben on the weekends, showing him the material I cut the previous week. But in general, during the shooting I’m on my own. I think most directors like the idea of editors taking a shot at it without their input so that they know that you bring something fresh and new, a fresh point of view to what they’re doing. They don’t want to tell you exactly what to do because then you’re just a pair of hands and they don’t want a pair of hands they want someone who is going to bring something to the table. But when the shooting is over and we get together, Ben and I worked hand in hand."

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