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Watch the Short Sci-Fi Film Philip Bloom Shot on the Canon C300

4/17/2013 7:40 AM Eastern

Danny Lacey's short sci-fi film "That Day," shot by Philip Bloom on the Canon C300, is now available to view in full online.

Says Bloom about the experience, "For my part as DP, I had to decide which camera I was going to shoot this on, how to shoot it, and what I needed to achieve this. I decided upon the C300…why the C300? Well first off it is my newest camera and I really wanted to see it pushed in this situation. I was looking at the F3 which would have worked great, but for me this camera made more sense. Especially as it’s the EF version and there would be some hand-held work. Those IS lenses are a dream for that."

Read his full account of the shoot here on his blog. Watch "That Day" and an extensive making-of below.

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