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Watch Philip Bloom's Short Documentary Shot with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

10/15/2012 11:59 AM Eastern

Philip Bloom's short documentary "Ponte Tower" tells the incredible riches to rags story of an iconic building in Johannesburg. Bloom used the Blackmagic Cinema Camera to shoot the whole film. He writes, "Why the Blackmagic camera? After all, I had access to lots of cameras here...The smart choice to be utterly frank would have been to take the C300. It’s proven numerous times to be a terrific documentary camera for me...The C300 has proper audio, a terrific super 35mm sensor with magnificent image, a practical workflow with small files, and it’s small and pretty discreet. BUT, I needed to see just what the Blackmagic camera was capable of."

Read all about the shoot and workflow in detail here on Bloom's blog. Watch the short film below.