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Watch Last Week's Meteor Shower in Time-Lapse

12/17/2012 11:46 AM Eastern

This 30-second time-lapse from photographer Mark Kochte covers two and a half hours of the night sky over West Virginia during last week's Geminid Meteor Shower. Writes Kochte, "There are no less than 30 Geminid meteors captured 'on film.' As well as three planes, a satellite, and a sporadic meteor (which you may or may not notice at 0:19 amongst the tree branches at the far lower right of the video; if you do note it, it'll be angled in a different direction than all the other meteors, which means it is not associated with the Geminid shower). The planes are pretty easy to pick out, they are streaks that travel across the sky. The satellite appears between 0:26 and 0:27 just to the left of the branches at the far right side of the screen and briefly travels diagonally up right before vanishing again."

Kochte shot on the Nikon D7000 without a dolly or motion control apparatus. Watch below and read more here on Kochte's Vimeo page.

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