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Using Puppetry, CGI and Performance Capture for 'Oz The Great and Powerful'

3/06/2013 12:42 PM Eastern

When Sam Raimi wanted to capture authentic performances for two of his fantastical characters in Oz The Great and Powerful, he turned to a unique combination of performance capture, puppetry and CGI.

Says Raimi, "More than anything, the strength of this script was the humanity in it and that’s the strength of the great classic Wizard of Oz movie. So I challenged my visual effects designer with 'How can I make these characters more human than human? I want to capture Joey [King]’s performance absolutely. I want to capture Zack [Braff]’s performance absolutely. I don’t want a CG performance.' Then he said, 'Then we will do just that. We will capture them with the camera. We won’t do the motion control. We won’t have their performance drive some computer android.'"

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