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'Ted' Hits the Top Bar with Visual Effects Producer Jenny Fulle

7/05/2012 7:44 AM Eastern

SlashGear talks to Jenny Fulle of The Creative-Cartel about the motion-capture technology they used to create Seth MacFarlane's raunchy teddy bear in hit movie Ted.

Explains Fulle, "What our challenge was, was with our budget and our timeframe for getting it done was – how could we get Seth and his mannerisms and his voice and all that, get that into Ted. And not break the bank and not run the schedule over. So what we ended up working with was the Xsens suit, the motion capture suit – it’s basically a situation where you can go with a suit or you can go with straps, and we opted for the straps so Seth wouldn’t have to be in a unitard all day long. And what we would do is we would set that up on set. So that while he was doing the voice, the lines back and forth with the actors, he could also be in the suit. We could be capturing his motion and we could then capture that and we could then feed that to the animators who could edit it in post."

Read the full interview here. Ted opened in the number one spot last weekend.