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Stillmotion's Share Sheds Light on a Worthy Cause Via Professionally-Produced Videos

5/30/2012 8:57 AM Eastern

The Share initiative from Stillmotion is a once-a-year volunteer project which will serve to highlight a not-for-profit organization via a professionally produced video. Says Vincent Laforet about it, "[Stillmotion] felt that rather than donating a percentage of profits to a cause, they could better help that cause by donating their greatest asset – which is a penchant for fantastic storytelling. I have to agree that this is an amazing and gracious approach to giving back. Anyone can donate money, but those that are gifted as storytellers can give so much more by putting their skills to work and spreading the word of a particular cause in a way that connects with audiences."

Watch their first endeavor, for youth-run supper club Old Skool Cafe, below. Read more here.

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