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The State of Drone Aerial Filmmaking

2/01/2013 6:03 AM Eastern

Fast Company's Co.Create ruminates on the state of drone aerial filmmaking from a technological, creative and even legal standpoint.

Says filmmaker Christopher Kippenberger (responsible for the video found below), "The drone turns the camera into a flying camera which can shoot indoors and get very close to your subject while inducing childlike joy when retrieving footage. Then there’s the cost thing--at the end of the day it is a tool that won’t make movies on its own, but (UAVs) help open the door to unseen perspectives. The challenge for us is getting clients away from depending on agencies gobbling up their budgets when there is little reason to employ a team of 60 people to shoot a 30-second spot (when you have a drone).”

Read the full piece here.