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The Sony F55 Offers Stiff Competition to the Alexa

1/25/2013 8:44 AM Eastern

Cinematographer Steve Lawes (Sherlock) was approached by Sony to shoot a short film with the new F55. The result is "Dig" (found below) and now Lawes has written up his comprehensive review of the camera. He writes, "What is interesting, having sat through two days of grading is realizing how good the image is that comes out the camera. I actually watched it projected in 4K this morning, we created a DCP overnight and sat in the Mayfair theatre this morning and did a review and for that size of camera and the kind of price point it is rumoured to be at it is pretty amazing. If I was going to shoot a low budget film in 4K I would want to grab hold of that camera for sure...I think the F55 does offer up stiff competition for the Alexa, obviously in terms of it 4K ability which the Alexa hasn’t got at the moment."

Read his review in full here on Definition Magazine.