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Smartphones, Webcams and Computers are Changing Cinema -- Watch the Disposable Film Festival

3/26/2012 1:28 PM Eastern

Last week's Disposable Film Festival showcased 18 short films which were not shot on traditional video cameras, but rather used smartphones, webcams, DSLRs, screen capture software or other mediums to tell their stories. Says Singularity Hub's Aaron Saenz, "At its core the Disposable Film Festival celebrates the democratization of movie making that comes with the spread of camera technology. Your phone can now be the means by which you join the film industry. So, too can your webcam serve as an entry point into visual storytelling, as we see time and again with online video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo. It no longer takes millions of dollars to shoot a film that will be watched by millions of people. Talent, experience, hard work – those are still non-negotiable, but cinema in the 21st Century can be created by anyone with a few hundred bucks and a story to tell."

You can now watch all 18 of Disposable Film Festival's short films, in the order they were presented, here on Singularity Hub. One of our favorites, shot on a Nokia N8 mobile phone, can be found below.

Splitscreen: A Love Story from James W Griffiths on Vimeo.

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