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Philip Bloom: Why I Have Moved Over to Adobe Premiere CS6 from Final Cut 7

5/10/2012 11:37 AM Eastern

After beta testing Premiere Pro CS6 for a few months, Philip Bloom details why he decided to make the switch from Fianl Cut Pro 7 to Adobe's latest NLE.

He writes, "Since getting CS6, I have been sinking my teeth into it and found it incredibly rewarding and exactly what I needed FCP to become. It’s also better for Mac users without Nvidia cards as the Open CL means we can get the Mercury Engine working on non-Nvidia graphics cards. Multi-format timelines with NO TRANSCODING? Brilliant! I can even mix 24p and 25p on the same timeline. One of the projects I am editing currently is a documentary with Epic, F3, a f100, 5dmk2 footage all on the same timeline, all native. It works. Yeah the 5k stuff struggles on my laptop and I have to drop resolution, but you can do it. The rest of the stuff works beautifully."

Read his full post here.