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Peter Jackson and Jim Jannard Make Beautiful Cameras Together

12/18/2012 6:24 AM Eastern

Director Peter Jackson talks to Forbes about his longstanding friendship with RED founder Jim Jannard and how it played into the making of The Hobbit. He says, "As we were developing the film, we were telling him the sort of things that we needed for the film. It was really amazing how Jim turned his technicians on to helping us with the problems that we wanted to solve. And they all got built into the [RED Epic] camera...We kept asking him for higher and higher frame rates, because even though we were shooting at 48 frames, we still wanted to shoot slow motion. Which meant that we needed to go up to 120, 150 frames a second. And so we kept pushing him. I know that when we started shooting The Hobbit the cameras were capable of going to about 60 frames, then to 96, and then about three or four months into The Hobbit, they got up to 120. And now I think they’re 150 now. So, we were developing them–we were shooting the movie as the cameras were being developed."

Read the full piece here.

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