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Instant Expert: Blackmagic Cinema Camera Plus: Rigs and Accessories to Bring Out Its Best

10/24/2012 10:50 AM Eastern









We’ll start by decking out our Blackmagic Cinema Camera (BMCC) with a simple but sturdy handle mount. Use it for your DSLR or BMCC. Lots of mounting points on top for accessories and cushioned handles for ease of holding.



Around $2,800 depending on configuration

This kit for the BMCC includes Chrosziel’s 450-R2 mattebox and follow focus. Yes, it costs almost as much as the camera, but it can be used with a variety of other cameras. And it’s a Chrosziel—the parts fit tightly and it will last you a generation.


Blackmagic Tripod Rig



Zacuto offers a number of solutions for the BMCC. The tripod kit is built around Zacuto’s Mini Baseplate and includes 12” 15mm rods, Horizontal Zwiss Plate cheeseplate, articulating arms, a wireless plate and Zacuto’s Blackmagic Top Handle. As with all Zacuto products, add other options to create just the rig you need.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera Handles

Blackmagic Design


Consider Blackmagic’s own accessory: easy grip handles for the BMCC. It’s just handles, but maybe that’s all you need.

Blackmagic Handheld


CAD $599

Canadian manufacturer Shape offers several options for the BMCC. The Blackmagic Handheld is a basic camera cage with multiple mounting points. Other Shape rigs for the BMCC include shoulder-mount rigs with Shape’s amazing adjustable handles. (These are great handles. I own a set and can vouch for them.) Shape offers top quality and reasonable price points (priced in Canadian dollars).


Wooden Camera


Wooden Camera lists more than 80 accessories for the BMCC. We chose to highlight the A-Box as an inexpensive audio solution for XLR connection to the camera. What some called an oversight on the camera (lack of XLR) is easily remedied by this inexpensive adapter. Does not provide phantom power. Check out Wooden Camera’s other Blackmagic accessories as well.

Contineo BMC Cage

View Factor Studios


One of the finest BMCC cage products I’ve seen and certainly among the most reasonably priced. The cage has been designed to add no width to the camera. Lots of mounting points on top, bottom and sides. View Factor also offers top handle, power, and even camera strap accessories for the BMCC.  

GP-BMCC Battery Plate



Switronix offers two options, V-mount plate (model GP-S-BMCC) and Gold-mount plate (GP-A-BMCC) plate, both with double D-Tap outputs and 20” BMCC DC pin connection. Switronix’ PB70-BMCC ($300) is a combination lithium ion battery and mount, again specifically for the BMCC.

BMC Stealth Rig

Team Tilta


This looks like a genuine bargain. The Team Tilta rig includes baseplate with rods, mattebox and follow focus. Product has just been announced and we’ve not actually had hands-on time with it yet. Do take a look—it seems a very promising option for your BMCC camera.

ultraCage | blue for BMCC

Redrock Micro

From $499

This lightweight cage adds mounting and handling options. The ultraCage can be configured for handheld, shoulder-mount or studio operation, with various options for each. Extensive list of accessories includes rods, handles and more. Innovative solutions from an industry standard.  


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