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Indie Zombie Film Made at CERN Now Available for Free Download

12/26/2012 6:03 AM Eastern

P.h.D. physics student Luke Thompson decided to use his access to CERN to make a zombie movie chock full of science humor. Using a crew of less than 20 people and a budget under $4,000, Thompson spent two years making Decay before deciding to release it for free online under a Creative Commons license.

Says Thompson to Wired, "We’ve been given a great and rare opportunity to have fun and make something awesome, so making money was never the point. We’re hugely proud of what we’ve achieved — the fact is that it’s a no-budget indie and there’s no reason to expect we’d sell more than a few hundred copies. So we’d rather our two years of work was seen by more people by releasing it for free.”

Watch the trailer below and the whole film for free here. Read more about the unorthodox production here on Wired.