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Getting Started with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

12/18/2012 7:18 AM Eastern

In this hour and a half hands-on tutorial, Rule Boston Camera's Adam Van Voorhis and NoFilmSchool.com's Joe Marine go over the basics of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. From getting started to the Cinema DNG RAW workflow to post, Van Voorhis and Marine go in-depth on how to best utilize the affordable new apparatus.

Says Van Voorhis, "It is a steal. You're being given so much for so little. And it's Blackmagic's first camera...It's important to recognize that it takes a long time to put out a first camera product. And let's not think about what's coming out three years from now. Let's think about how we can work with this one right now."

Adds Marine, "In terms of the price point, there's really nothing else out there that hits this price point. We'll talk about a little of the issues you might have working with the camera in its current set-up right now. But the thing you have to realize is that there's nothing else doing this in this price range."

Watch below.