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From 'French Connection' to 'The Godfather:' How 'Breaking Bad' Got Its Look Influences

2/01/2013 8:40 AM Eastern

ICG Magazine talks to some of the creatives responsible for the unusually dark look of Breaking Bad. Explains cinematographer Michael Slovis, "I like to shoot with whatever [media] is appropriate for the palette of the story. AMC wants its shows shot on film and Vince likes the look; for me film is absolutely the right way to go for Breaking Bad. The texture, the feel, the contrast range; the way it records highlights. Everything about film lends itself to telling a story with this kind of scope.

"And we burn the look in. I have an extensive filter pack that I use to get certain looks. I don’t do any broad-spectrum log-c or s-log transfers. I only want the colorist to be painting with a 'fine brush,' not doing primary color grading for each shot. The dailies are ninety-five percent of the finished show."

Read the full interview here.